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ID: 6044   Event: Red Feather Trail Races
Application Date: 08/05/2022    Event Date: 09/17/2022
Contact 1 Name: Nick Clark
Address: 5001 Overhill Dr
Fort Collins CO 80526
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Event Information

Permit Type(s): County Road & Private Land
1.5 miles on CR 68C between Boy Scout Property and Elkhorn Trailhead. The event will stage from the Ben Delatour Boy Scout Ranch,

This is a trail race comprising two different distances, a half marathon and a 50km, taking place primarily on Forest Service Trails and the private Ben Delatour Boy Scout (BDSR) trails. In addition to the trail sections of the race, we are proposing use of the following sections of road.

The 50km will have a single crossing of CR 68c at mile 6 of the race. This will occur by an aid station location with crossing marshals in place to ensure runner safety. There will be an additional road crossing of CR 74e at miles 19 & 25 of the race between the Mount Margaret and Lady Moon Trailheads. Again this will be near the site of an aid station, with race volunteers assigned to marshal the road crossing. In both cases, runners will be held until the right of way is clear. Vehicles will not be held.

The 50km will finish with 1.5 miles on CR 68c between the Elkhorn Trailhead and Ben Delatour Scout Ranch (BDSR). A hard shoulder width runner lane will be coned on the north side of the road to accommodate runner traffic. 'Special Event Ahead' signage will be placed before and after this runner on road section. A marshal will be in place to aid runners crossing back onto the BDSR property.

The half marathon will begin and end with 1.5 miles between the BDSR property and Elkhorn Trailhead. The same safety measures will be in place as noted above. CR 68c is a low volume, low speed road and we do not anticipate the need for any type of road closure or changes to regular traffic patterns.

Parking will be on site at BDSR.

Sanitation will be provided by a third party sanitation contractor.

Aid stations as noted on the attached race map will be staffed by at least one EMT, one radio operator in addition to regular aid station volunteers. Communications will be via HAM radio with a central command at the race start/finish. The start/finish medical tent will be staffed by a paramedic with communications to all aid station locations via the HAM network.

The 50km has an 11 hour cut-off with intermediate aid station cuts along the way. Final runner will be no later than 6:00pm

Estimated Participants: 300   Estimated Spectators: 0

Food / Alcohol:
  Food is being served: PACKAGED
 Alcohol is NOT being Served

   Sat. 09/17/2022: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM


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Comments: Please send your route map(s) in kml format to Michelle Jenkins at mjenkins@larimer.org Thanks 08/05/2022 Received 08/08/2022

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Larimer County Emergency Management

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Poudre Valley Hospital

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