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ID: 3460   Event: Small Mammal Survey of Red Mountain
Application Date: 07/10/2018    Event Date: 07/16/2018   Thru: 06/30/2019
Organization: Colorado State University   Phone: 970-491-7011
Address: Fort Collins, CO 80523-1878
Contact 1 Name: Tanya Dewey
Address: 840 Sundance Drive
Livermore CO 80536
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Permit Type(s): Parks and Open Spaces
Type of Event: Research
Red Mountain Open Space

I am seeking permission to conduct periodic small mammal surveys on the Red Mountain Open Space. I am an experienced mammalogist/biologist at Colorado State University, specializing in the genetics of North American bats. I have developed and am teaching a Field Mammalogy course for students at Colorado State University. For that class, I would like to provide opportunities for students to learn how to conduct small mammal surveys and safe and human capture and handling techniques. My hope is that the information gained from these surveys, especially if they happen annually or periodically, will be helpful to Larimer County in understanding the diversity of mammals on that property and how that diversity may vary across the landscapes and topography of Red Mountain. I am also seeking permission to conduct similar surveys at Maxwell Ranch, Soapstone, and other areas to be able to compare mammal diversity in areas with different conditions and disturbance regimes.
I am operating under a valid Colorado scientific collecting permit.
I foresee several survey techniques:
1) Traditional small mammal trapping, in which we establish a trapping grid or transect with live traps then collect information on and potentially samples from (such as blood, hair, or skin) the animals captured and release them.
2) Camera trapping, in which we place cameras at water sources or natural travel areas to capture information on mammals using the area.
3) Hair traps, in which we place small bits of material, such as wire or velcro, on trees or other objects in the environment to collect hair samples for identification and genetic analysis.
4) Mist netting for bats, in which we use mist nets placed over water sources, such as creeks, stock tanks, or small ponds, to capture bats that are traveling in to drink. As with other small mammals above, we would collect information on bats and potentially samples from them (such as blood, hair, or skin) before they are released.
We would, of course, work closely with open space management personnel to ensure that we are working in areas that minimize any harmful impacts to wildlife and minimize disturbance of any recreation in the area. Activities will be in the evening, nighttime, and early morning. We would need some vehicular access to bring in equipment, but can hike in equipment for several miles.
I appreciate your consideration of this request and hope that it might be a mutually beneficial pursuit - with educational value to students at CSU and potentially useful information for wildlands managers of the Red Mountain property. Please let me know if there is additional information and clarification I can provide.

Estimated Participants: 25   Estimated Spectators: 0

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   Mon. 07/16/2018: 4 PM - 10 AM
   Tue. 07/17/2018: 4 PM - 10 AM
   Wed. 07/18/2018: 4 PM - 10 AM
   Thu. 07/19/2018: 4 PM - 10 AM
   Fri. 07/20/2018: 4 PM - 10 AM
   Sat. 07/21/2018: 4 PM - 10 AM
   Sun. 07/22/2018: 4 PM - 10 AM

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