Burn permit application improvements

The burn permit application collects nearly the same information as the previous system.  However, improvements have been made to collect accurate burn locations as well as additional burn details to aid in the review process.

Notable application changes:

  • Accurate burn location capture.  
    • locations entered must match an existing address assessor property database
    • or locations can be be selected from a map
  • Accurate burn elevation capture based on address in assessor property database  
  • Accurate Fire Protection District (FPD) assignment based on address in assessor property database
  • Additional Burn Type information collected with acknowledgments required by applicant for selected burn type
  • Overall general burn guidelines and regulations acknowledgment required by applicant

See Burn Permit Application for more details on the application process.

Public user login benefits

The public can now log into the burn permit system with an email address

Logging into the system provides additional benefits:

  • Automatic filter of applications based on login email address matching applicant email addresses
    • Ability to view full application detail when checking status
    • Ability to reprint approved permits after selecting permit
  • Ability to renew applications with applicant email address that match logged in user's email address
    NOTE:  Going forward in the new 2020 Burn Permit system, one MUST BE LOGGED into the system in order to renew an application.  Also, please note that one can only renew applications entered into the 2020 Burn Permit system.    See How to renew or extend an application for more details.

Smart link access for applicants

A link to review an application is displayed on the screen right after the application submitted as well as sent via email to the applicant email address.  These links will allow one direct, quick access to the burn permit application without logging into the system or searching for the application in the burn permit system.

Using smart links provides one with some additional benefits:

  • Ability to view full application
  • Ability to print permit from the system if the application is approved
  • Ability to renew the application at a later

Accurate burn locations displayed on map

Since all locations are valid county addresses (from the Larimer County assessor property database), burn locations can properly be displayed on the map when:

  • When accessing Burns Today feature
  • Selecting a specific location from any burn permit listing using the Map button