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Application Information

ID: 3499   Event: Halamka-Smith Wedding
Application Date: 10/02/2018    Event Date: 12/30/2018
Contact 1 Name: Hannah Halamka
Address: 1025 Oxford Lane Apt 39D
Fort Collins CO 80525
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Contact 2 Name: Lisa Halamka
Address: 347 Callender Lake Dr.
Murchison TX 75778
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Event Information

Permit Type(s): Parks and Open Spaces
Type of Event: Wedding
Horsetooth Reservoir

Event: We are applying to have our Sunday, December 30, 2018 wedding ceremony at the Rotary Park Day Use Area at Horsetooth Reservoir. Having considered several locations in and around Fort Collins and Larimer County my fiance and I consider Rotary Park the most beautiful and appropriate location for our wedding ceremony. We are expecting approximately 50 people to attend.

Environmental Impact: The environmental impact of the ceremony will be minimal as the decorations will be minimal and we will not be throwing any confetti or bird seed. There will be no flammable items or flames. Though we do not anticipate trash to be generated we will have a designated attendee double check and clean up any errant garbage. The natural area of Rotary Park will not be disturbed as we will be using the pre-existing walking trail from the parking lot and flat area by the cliff overlook.

Noise: We plan to use a small speaker and microphone to slightly magnify the vows and play some soft music. This is anticipated to last 45 minutes.

Traffic and Parking: We will be setting up carpools to minimize the use of available parking spaces.

Day Use: We will only be using the flat area by the cliff. Trail heads and other areas of the park will not be affected. Set up of chairs will start at 2pm. The ceremony will start at 3pm and take 45 minutes or less. Clean up will start immediately after the ceremony and we will be done using the area by 4:30. Our presence will not interfere with others ability to enjoy the park.

Compliance: We will follow all local regulations.

Staff and Equipment: We will have a few people setting up chairs, minimal decorations and the small speaker between 2pm and 3pm. Then we will have a few other designated people to put those items away and clean up.

Alternatives: Rotary Park is the most suitable for the wedding we envision in terms of space and beautiful views.

Toilet and Parking: There is a public bathroom and designated parking spots at Rotary Park.

Reclamation of Disturbed Areas: We do not anticipate any disturbance to the environment due to this event. The area we will be using will be small and sees public use daily.
Insurance: We will have wedding insurance to cover our event in its entirety. Adding Larimer County can be done when special use is granted.

Medical Coverage and Sanitation Plan: Our event will be small and not extreme in nature. The need for an emergency medical team presence is not warranted; however, several in our wedding party are trained in first aid and ACLS. Given the short amount of time guests will be at Rotary Park and the presence of public restrooms at the park no further sanitation provisions will be needed.
Emergency Contact: For day of communication our designated person will be bride's aunt, Triana Burrill.

Estimated Participants: 2   Estimated Spectators: 50

Food / Alcohol:
  Food is NOT being Served.
 Alcohol is NOT being Served

   Sun. 12/30/2018: 2 PM - 4:30 PM

Reviewing Agency Comments/Status

Email the Special Events Coordinator regarding this application.

Parks & Open Lands

Status: Approved


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Final Disposition


Good Morning Hannah and Lisa,

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

Your special event permit application has been approved.

Please print the permit and have it available for the duration of your event.

Have a fabulous day!