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These videos are provided by Fort Collins Cable 14. Televised Larimer County programs are also available on cable TV in Fort Collins (channel 14), Loveland (channel 16), and North County (channel 45).

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Title Dialup
Larimer County Services – Putting Your Tax Dollars to Work
Up and Running – Larimer County Support Services (12:32) Dialup Cable/DSL
Larimer County Services – A Great Value (12:50)
1999 Meritorious Award of Excellence
National Association of County Information Officers (NACIO)
Dialup Cable/DSL
Law Enforcement and Public Safety in Larimer County (13:48) Dialup Cable/DSL
In Working Order – Larimer County Public Works (12:29)
Winner of NACIO "Excellent Award"
Dialup Cable/DSL
Larimer County Health and Human Services – A Community Investment (13:15) Dialup Cable/DSL
Taking Care of Business – Larimer County General Services and Land Use Planning (13:03) Dialup Cable/DSL
Other Videos
Volunteer for a Board or Commission (7:59) Dialup Cable/DSL
Health and Environment – Keeping You Healthy (8:22) Dialup Cable/DSL
Are You Firewise?(10:44) Dialup Cable/DSL
Talking Trash (8:25)
Winner of three awards
Dialup Cable/DSL
Be Waste Smart – Put Hazardous Waste In Its Place
    Part 1 (6:19)
    Part 2 (7:02)


Larimer County Parks and Open Lands (6:10) Dialup Cable/DSL
Larimer County Open Lands – Preserving Our Western Landscape (8:26) Dialup Cable/DSL
The ABC's of Small Acreage Ownership
   Part 1 (10:10)
   Part 2 (9:14)


Housing In Larimer County (9:01)
This video highlights the intense need for housing resources that exists among Larimer County's most vulnerable residents.
Dialup Cable/DSL
Vote Centers (5:00)
This video covers Larimer County's Vote Center model for voting.
Dialup Cable/DSL