Special Event Permit Detail

Application Information

ID: 6028   Event: SCA: Unser Hafn Championship
Application Date: 07/01/2022    Event Date: 09/10/2022
Contact 1 Name: Melissa Midzor
Address: 2400 Blue Mountain Ave
Berthoud CO 80513
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Contact 2 Name:


Event Information

Permit Type(s): Private Land
Website: https://www.outlands.org/events
2400 Blue Mountain Ave, Berthoud, CO 80513

Parcel# 9431305019

A Medieval-Renaissance celebration hosted by the local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA.org), a 401k non-profit educational organization. This will include people in costumes and sports competitions (fencing, horse riding, target archery) in accordance with the SCA safety rules. There will be pop-up tents for shade. No food/beverages will be sold or provided, participants may bring their own with the exception that NO alcohol is allowed at all. All horses are privately owned (no rentals). There are no tents larger than 400 sqft, so no tent permit needed. Sufficient parking is available on the property, so no street parking is anticipated.

Estimated Participants: 90   Estimated Spectators: 0

Food / Alcohol:
  Food is NOT being Served.
 Alcohol is NOT being Served

   Sat. 09/10/2022: 8 AM - 6 PM


Additional Information Submitted by Applicant

1. Date Submitted: 07/06/2022
Participant waiver is attached. See SCA_Adult_Waiver_for_activities.pdf. The certificate of insurance with the correct wording has been ordered and will be uploaded later.

2. Date Submitted: 07/28/2022
Certificate of insurance with wording naming Larimer County for this event date is now attached.

3. Date Submitted: 08/16/2022
We are currently planning on two portable toilets (one regular, one handicapped) as well as a handwashing station.

Reviewing Agency Comments/Status

Email the Special Events Coordinator regarding this application.

Berthoud Fire

Status: Approved


Email Berthoud Fire


Status: Approved

Comments: Approved based on no stages, temporary structures or existing buildings being used for the event. Some portable toilets must be provided, with the Health Dept. determining how many. At least one must be disabled-accessible.

Email Building

Code Compliance

Status: Approved


Email Code Compliance

Colorado Division of Wildlife

Status: Approved

Comments: Please provide adequate trash receptacles with prompt pickup to avoid attracting wildlife, including black bears to the area.

Email Colorado Division of Wildlife


Status: Approved


Email Engineering

Flood - Larimer County

Status: Approved

Comments: This parcel is not located within the regulatory floodplain, so there are no applicable floodplain regulations for the project.

Email Flood - Larimer County


Status: Approved

Comments: Per the application there will be no alcohol and food service at the 10 hour event. At a minimum, please have potable water avaible for participants. The property is served by Little Thompson Water District so water could be provided from a clean and sanitized food-grade beverage dispensing container such as pitchers or 5 gallon or larger water jugs with spigots, etc. Bottled water may also be provided. The property is served by a septic system which is not adequately designed to serve 90 attendees therefore the residential bathrooms shall not be used. At a minimum, 2-3 portable toilets shall be provided to support 90 attendees for 10 hours with no alcohol service. At a minimum, please provide simple first aid kits to attend to minor scrapes and cuts. For significant injuries or other emergencies, please ensure there is adequate communication service (cell phones, land lines, etc) to call emergency services. From aerial maps, it appears that the area for horse riding and other activities may not be vegetated. Please lightly apply water with a hose the day of the activities to help control dust for the attendees and to prevent any off-site transport of dust to neighbors. The application did not indicate if there would be music whether acoustic or amplified. Please note that Larimer County has a noise ordinance and limits decibels to 55 dbA at the event property lines. If there is music or other loud noises, it is recommended that neighbors be notified ahead of time and provided contact information so they can call directly if there are concerns to reduce possible noise complaints to the sheriff.

Email Health

Larimer County Emergency Management

Status: Approved


Email Larimer County Emergency Management


Status: Approved


Email Planning

Risk Management

Status: Approved

Comments: Thank you

Email Risk Management


Status: Approved


Email Sheriff

Final Disposition


Good Afternoon Melissa,

Congratulations! Your special event permit application has been approved.

Please print the permit and have it available for the duration of the event.

"Your approved event shall comply with all Center for Disease Control, State of Colorado and Larimer County Health Department guidelines and rules for social distancing and maximum crowd size that are in place at the time of the event"

Have fun and be safe!