Food System Assessment Contact and Questions:
Brenda Gimeson
Larimer County Rural Land Use Center
(970) 498-7719

Participating Counties

Boulder County logo Adrian Card
Agriculture Extension Agent
Boulder County
(303) 678-6383
Boulder County Food Assessment Objectives

Primary Objective: To build upon the 2009 analysis of Boulder County's farm and food economy and determine how to increase local food production and consumption. This overall objective will require the collection and analysis of data concerning (numbers are not intended to convey priority, but used for reference):

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  1. Current agricultural production on public and private land in the County, including a focus on food production for personal consumption or direct sales;
  2. Existing conditions (e.g., land and water access or labor shortages) that affect how much of what type of food is produced;
  3. Existing food sales within the County, with specific attention to direct market sales (including retail, wholesale, and donations);
  4. Institutional (e.g., hospitals, schools, corporations) direct purchasing of local foods;
  5. Consumer buying behaviors and attitudes;
  6. Existing and potential resources and assets available for production, processing, and distribution.
Larimer County logo Linda Hoffmann
Director, Planning & Building Division
Larimer County
(970) 498-7681
Larimer County Food Assessment Objectives
  1. Identify projects needed to adapt existing agricultural infrastructure to enhance the economic viability of the local food system including production, processing, distribution and consumption.
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  1. Identify the values and challenges of a "linkages" program to match available land and water with beginning farmers.
  2. Quantify consumer preferences for local food production.
  3. Strengthen and expand connections among segments of the food system to enhance its vigor and efficiency.
Weld County logo  LiveWell logo Gaye Morrison, RD, MPH
Director, Communication,
Education and Planning
Weld County Dept of
Public Health & Environment
(970) 304-6470 x 2381
Weld County Food Assessment Objectives
  1. Determine the feasibility of a year-round farmer's market in Greeley and/or in another location in Weld County.
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  1. Quantify information that can be used by local policymakers to guide land use decisions that will enhance the local agricultural economy.
  2. Identify needed projects to connect agricultural producers with food retail systems (e.g., grocery stores, farm stands, school cafeterias).
  3. Determine the sustainability of the local food supply chain for citizens during an emergency when normal access is severely limited.

Participating Agencies

Colorado State logo Dawn Thilmany McFadden
Professor, Agriculture and
Resource Economics Dept.
Colorado State University
(970) 491-7220
Downtown Development Authority logo Matt Robenalt
Executive Director
Fort Collins Downtown
Development Authority
(970) 419-438
DOLA logo Colorado Department of Local Affairs
1313 Sherman Street
Denver, CO

Project Advisory Team Meeting Schedule

Participant March April June August Sept Nov Dec
Boulder County PAT 4 22 24 12 14 11 6
Larimer County PAT 4 1 15 5 2 4 6
Weld County PAT 11 29 24 19 9 17 6
Steering Committee 26 30 30 26 29 6