Inspection Report
Larimer County • Department of Health & Environment
1525 Blue Spruce Drive • Fort Collins, CO 80524-2004
(970) 498-6776 • Estes Park (970) 577-2050
License Posted?: Yes
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1:15 PM
Inspection Time
January 05, 2017
Follow-Up Required
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Complete Inspection
All listed violations must be corrected by the times specified by the regulatory authority. Failure to comply with any time limits may result in the initiation of administrative or legal regulatory action including civil penalties up to $1000 and/or cessation of operation. An opportunity for appeal of the inspection findings nd time limitaions will be provided if a written request for an administrative hearing is filed with the Department within five (5) days following the date of receipt of inspection. If the request for a hearing is received, a hearing shall be held no sooner than twenty (20) days after the operator is notified of the hearing.

Violation Listing

Out: Out of compliance     In: Incompliance     NA: Not applicable to establishment     No: Could not be observed at time of inspection
CRITICAL ITEMS and Foodborne Illness Risk Factors
NON-CRITICAL ITEMS can become serious problems
1.Food Supplies
1. Approved source. In
2. Containers free of damage, dents, swells. In
3. Free of spoilage & adulteration In
4. HACCP plan and ROP. NA
5. No service of raw/undercooked animal food/sprouts to highly susceptible individuals NA
6. Date Marking. NA
7. Consumer advisory for service of raw/undercooked animal food. NA
3.Temperature control for potentially hazardous foods: foods maintained at < 41 deg F or >135 deg F. Cool quickly from 135 deg F to 70 deg F in two hours and from 70 deg F to 41 deg F in four hours.
1. Cooling (20) Out
2. Rapid reheat >165 F. NO
3. Hot holding >135 F. In
4. Cold holding <41 F. (15) Out
5. Adequate cooking. In
6. Time as a control. NA
7. Product thermometers used, accurate. In
4. Equipment adequate to maintain safe food temperatures. In
6. Foods safely thawed at <41 F: in a refrigerator, under cold running water, by microwave, or by cooking. In
7.Re-service and cross contamination
1. Unwrapped & potentially hazardous foods not re-served. No self service of raw animal foods. In
2. Cross contamination from equipment, raw animal foods stored below cooked & ready-to-eat foods. In
11.Employee health
1. Sick employees restricted from handling food and utensils. In
2. Cuts, burns, bandages covered. NO
12.Employee practices
1. Hands washed as needed In
2. Good hygienic practices, no common towels (15) Out
3. Smoking, eating, drinking. In
4. Demonstration of knowledge/training needed. In
5. Ready-to-eat food protected from bare hand contact. (20) Out
20.Warewashing & sanitizing
1. Three compartment sink: wash, rinse, sanitize, air dry. 50 ppm chlorine or 200 ppm quaternary ammonia or 12.5 ppm iodine for one minute. NO
2. Warewashing machine: 180 F final rinse or 50 ppm chlorine at dish level. In
3. In-use utensils & cutting boards once/4 hrs., in-place manual cleaning equipment & CIP system: wash, rinse & sanitize. (10) Out
27.Water source
1. Safe, adequate water source. In
2. Hot and cold water under pressure provided at all times. (10) Out
28. Proper disposal of sewage & waste water. Disposal system adequate, toilets provided. In
30. No connections between potable water and waste water. Proper backflow devices provided. In
31.Handwashing sinks
1. Handwashing sinks. In
2. Handwashing sinks accessible. In
3. Hand soap, hand towels/hand dryer. (15) Out
35.Pest control
1. Evidence of rodents. In
2. Evidence of insects. In
3. Pest control & pesticide application. NO
4. Prohibited animals. NO
41.Chemical handling
1. Properly labeled. (5) Out
2. Properly stored. In
3. Properly used. In
2. Food containers properly labeled. In
5. Accurate, conspicuous thermometers in refrigerators/hot holding cabinets. In
8. Food protected from contamination, covered, off floor, produce washed. In
9. Proper utensils provided & used. In
10. In-use dispensing utensils properly stored. In
13. Clean clothing & aprons, hair restrained, authorized personnel only. In
14. Food contact surfaces maintained, non-toxic, constructed to be smooth In
15. Non-food contact surfaces maintained, constructed to be smooth, durable, non-absorbent, easily cleanable. (1) Out
16. Warewashing facilities provided, properly designed, installed, maintained and operated. In
17. Warewashing facilities provided with accurate thermometers, chemical test kits, pressure gauge. In
18. Soiled equipment, dishes & utensils: scraped, preflushed, soaked. In
19. Wash and rinse water clean & hot. In
21. Wiping cloths saturated with 50 ppm chlorine, 200 ppm quaternary ammonia or 12.5 ppm iodine. (1) Out
22. Cutting boards, work counters, slicers, grinders, utensils and other food contact surfaces clean. In
23. Non-food contact surfaces clean. (1) Out
24. Clean equipment & utensils air dried and properly stored, handled to prevent contamination. (1) Out
25. Single service articles properly stored, dispensed & used. (1) Out
26. No re-use of single service articles. (2) Out
29. Plumbing properly installed and maintained. In
32. Toilet rooms enclosed, doors closed, toilet paper & waste receptacles provided. Hand towels protected. In
33. Recycle and compost materials, garbage and refuse containers maintained, adequate number, covered when located outdoors. In
34. Recycle and compost, garbage and refuse areas clean, maintained and properly constructed. In
36. Floors clean, maintained, constructed to be easily cleanable. Base cove provided. In
37. Walls & ceilings clean, maintained, constructed to be easily cleanable. In
38. Lighting adequate, shields provided. (1) Out
39. Rooms & equipment vented as required. In
40. Employee personal items properly stored and separated. In
42. Premises clean, maintained, free of unnecessary articles. Maintenance (1) equipment properly stored. Outer openings protected from entry of pests. In
43. Complete separation of living, sleeping & laundry from food & (1) warewashing areas. In
44. Clean & soiled work clothing, linens properly stored. In

** Critical Items Required Immediate Corrective Action **

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Risk Index Calculation Info:

Inspection Comments

A complete inspection was conducted today with the following noted:

This location cooks raw animal meats including raw fish, pork, beef, and chicken on the flat top or in the fryer. Beef was observed cooked to 160F on the flat top stove. Foods such as beans and chili are cooled in shallow, uncovered metal pans in the walk in cooler and/or cooled in large containers in an ice bath with ice as an ingredient. Foods such as beans and chili are reheated on the flat top stove before being hot held. A pan of cooked chicken was noted hot holding at 135F in the oven. The oven was not turned on, ensure the oven is on to maintain a hot holding temperature of 135F or above.

  • The dish machine is sanitizing with chlorine between 50-100ppm.

  • Quaternary amminia sanitizers were observed between 150-400ppm.

  • Observed foods stored properly by cooking temperature in the walk in cooler. 

Violation Comments

(03-01) Correct by: 01/05/2017 (Corrected at time of Inspection)
A medium sized plastic pan of breakfast burrito mix was found cooling uncovered in the basement walk in cooler between 47-50F. Staff indicated it had cooling since 9:00am this morning. The food was found at 2:00pm. Staff discarded at the time of inspection.

-->Product value less than $10.

Observed a large metal stock pot of green chili cooling uncovered in an ice bath in the food prep sink with ice as an ingredient between 55-80F at 1:30pm. Staff indicated it had been cooked at 10:00am today. The food was observed at 60F at 2:00pm. Staff added additional ice to the chili and stirred.

-->Quickly cool foods from 135 F to 70 F in 2 hours and from 70 F to 41 F in 4 more hours to prevent the growth of microorganisms.

-->Stir the product frequently to ensure proper cooling of the food.

(03-04) Correct by: 01/05/2017 (Corrected at time of Inspection)
The following items were observed cold holding above 41F in the top portion of the make table located on the cook line:

-Sour cream (44-45F)
-Lettuce (44-45F)
-Pico (44-45F)
-Guacamole (44-45F)
-Shredded cheese (44-45F)

-->Staff took the above foods to the reach in cooler to chill before replacing in the make table.

Observed cooked onions stored on ice at 46F stored above the make table in the cook area. Staff placed in a cooler at time of inspection.

-->Cold hold foods below 41 F to prevent the growth of microorganisms.

(12-02) Correct by: 01/05/2017 (Corrected at time of Inspection)
Observed a side towel on the belt of the bar tender.

-->Discontinue using common towels or aprons to dry or wipe hands. Use only single use paper towels to dry or wipe hands.

-->Common towel was removed as requested.

(12-05) Correct by: 01/05/2017 (Corrected at time of Inspection)
Observed a staff member roll a burrito on the cook line with bare hands at the beginning of the inspection.

-->Thoroughly wash hands prior to conducting food preparation.

-->Discussed hand washing procedures with staff.

(20-03) Correct by: 01/05/2017
Staff indicated that the cutting board next to the salamander is washed at 2:00pm and at 6:00pm. By 3:00pm, the cutting board had not been cleaned.

-->In use equipment and utensils such as cutting boards, slicers, knives, and tongs, held at room temperature, must be washed in a detergent solution, rinsed and then sanitized (50-100 ppm chlorine/150-400 ppm quaternary ammonia) at least once every 4 hours to prevent accumulation of food residue and the growth of microorganisms. Set up a schedule to ensure equipment and utensils are pulled to clean and sanitize every 4 hours.

(27-02) Correct by: 01/05/2017
Water at the hand sink by the cook line was observed between 72-74F.

-->Hot water supplied to handwashing sinks must be at least 100 F. Adjust water heating system to provide the required 100 F water at the handwashing sinks.

(31-03) Correct by: 01/05/2017
The soap in the men's restroom was not dispensing from the soap dispenser.

No hand towels were provided at the bar hand sink.

-->Provide dispensed hand towels and hand soap at handwashing sinks at all times so workers can properly wash their hands.
(41-01) Correct by: 01/05/2017 (Corrected at time of Inspection)
Found a spray bottle without a label stored on a cart at the top of the basement stairs. An unlabeled spray bottle was also observed hanging on the sprayer located at the pre-rinse station in the dish room.

-->Label containers of chemicals and toxics so contents of the container can be easily identified to help prevent misuse.

-->Containers were labeled at time of inspection.

(15) Correct by: 01/05/2017
Cardboard was observed lining the shelf next to the reach in freezer in the prep area.

-->Discontinue lining surfaces with foil, cloth and/or cardboard. Please remove unapproved liners. Surfaces must be smooth, durable, non-absorbent and easily cleanable.

The door gaskets used on the True reach in cooler to the right of the cook line were found broken.

-->Replace torn and damaged door seals to ensure doors will close and seal tightly.

(21) Correct by: 01/05/2017 (Corrected at time of Inspection)
Wet wiping cloths were observed stored on a prep counter by the salamander.

-->Do not leave wiping cloths out on counters, cutting boards, tables, etc. Wiping cloths must be saturated with sanitizer at all times. After use return wiping cloths to sanitizer bucket. Maintain sanitizer at 50 - 100 ppm chlorine in buckets.

-->Staff placed the cloth into the bucket at time of inspection.

(23) Correct by: 01/05/2017
Observed the following to be soiled with build up of food debris:

-Top of the dish machine
-Wire shelves in the basement walk in cooler
-Bus tubs storing clean utensils stored on a wire shelf in the dish area
-Cutting board store shelf at the bar
-Can opener at the prep table

-->Please clean and maintain.

(24) Correct by: 01/05/2017
Found six small metal containers stacked before they air dried on a wire shelf in the dish area.

-->Equipment and utensils must be allowed to air dry after washing and sanitizing. Storing equipment and utensils wet encourages bacterial growth on their surfaces.

(25) Correct by: 01/05/2017
A roll of paper towels was noted sitting on top of the paper towel dispenser in the men's restroom.

-->Hand towels must be dispensed.

(26) Correct by: 01/05/2017
Observed yogurt containers, mayonnaise containers, dressing containers, and five gallon buckets being reused and stored on a wire shelf in the dish area. Salad dressing containers were noted being used to store dry ingredients. Yogurt containers were noted reused in the reach in cooler to the right of the cook line. A card board box was used to store tortilla chips under the prep table by the dish area.

--> Discontinue re-using single service containers or cardboard to store foods.

(38) Correct by: 01/05/2017
The light in the basement walk in cooler is not working.

-->Replace burned out/missing bulbs or repair fixture as needed to provide adequate light.