Special Event Permit Detail

Application Information

ID: 4602   Event: NAUCC-2019 10K Unicycle Road Ride (Sunrise Ranch 10K)
Application Date: 05/08/2019    Event Date: 07/10/2019
Organization: Colorado Front Range Unicyclists, LLC   Phone: 720-440-1282
Address: 1305 Lory St Fort Collins, CO 80524
Contact 1 Name: Thomas Wood
Address: 4225 Goldenridge Way
Fort Collins CO 80526
Email: Send email
Contact 2 Name: Dylan Canfield
Address: 1305 Lory St
Fort Collins CO 80524
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Event Information

Permit Type(s): County Road
Website: http://naucc2019.co-uni.org/
Larimer County Road 29 from the south Sunrise Ranch Rd to Ellis Ranch Lane and return. This constitutes 3.1 miles of CR 29 in each direction. Please see map here (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CNG_HttqScrCBxdGarbeA5kPzVaE24TU&usp=sharing).

NAUCC: The North American Unicycle Convention and Competition for 2019 (NAUCC-2019) is being hosted in Fort Collins this summer. NAUCC is a week long gathering of unicyclists from across North America with some overseas participants as well. The week features many diverse unicycle competitions, workshops, and social gatherings (see below). This application is for the 10km ride (6.21miles) along CR 29 south of Sunrise Ranch and north of Ellis Ranch.

CR 29: CR 29 is a quiet country road primarily accessing the small neighborhood south of the Loveland Reservoir and north of US 34. Of all the roads in Larimer County CR 29 is top of list for safety and scenery and our choice for showcasing the beauty and tranquility of Northern Colorado to our guests from across the world. Traffic is light on this road and the speed limit is 25mph. As such we do not anticipate needing nor plan on altering traffic patterns in the area for our event. Participants in the ride are required to follow all traffic laws for cyclists on the road. We will yield to traffic and maintain a lane position close to or on the right curb of the road. Riders will start on the south Sunrise Ranch Road turning right onto CR 29 so as to merge with any existing traffic and avoid oncoming cars. Riders will form a single file along the shoulder of the road allowing the safe passage of any motorized vehicles. Riders will travel south down CR 29 for 3.1 miles whereupon they will safely turn around (yielding to all traffic) and return to the Sunrise Ranch area turning right into the Dome Parking Lot on the East side of CR 29 concluding the ride.

Volunteers and Safety: Volunteers will accompany the unicyclists on bicycles with first aid supplies and two way radios in the unlikely event that any riders are injured or incapacitated on the ride. We will also place volunteers throughout the course to alert ride organizers to the proceedings and to deal with any safety or other concerns which may arise in the course of the ride. If a rider is severely injured while participating in the ride we will promptly dispatch a driver to take them to the hospital (MCR).

There will be volunteers positioned at the turnaround point just north of Ellis Ranch road to mark and chaperone the turnaround. There will be an aid station positioned in the north pullout just south of the dam for riders on the return trip to Sunrise Ranch. There will be a minimum of 6 volunteers spread across the ride each with a 2 way radio capable of reaching anyone along the course. Tentatively I am planning for volunteers positioned at the intersection of CR 29 and Ridgewater Way, at the top and bottom of the hill behind the dam, at the bridge over the Big Thompson, at the turnaround point, and at the second water treatment pullout just south of the dam. The aid station at the pullout will also serve as a triage area in the event that any riders are injured riding down the small hill behind the dam.

Map: Please see Sunrise Ranch 10K (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CNG_HttqScrCBxdGarbeA5kPzVaE24TU&usp=sharing) for the locations described above.

*The competitions cover freestyle, track, street, skills, trials, cyclocross, mountain unicycle, unicycle hockey and basketball, and 3 road races: criterium, 10k, and marathon (south of Masonville). There will also be workshops, a movie night, and brewery visits on the concluding day. A more complete description can be found here: http://naucc2019.co-uni.org/

Estimated Participants: 50   Estimated Spectators: 20

Food / Alcohol:
  Food is NOT being Served.
 Alcohol is NOT being Served

   Wed. 07/10/2019: 8:00 AM - 10:30 AM


Additional Information Submitted by Applicant

1. Date Submitted: 05/09/2019
Adding the Certificate of Liability Insurance for this event.

2. Date Submitted: 05/15/2019
Our medical plan stated that if a rider is injured we will send a driver to take them to the hospital. I would like to amend this plan with a more considered, responsible, and effective plan by stating that:


Thank you, Thompson Valley EMS, for pointing out this oversight of mine.

Thomas Wood
Director - Sunrise Ranch 10k

3. Date Submitted: 05/22/2019
Attn Risk Management:

Please see newly attached Certificate of Liability Insurance listing Risk Management as additional insured.

Thank You,

Thomas Wood - appl 4602
10K Director

4. Date Submitted: 05/23/2019
Attn Risk Management:

Please note newly attached participant waiver per your request. This waiver applies to all of the events conducted through the Unicycle Society of America and, through its subordinate, the North American Unicycle Convention and Competition, held in Fort Collins this year.

Thank you,

Thomas Wood (re: 4602)
10K Director

Reviewing Agency Comments/Status

Email the Special Events Coordinator regarding this application.


Status: Approved


Email Engineering


Status: Approved

Comments: Please provide portolets or access to on-site restrooms for the start/finish area of the 10k at Sunrise Ranch.
Ensure trash receptacles with covers are also provided near restrooms.
Water for aid stations shall be from a treated public source with a residual chlorine level.
Any food at aid stations and /start/finish shall be shelf-stable and from a commercial source.

Email Health

Larimer County Emergency Management

Status: Approved


Email Larimer County Emergency Management

Loveland Fire

Status: Approved

Comments: Hello, please verify that 911 is accessible as indicated in the plan along the route (the area has had spotty service in the past). Thank you for the update to the traffic plan indicating the use of 911. The use of Emergency Medical Dispatch is utilized as a part of the 911 system. This will help identify the need for emergency medical service and at what level we need to respond. For clarity, no one should be transported by private vehicle to a hospital for care, as the need to go the hospital indicates the need for critical care to be provided by EMT's and/or Paramedics. Please feel free to contact me, if I can be of assistance or answer questions, Ned Sparks 970 962-2488

Emergency Access: An emergency access path of no less than 20’ wide shall be maintained free and clear of all immovable objects on streets and fire apparatus access roads, at all times during the event. Road blocks may be placed on public streets to prevent traffic from crossing, but cannot block emergency travel. If road blocks are used ensure staff is available to remove barricade should emergency travel be necessary. (2012 IFC, 503.2)

Tent Permits: Any tent or air supported membrane structure greater than 700 square feet requires a tent permit. The LFRA has a policy which provides details for International Fire Code compliance and can be obtained at 410 E 5th St., or on line at http://lfra.org/wp-content/uploads/TentandCanopyPolicy2016Rev.pdf

Food Vendors: Cooking is not allowed beneath temporary membrane structures. See above for location of more information on the https://lfra.org/website . Food trucks will need to have appropriate portable fire extinguishers with current annual inspection tags. (2012 IFC, 906) Operational Type I hood systems with current inspection tags shall be required for all commercial cooking appliances that produce grease vapors. (2012 IFC, 609)

Email Loveland Fire

Parks & Open Lands

Status: Approved


Email Parks & Open Lands


Status: Approved

Comments: This event takes place on public roads.

Email Planning

Risk Management

Status: Approved


Thank you.

Email Risk Management

Road & Bridge

Status: Approved

Comments: No Conflicts

Email Road & Bridge


Status: Approved


Email Sheriff

Thompson Valley EMS

Status: Approved

Comments: your medical plan says if a rider is injured you will send a driver to take them to the hospital. we cannot sign off on this inappropriate response to injured people. Your plan must state that the 911 system will be activated for all injuries.

Email Thompson Valley EMS

Final Disposition


Good Morning Thomas and Dylan,

Congratulations! Your special event permit application has been approved.

Please print the permit and have it available for the duration of your event.

Have fun!