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1525 Blue Spruce Drive • Fort Collins, CO 80524-2004
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February 12, 2016
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Complete Inspection
All listed violations must be corrected by the times specified by the regulatory authority. Failure to comply with any time limits may result in the initiation of administrative or legal regulatory action including civil penalties up to $1000 and/or cessation of operation. An opportunity for appeal of the inspection findings nd time limitaions will be provided if a written request for an administrative hearing is filed with the Department within five (5) days following the date of receipt of inspection. If the request for a hearing is received, a hearing shall be held no sooner than twenty (20) days after the operator is notified of the hearing.

Violation Listing

Out: Out of compliance     In: Incompliance     NA: Not applicable to establishment     No: Could not be observed at time of inspection
CRITICAL ITEMS and Foodborne Illness Risk Factors
NON-CRITICAL ITEMS can become serious problems
1.Food Supplies
1. Approved source. In
2. Containers free of damage, dents, swells. In
3. Free of spoilage & adulteration In
4. HACCP plan and ROP. NA
5. No service of raw/undercooked animal food/sprouts to highly susceptible individuals NA
6. Date Marking. NA
7. Consumer advisory for service of raw/undercooked animal food. (10) Out
3.Temperature control for potentially hazardous foods: foods maintained at < 41 deg F or >135 deg F. Cool quickly from 135 deg F to 70 deg F in two hours and from 70 deg F to 41 deg F in four hours.
1. Cooling In
2. Rapid reheat >165 F. NO
3. Hot holding >135 F. (15) Out
4. Cold holding <41 F. (15) Out
5. Adequate cooking. (20) Out
6. Time as a control. NA
7. Product thermometers used, accurate. In
4. Equipment adequate to maintain safe food temperatures. In
6. Foods safely thawed at <41 F: in a refrigerator, under cold running water, by microwave, or by cooking. In
7.Re-service and cross contamination
1. Unwrapped & potentially hazardous foods not re-served. No self service of raw animal foods. In
2. Cross contamination from equipment, raw animal foods stored below cooked & ready-to-eat foods. (20) Out
11.Employee health
1. Sick employees restricted from handling food and utensils. In
2. Cuts, burns, bandages covered. NO
12.Employee practices
1. Hands washed as needed In
2. Good hygienic practices, no common towels In
3. Smoking, eating, drinking. (5) Out
4. Demonstration of knowledge/training needed. In
5. Ready-to-eat food protected from bare hand contact. In
20.Warewashing & sanitizing
1. Three compartment sink: wash, rinse, sanitize, air dry. 50 ppm chlorine or 200 ppm quaternary ammonia or 12.5 ppm iodine for one minute. In
2. Warewashing machine: 180 F final rinse or 50 ppm chlorine at dish level. In
3. In-use utensils & cutting boards once/4 hrs., in-place manual cleaning equipment & CIP system: wash, rinse & sanitize. In
27.Water source
1. Safe, adequate water source. In
2. Hot and cold water under pressure provided at all times. In
28. Proper disposal of sewage & waste water. Disposal system adequate, toilets provided. In
30. No connections between potable water and waste water. Proper backflow devices provided. In
31.Handwashing sinks
1. Handwashing sinks. In
2. Handwashing sinks accessible. In
3. Hand soap, hand towels/hand dryer. In
35.Pest control
1. Evidence of rodents. In
2. Evidence of insects. In
3. Pest control & pesticide application. In
4. Prohibited animals. NO
41.Chemical handling
1. Properly labeled. (5) Out
2. Properly stored. (10) Out
3. Properly used. In
2. Food containers properly labeled. In
5. Accurate, conspicuous thermometers in refrigerators/hot holding cabinets. In
8. Food protected from contamination, covered, off floor, produce washed. In
9. Proper utensils provided & used. In
10. In-use dispensing utensils properly stored. In
13. Clean clothing & aprons, hair restrained, authorized personnel only. In
14. Food contact surfaces maintained, non-toxic, constructed to be smooth In
15. Non-food contact surfaces maintained, constructed to be smooth, durable, non-absorbent, easily cleanable. In
16. Warewashing facilities provided, properly designed, installed, maintained and operated. In
17. Warewashing facilities provided with accurate thermometers, chemical test kits, pressure gauge. In
18. Soiled equipment, dishes & utensils: scraped, preflushed, soaked. In
19. Wash and rinse water clean & hot. In
21. Wiping cloths saturated with 50 ppm chlorine, 200 ppm quaternary ammonia or 12.5 ppm iodine. (1) Out
22. Cutting boards, work counters, slicers, grinders, utensils and other food contact surfaces clean. (2) Out
23. Non-food contact surfaces clean. (1) Out
24. Clean equipment & utensils air dried and properly stored, handled to prevent contamination. In
25. Single service articles properly stored, dispensed & used. In
26. No re-use of single service articles. In
29. Plumbing properly installed and maintained. In
32. Toilet rooms enclosed, doors closed, toilet paper & waste receptacles provided. Hand towels protected. In
33. Recycle and compost materials, garbage and refuse containers maintained, adequate number, covered when located outdoors. In
34. Recycle and compost, garbage and refuse areas clean, maintained and properly constructed. In
36. Floors clean, maintained, constructed to be easily cleanable. Base cove provided. In
37. Walls & ceilings clean, maintained, constructed to be easily cleanable. In
38. Lighting adequate, shields provided. In
39. Rooms & equipment vented as required. In
40. Employee personal items properly stored and separated. In
42. Premises clean, maintained, free of unnecessary articles. Maintenance (1) equipment properly stored. Outer openings protected from entry of pests. In
43. Complete separation of living, sleeping & laundry from food & (1) warewashing areas. In
44. Clean & soiled work clothing, linens properly stored. In

** Critical Items Required Immediate Corrective Action **

Risk Index Rating:


Risk Index Calculation Info:

Inspection Comments

A routine complete inspection was conducted today with the following noted:

  •  Good handwashing observed

  •  Dishwashing machine, sanitizer bay of 3 compartment sink, and sanitizer buckets found at proper concentrations.

Please obtain and post 2016 retail food license.  Fee has been submitted and received by Health Department.

Violation Comments

(01-07) Correct by: 02/14/2016
Lunch and dinner menu does not have consumer advisory for raw & undercooked foods.

-Provide a disclosure statement that identifies the animal foods that are to be served raw or lightly cooked. The disclosure can be a description such as: "hamburgers can be cooked to order", or by asterisking the food items to a footnote that states, "*These items are served raw or undercooked." or "These items contain or may contain raw or undercooked ingredients."

-Provide a reminder statement that advises customers that consuming raw or undercooked animal foods may increase their risk of foodborne illness. The reminder can be added to disclosure statements on the menu, "These items are served raw or undercooked. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness."

(03-03) Correct by: 02/12/2016 (Corrected at time of Inspection)
Chili Verde (125 F) on hot holding table at cook line. Person in charge stated chili was reheated 45 minutes prior to inspection on stovetop before being transferred to hot hold table.

-Hot hold foods above 135 F to prevent the growth of microorganisms.

->Food was reheated to greater than 165 F as requested during the inspection.

(03-04) Correct by: 02/12/2016 (Corrected at time of Inspection)
The following foods were found cold holding above 41 F:

---In the walk-in cooler: cut lettuce (51 F), cut mixed green salad (45 F) stored covered and stacked on one another after being prepped 30 minutes prior to inspection.

---In the make table on the north side of the facility by the pizza prep station: bottom of unit, shredded mozzarella (48, 48, 50, 50 F), cubed mozzarella (46, 48 F). Employee stated mozzarella was prepared today, 30 minutes prior to inspection.

---In the right drawer cooler below the grill on the cook line: cooked sliced steak (44 F).

-Cold hold foods below 41 F to prevent the growth of microorganisms.
-Foods that rise above 41 F during preparation must be actively cooled to less than 41 F in shallow pans or on sheet pans. Do not place products in deep, covered containers if they have risen above 41 F during preparation.

->Foods were placed into shallow pans and put into the walk-in cooler uncovered to quickly cool back to 41 F.

(03-05) Correct by: 02/12/2016
Partially cooked chicken found in 4 drawer cooler below grill on cook line. Establishment does not have a written standard operating procedure for par-cooking.

-Raw animal foods that are cooked using a non-continuous cooking process shall be:
Subject to an initial heating process that is no longer than sixty minutes in duration.
Immediately after initial heating, cooled according to the time and temperature parameters specified for cooked potentially hazardous food. After cooling, held frozen or cold, as specified for potentially hazardous food. Prior to sale or service, cooked using a process that heats all parts of the food to a temperature of at least 165°F (74°C) for 15 seconds.
Cooled according to the time and temperature parameters specified for cooked
potentially hazardous food (time /temperature control for safety food) if not either hot held, served immediately, or held using time as a public health control. Prepared and stored according to written procedures approved by the Department that are maintained in the food establishment and are available to the Department upon request.

->Raw animal foods that are cooked using a non-continuous cooking process must have written procedures approved by the Department as requested.

-->A draft SOP for partial cooking was provided at the end of the inspection.

(07-02) Correct by: 02/12/2016 (Corrected at time of Inspection)
Raw shelled eggs stored over cooked chicken meatballs in the walk-in cooler.

-Keep raw animal foods separate and below produce, prepared foods and other ready-to-eat foods to prevent cross contamination.

->Refrigerator storage was reorganized at time of inspection.

(12-03) Correct by: 02/12/2016 (Corrected at time of Inspection)
3 Employee beverages stored on top of stainless steel shelves with clean dishes by wait station coffee prep area.

-Locate employee drink cups at handwashing sinks or others areas that are not above food, food preparation areas, clean utensil and equipment and warewashing areas.

->Drink cups were relocated at time of inspection.

(41-01) Correct by: 02/12/2016
Two unlabeled spray bottles found in cabinet by west wait station next to restrooms.

-Label containers of chemicals and toxics so contents of the container can be easily identified to help prevent misuse.

(41-02) Correct by: 02/12/2016 (Corrected at time of Inspection)
Espresso machine cleaning tablets found stored on top of espresso machine by wait station coffee prep area.

Spray cans of non-stick pan coating stored with spray cans of commercial insect killer in same green milk crate on storage shelf by hot water tank.

Prostaff spray bottle found stored on top of salt and pepper dispensers at southern end of bar in lower cabinet adjacent to hand washing sink. Spray bottle of Windex stored in same cabinet, intermixed with clean linens.

-Store chemicals and other toxics below and away from food, food preparation areas, clean dishes, equipment and utensils, warewashing areas, and single use items to prevent possible contamination.

->Containers were relocated at time of inspection.

(21) Correct by: 02/12/2016
Sanitizer cloth stored wet on top of ice bin at north bar area. Sanitizer stored wet on top of 2 door make table across from grill on cook line.

-Do not leave wiping cloths out on counters, cutting boards, tables, etc. Wiping cloths must saturated with sanitizer at all times. After use return wiping cloths to sanitizer bucket. Maintain sanitizer at 150 to 400 ppm quaternary ammonia in buckets.

(22) Correct by: 02/12/2016
Soda guns and holsters found soiled at front bar area.

Ice machine interior plastic lid found soiled at north wall by pizza prep table.

-Please wash and sanitize utensils and equipment to remove food residue.

(23) Correct by: 02/14/2016
Freezer heavily frosted at west area of kitchen by the mop sink.

-Please defrost and clean freezer.

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