Special Event Permit Detail

Application Information

ID: 5969   Event: Machinefest
Application Date: 02/28/2022    Event Date: 08/27/2022
Contact 1 Name: Zack Bieber
Address: 9633 North County Rd 3
Wellington CO 80549
Email: Send email
Contact 2 Name:


Event Information

Permit Type(s): Private Land

This event consists of outdoor live music and an outdoor robot effects performance show.
- All parking will be on private property and not on any county road.
- Porta-Potties will be provided at the location
- No Smoking signs in show area as well as parking area signs
- There will be a food truck on site for food and beverages
- Surrounding neighbors will be notified of the event 2-3 weeks prior
- There will be a security team on site
- All spectators will remain outdoors
- Only staff will have access to buildings
- Bottled water will be available for free
- Trash receptacles will be available at multiple locations
- There will be outdoor illumination during the evening for guests

Estimated Participants: 20   Estimated Spectators: 150

Food / Alcohol:
  Food is being served: VENDOR
 Alcohol is NOT being Served

   Sat. 08/27/2022: 12:00 PM - 10:45 PM


Additional Information Submitted by Applicant

1. Date Submitted: 03/24/2022
There is one short wooden deck built stage for the musical bands only. The robot part of the show will take place on the parking lot surface. There will be barriers between the audience and the robot show which are constructed out of industrial quality free-standing pallet racks with “chicken wire” fence coverings. The pallet racks are assembled together in one continuous line. Hours of operation will be from 5pm to 10:30pm

2. Date Submitted: 04/05/2022
Here is the site plan for our event.

3. Date Submitted: 04/05/2022
The stage is of our own construction and was approved last year. I will upload a drawing to show construction.

4. Date Submitted: 04/05/2022
Site plan

5. Date Submitted: 06/14/2022
I have attached our updated insurance certificate.

Reviewing Agency Comments/Status

Email the Special Events Coordinator regarding this application.


Status: Approved

Comments: No Site Plan provided. Will there be any stages for the music and/or robot show? Will there be any fences over 7' high? Any other temporary structures? Building and/or electrical permits may be required. Additional comments will follow provision of missing information. 3/24/22 I need to know whether this is a prefab stage, a rented one, or one you built. How high is it off the ground? I either need an engineer's letter on the live load and wind load the stage can withstand, or some kind of plans showing me the construction (joists, beams, posts, connectors, any on-ground or in-ground footings, etc). 4/6/22 I reviewed the original documentation for the stage which I approved in 2019. Based on the design information, application is approved conditional on limiting total equipment and personnel weight on platform to no more than 4,500 lbs. at any time.

Email Building

Code Compliance

Status: Approved

Comments: Please pay particular attention to the comments from Planning and Building so as not to create a code compliance complaint. Usual business hours are until 10:00 p.m.

Email Code Compliance

Colorado Division of Wildlife

Status: Approved


Email Colorado Division of Wildlife


Status: Approved

Comments: Additional information was provided. The applicant was made aware of the Noise Ordinance. There will be a professional sound company controlling the sound for the musical acts and they have their own decibel meter to check noise levels at various locations. It may be necessary to set the stage more to the south so that the sound projects to the north, but it all depends on whether there are enough other mitigation strategies to help mitigate sound for the property line. We would recommend testing the sound the day before to ensure adequate mitigation is in place for the preferred setup on the day of the event. It is understood neighbors will be notified ahead of time. It is strongly recommended that contact information be provided if not already, so neighbors can call directly if there are concerns to reduce complaints to the sheriff. For portable toilet numbers, our guidelines suggest a minimum of 4-6 toilets for 100 people 8-10 hours. A minimum of one handwashing station shall also be provided, but two would be recommended. If the parking area is not vegetated and there is exposed soil, please lightly spray with water to control dust the day of the event. If not already planning to do so, shade tents are recommended since the event will occur throughout the afternoon.

Email Health

Larimer County Emergency Management

Status: Approved


Email Larimer County Emergency Management


Status: Approved

Comments: Here's a link to the Land Use code for review of Articles cited in the following comments (Article 7 generally): https://www.larimer.org/files/land-use-code. In order to meet Article 7.5.1--compatibility with existing and allowed uses in the area, submittal of written consent from the immediately adjacent neighbors would be preferred. Related to this, please provide evidence that the event is planned to comply with Article 7.7.11 regarding noise levels at the property boundary. Please provide additional lighting information/description as evidence for Article 7.7.5--that illumination will be "sufficient to light the area of attention" or more specifically, that there will be sufficient area lighting that the performers and spectators can safely navigate the site.

Email Planning

Risk Management

Status: Approved

Comments: Thank You

Email Risk Management


Status: Approved


Email Sheriff

Wellington Fire

Status: Approved

Comments: The following link will take you to Wellington Fire Protection District wed page: wfpd.org On this page you will go to the the - Fire Marshal Office tab then - Special Event tad and follow the directions in the Specials Event Guidebook. If you have any questions , contact Captain Pettit at epettit@wfpd.org

Email Wellington Fire

Final Disposition


Good Morning Zack,

Congratulations! Your special event permit application has bee approved.

Please print the permit and have it available for the duration of the event.

Your approved event shall comply with all Center for Disease Control, State of Colorado and Larimer County Health Department guidelines and rules for social distancing and maximum crowd size that are in place at the time of the event

Have fun!