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Application Information

ID: 5787   Event: Sleep When You're Dead Multisport Challenge
Application Date: 09/02/2020    Event Date: 10/10/2020   Thru: 10/11/2020
Organization: Never Summer Race Productions Inc   Phone: 9709801343
Address: 7387 Panorama Drive
Contact 1 Name: Katie Ferrington
Address: 7387 Panorama Drive
Boulder CO 80303
Email: Send email
Contact 2 Name:


Event Information

Permit Type(s): County Road & Private Land
Website: https://www.rockymountainadventureseries.com/2020-sleep-when-youre-dead.html
Longs Peak Council (Ben Delatour Scout Ranch) 3913000916 +
United States of America (Lady Moon Trail System) 3911000946 +
County Road 68C 5 miles

Teams of 2, 3, or 4 will work together to navigate an unmarked course, map and compass, while trekking or mountain biking and looking for checkpoints. The race begins at 9pm and ends the next morning at 9am, so this is an overnight event. No road closures, markings, or evidence of an event will be needed.

Estimated Participants: 50   Estimated Spectators: 2

Food / Alcohol:
  Food is being served: PACKAGED
 Alcohol is NOT being Served

   Sat. 10/10/2020: 9 PM - 12 AM
   Sun. 10/11/2020: 12 AM - 9 AM


Additional Information Submitted by Applicant

1. Date Submitted: 09/02/2020
Course maps and race plan

2. Date Submitted: 09/02/2020
map in kml format

3. Date Submitted: 09/04/2020
JPEG map

Reviewing Agency Comments/Status

Email the Special Events Coordinator regarding this application.

Code Compliance

Status: Approved


Email Code Compliance

Colorado Division of Wildlife

Status: Approved

Comments: The staff, volunteers, participants, and spectators need to be aware that bears are in the area and very active this year. I would imagine there will be some camping the night before and during the race. If this is the case then proper precautions will need to be followed to not attract bears and cause negative encounters with bears.

Also Oct 10 is the opening day of the rifle elk hunting season and the plans call for participants to be using part of the national forest where hunters may be hunting. If that is the case than I would encourage the race director to recommend each participant wear a fluorescent orange vest.

Before I approve I want to make sure the race director is in touch with the local District Wildlife Manager to discuss the above mentioned concerns, especially the presence of bears.

Please email me at jason.surface@state.co.us and I will get you in touch with the local District Wildlife Manager

Email Colorado Division of Wildlife


Status: Approved

Comments: Agree with Sheriff's comments regarding rider safety on CR 68C

Email Engineering

Glacier View Fire Department

Status: Approved

Comments: No comments from Glacier View Fire District

Email Glacier View Fire Department


Status: Not Reviewed Yet


Email Health

Larimer County Emergency Management

Status: Approved

Comments: This area is currently in the evacuation zone for the Cameron Peak Wildfire. This fire is expected to be an extended event so there is no guarantee the area will be open by the time of this event. This approval is contingent upon evacuations and fire status at the time of the event.

Email Larimer County Emergency Management


Status: Not Reviewed Yet


Email Planning

Poudre Canyon Fire District

Status: More Information Needed

Comments: I have two concerns, well three.

1) I can't tell from these two maps how much of this event is actually IN the Poudre Canyon Fire Protection District. Can I get a single map that may be a little larger? And/or is this whole event on Boy Scout Ranch Property.

2) What is your EMS plan?

3) What is your Search and Rescue plan?

Thank you,

Email Poudre Canyon Fire District

Poudre Valley Hospital

Status: Approved


Email Poudre Valley Hospital

Risk Management

Status: More Information Needed

Comments: Please provide a certificate of insurance with general liability limit no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence / $2,000,000 general aggregate. The certificate of insurance must name Larimer County as the certificate holder (Larimer County Risk Management 200 W Oak St Suite 4000 Fort Collins, CO 80525) and list Larimer County as an additional insured. Please note that Larimer County does not accept additional insured language that limits additional insured status to that which is “required by contract”, however, "by agreement" is an acceptable addition.
Thank you.

Email Risk Management

Road & Bridge

Status: Not Reviewed Yet


Email Road & Bridge


Status: Approved

Comments: Ensure that all cyclist along 68C at night have proper front and rear lighting. Need some signage along 68C notifying residents and travelers of cyclist on the road. Agree with Poudre Canyon Fire District on what your search and rescue plan is?

This is currently close to the Cameron Fire. Watch for road Forest land closures.

Email Sheriff

Final Disposition


Withdrawn by applicant on 09/18/2020