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Application Information

ID: 6025   Event: U.S. Geological Survey Acoustic Bat Monitoring
Application Date: 06/28/2022    Event Date: 07/25/2022   Thru: 08/15/2022
Organization: U.S. Geological Survey   Phone: 9702269100
Address: 2150 Centre Ave., Bldg C
Contact 1 Name: Dane Smith
Address: 2150 Centre Ave., Bldg C
Fort Collins CO 80526
Email: Send email
Contact 2 Name:


Event Information

Permit Type(s): Parks and Open Spaces
Website: https://www.nabatmonitoring.org
Type of Event: Research
Devil's Backbone Open Space,Hermit Park Open Space,Horsetooth Reservoir,Horsetooth Mountain Open Space,Other Larimer County Open Spaces

This request is strictly for permission to place research equipment (passive ultrasonic acoustic monitors) on Larimer County Parks and Open Spaces property. The proposed research would record bat echolocation calls at approximately eight sites. Research would be conducted by U.S. Geological Survey staff on behalf of the North American Bat Monitoring Program, a long term, continent-wide bat monitoring program to track trends in bat occupancy and abundance in response to ongoing threats like habitat loss, wind energy production, and white-nose syndrome.

Research equipment is minimally invasive, requiring only that a single piece of rebar be driven 6-12

Estimated Participants: 2   Estimated Spectators: 0

Food / Alcohol:
  Food is NOT being Served.
 Alcohol is NOT being Served

   Mon. 07/25/2022: 8 PM - 6 AM
   Tue. 07/26/2022: 8 PM - 6 AM
   Wed. 07/27/2022: 8 PM - 6 AM
   Thu. 07/28/2022: 8 PM - 6 AM
   Fri. 07/29/2022: 8 PM - 6 AM
   Sat. 07/30/2022: 8 PM - 6 AM
   Sun. 07/31/2022: 8 PM - 6 AM


Additional Information Submitted by Applicant

1. Date Submitted: 07/07/2022
This permit request is for research conducted by U.S. Geological Survey staff (a single individual will conduct all surveys). The federal government does not provide insurance. Please contact me with any questions or if further detail on this matter is required (danesmith@usgs.gov). Thank you.

Reviewing Agency Comments/Status

Email the Special Events Coordinator regarding this application.

Parks & Open Lands

Status: Approved

Comments: sent to program manager for review - Jordan W 7/5/22

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Risk Management

Status: Approved

Thank you

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Final Disposition


Hello Dane,

Your special event permit has been approved.

Please print the permit(s) and have them available for the duration of your event.

Have a wonderful day!