1. Burn Information
    This dashboard tile will display the number of burns that have been recorded by all Larimer County dispatch centers for the current day.

    Click the View on Map button to view the location of the burns on a map.  Use your mouse to slide zoom in and out and around the county details.

  2. Application search \ listings
    The lower portion of the dashboard contains various tabs that
    • allow one to search (Custom Search) for a specific application(s)
    • or contain listing of applications that have been pre-filtered for a specific purpose

Click on the links below to get more information about the available tabs:

Custom Search
My Permits

Burns Recorded (Last 3 days)

Filtering and Sorting
One can use the headers of these listing to further filter and sort the list of applications.  

To filter the listing, just enter text into the input box just below the header.  As you type, the list will begin to show only applications that contain the same text in that column.  

To sort the listing by a column, simply click on the column header which will trigger a toggle between sorting in ascending\descending mode.

  1. View application details
    The Select button will allow one to access the application details page for applications that have an applicant email address matching the email address used to log into the system.  

    From the details page, one can perform the following actions (if the application matches the appropriate criteria):

    Print Permit
    This action is available for an application that is approved and is active (current date is between burn dates).

    This action is available for an application if the permit has been previously approved but is currently expired (current date exceeds burn end date).

    NOTE: As mentioned, one must be logged into the system to view applications details (for applications with applicant email address matching logged in email address).  However, application details can be viewed directly without logging in when one clicks on the provided Permit Status link provided in the email sent to the applicant upon approval.

  2. View burn location on map
    Click the Map button to view the location on a map along with details about the property such as Elevation, Fire District and Section\Township\Range details

  3. View property information
    Click on the location address link to access the Larimer County Assessor's property search page directly.  This will list all general information from the assessor for the selected location.

  4. Menu options
    The menu options for the Burn Permit system are located in the upper-right-hand portion of the page.

    This menu option will take one back to the dashboard

    Displays the application entry form to open an application.

    See Burn permit application for help on completing the application form.

    Displays online help for the burn permit system

    Allows one to login and logout of the burn permit system.  

    See Logging into the system for help on logging into the system.

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