Introduction fo Food Assessment Project

4 Elements of the Food System - Data Presented at Open House Meetings

1. Inputs to Agriculture

Natural Resources   CSU Handout
  • water
  • land use trends
Labor, Purchases   CSU Handout
  • agriculture production expenditures
  • economic impact

2. Agriculture Production

  • farm production trends
  • market value of crops sold
Today's Farmers

3. Processing, Distribution, Marketing

Tracking Our Food Dollars   CSU Handout
  • retail vs direct-to-consumer markets
  • Northern Colorado's food economy
Food Consumers   CSU Handout
  • share of dollars spent on local produce
  • food buyer values

4. Public Health, Nutrition, Food Security

Food Security and Food Access   CSU Handout
  • distance to food markets
  • food assistance programs
Health Outcomes   CSU Handout
  • trends in obesity and cardiovascular disease
  • economic cost of health outcomes