Annual Parks and Open Lands Entrance Permit Order Form

NOTE: Permits ordered online will be shipped by mail in 1 to 5 business days.

If you want to use the parks before receiving your annual permit in the mail, print a copy of your order and place on your dash so that it is visible to Rangers. This will be honored for ten days.

Take advantage of Larimer County's parks & open spaces with the convenient and economical Annual Entrance Permit. Fill in the requested information and order today! Annual Entrance Permits are valid for 12 months; from date of purchase through the same month in the following year. They are transferable among vehicles registered to the same household. Details

2020 annual permit types and prices:
Resident - for the purpose of purchasing or utilizing a Larimer County Natural Resources resident parks pass, a "resident" is defined as anyone who possesses a valid Colorado Driver's License listing a Larimer County home address. Resident parks passes are only valid when displayed on a vehicle registered in the State of Colorado.

Vehicle - Larimer County Resident: $90
Combination Vehicle & Boat (trailered) - Larimer County Resident: $180

Vehicle - Non-resident: $120
Combination Vehicle & Boat (trailered) - Non-resident: $240

Discounted Senior (65+), Disabled, Veteran and Bison (low-income) permits can now be purchased online

Remember, a Larimer County Annual Parks and Open Spaces Entrance Permit makes a great gift!

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