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ID: 6104   Event: Poudre River Water Quality Sonde Installation and Maintenance
Application Date: 03/09/2023    Event Date: 03/25/2023   Thru: 12/31/2028
Organization: Colorado State University- ESS Department   Phone:
Address: 1231 East Dr
Contact 1 Name: Sam Struthers
Address: 1231 East Dr
Fort Collins CO 80526
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Contact 2 Name: Matt Ross
Address: 1231 East Dr
Fort Collins CO 80526
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Event Information

Permit Type(s): Parks and Open Spaces
Website: https://rossyndicate.com/projects/lower_poudre/
Type of Event: Research
River Bluffs Open Space

Background: The Poudre Water Quality Monitoring Network (PWQMN) is a collection of river monitoring sites strategically located throughout and directly upstream of the City of Fort Collins. Established in 2019, this network represents a unique public-private partnership between the City’s One Water Leaders (OWL), Colorado State University (CSU)’s Radical Open Science Syndicate (ROSS), and In-Situ Inc., a water monitoring equipment manufacturer based in Fort Collins. This monitoring partnership was spurred by the 2018 fish kill through the city, whose source was never determined. With a network of sensors now deployed, we can better track changes in water quality like those experienced in 2018 and understand how the river is influenced by its myriad of urban and agricultural inputs.
River Bluffs Site: This site is collocated with a Lower Poudre River Alliance sampling site (PFOS acronym for Poudre below Fossil Creek Reservoir) and will capture the downstream effects of Fossil Creek Reservoir and urban development near Timnath.
Poudre River Water Quality Sonde Install and Maintenance has three distinct phases: Install, Calibration/maintenance and Annual Repairs. All installations and maintenance will be done by members of the ROSS and will not need any direct assistance from Larimer County. ROSS members visiting the site will wear safety vests with the City of Fort Collins or CSU logo.
Install: We scouted two possible locations downstream of the footbridge on the River Bluffs Property (see attached photos: Near Bridge and Downstream). Both sites have similar installation set ups:
• Sonde is housed in diagonal 3-in PVC pipe (white).
• From the top, the sonde is anchored to a larger T-post uphill from high water mark with a lock on top to prohibit tampering with the sonde.
• The combination of T-posts (green), rebar (orange), and rock anchoring (red) secures the sonde down to the river bottom.
• In the wetted zone, we will install a “tank trap” of rocks as well as a 5-gallon cement anchor.
• At the “Near Bridge” site, the PVC will be anchored with either webbing or a bolt drilled into a tree (red).
• At the “Downstream” site, the PVC will go under a tree root for additional stability and will be anchored with either webbing or a bolt drilled into a tree (red).
Whichever location is approved by the appropriate authority, we will place signage on the housing explaining the project and providing contact info. We will also make sure there are no dangers to recreators in the stream or on the shore.
Calibration and maintenance: We visit the site twice a month, between install and removal, to do calibrations and remove any debris or biofilm on the sensor housing. We will also download timelapse photos from the camera co-located with the sonde. This typically takes about an hour and follows a standard procedure using calibration standards provided by the manufacturer. These visits will be done by myself, or a CSU student technician hired through the ROSS.
Annual Repairs: Sondes are removed during low flows in the winter to prevent damage to the sonde, though the sonde housing will remain in place year-round. Sonde removal typically occurs in November or December when the river starts to freeze. We also use this time and the early spring to make any repairs or improvements that were not possible during high flows. If this site is ever no longer used in the study, all equipment will be removed from the River Bluffs Property and any damage to the landscape caused by the equipment will be repaired by the ROSS.

Estimated Participants: 2   Estimated Spectators: 0

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1. Date Submitted: 03/09/2023
This program currently has 2 years of guaranteed funding from the City of Fort Collins. This site will be deployed for a year initially with the possible extension of two to 5 years if the site is useful to monitoring efforts in the Poudre River Water Quality Network.

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