The Visioning Process

The Visioning Process

To develop a vision for Larimer County, we followed a process that included input from a variety of sources. The 2013 Larimer County Citizen Survey generated input from a random sampling of citizens, including a supplemental question to identify what Larimer County should focus on in the next 5 years.

We gathered data from a variety of sources, both external to county government and internal (external data such as building trends, economic trends, major events affecting the county; and internal data such as employee survey, critical performance areas by division, and so forth).

county meeting

In February, a leadership summit was held with various representatives in the county: city, non-profit, business. In a day-long session, teams of these leaders looked at Larimer County as a community and developed feedback and ideas of what the county might look like in the future. These ideas provided more insight into areas of concern and areas of opportunity in the county.

Data/input from these sources were compiled and summarized so that the Elected Officials could have ample input to develop vision statements, not only for their own area of expertise, but also for how it fit into the county as a whole. county meeting The Board of County Commissioners, in addition to providing their own perspective, took all of this input and formulated our vision statement for the next 5 years.

Once a vision had been created, the work began. Strategic planning was conducted via several sessions with county government leaders who were challenged to answer the question "how can we make the vision a reality?" The Strategic Plan is the basis for how offices, divisions and departments develop work plans, actual measurable tactics that when completed, build the vision.


Mission / Vision / Guiding Principles

Larimer County Mission

The people of Larimer County Government, consistent with our shared vision, are dedicated to delivering the services mandated by law, and services determined by the Elected Officials to be necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Larimer County. In doing so, we hold to the following:

  • To work for the benefit of all the citizens of Larimer County and consistently take the customers' interest and their changing needs into consideration when making decisions;
  • To hold the citizens' funds in trust, and seek to make the most efficient use of those dollars by employing them prudently, honestly, and without favor;
  • To maintain and enhance our skills, knowledge and professionalism in order to serve the residents of Larimer County in a competent and effective manner;
  • To respect and uphold the rights of all individuals, regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, political beliefs or socioeconomic status;
  • To seek constant improvement in the provision of services through innovation, integrity and competence;
  • To incorporate positive character values in our daily activities.

Community Vision

Larimer County is a thriving, friendly place where people of all ages, cultures, and economic backgrounds live, work, play, and most of all, call home. Whether you are a first-time visitor or long-time resident, you enjoy spending time here.

  • Our strength lies in the diversity, talents and character of our people. We encourage and foster an environment of respect, supporting both physical and mental health.
  • Our county is beautiful and clean. We protect our air and water, open spaces and natural resources. We are prepared for wildfires, floods and water supply. There are plenty of things to do both in nature and within our local communities.
  • We have safe and clean neighborhoods, schools, businesses, roads, structures and parks throughout our county.
  • A prosperous economy is powered by innovation, education, a business-friendly atmosphere, well-paying jobs, affordable housing, and convenient transportation networks that keep pace with growth.
  • We place a priority on our youth and their healthy development so that quality of life extends to future generations.
  • We "tell our story" so our residents understand, engage and are fully vested in our shared Community Vision.
  • We promote collaboration with citizens, local governments, businesses, non-profits and community organizations by working together to create the County's future.

This vision is stewarded by a continuously improving government that acts with common sense as it conducts County business. County services are accessible and convenient, supported by a solid funding plan with predictable and diverse revenue.

Guiding Principles

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Larimer County will add value to the lives of its citizens today and in the future by:

  • Being good stewards of our public resources
  • Promoting innovation and continuous improvement
  • Providing quality customer service
  • Empowering people to take responsibility
  • Cultivating partnerships
  • Being a fulfilling and enjoyable place to work