Annual Parks and Open Lands Entrance Permit Order Form

NOTE: Permits ordered online will be shipped by mail in 1 to 5 business days.

If you want to use the parks before receiving your annual permit in the mail, print a copy of your order and place on your dash so that it is visible to Rangers. This will be honored for one week.

Take advantage of Larimer County's parks & open spaces with the convenient and economical Annual Entrance Permit. Fill in the requested information and order today! Annual Entrance Permits are valid for the physical year, date of purchase through the same month in the following year. They are transferable among vehicles registered to the same household. Details

2019 annual permit types and prices:
Resident - for the purpose of purchasing or utilizing a Larimer County Natural Resources resident parks pass, a "resident" is defined as anyone who possesses a valid Colorado Driver' License listing a Larimer County home address. Resident parks passes are only valid when displayed on a vehicle registered in the State of Colorado.

Vehicle - Larimer County Resident: $90
Combination Vehicle & Boat (trailered) - Larimer County Resident: $180

Vehicle - Non-resident: $120
Combination Vehicle & Boat (trailered) - Non-resident: $240

Senior Annual Vehicle Permits (65+ or turning 65 in month of purchase) and Permits for Persons with Disabilities can not be purchased online. Call 970-619-4570 for more information.

Remember, a Larimer County Annual Parks and Open Spaces Entrance Permit makes a great gift!

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