Larimer County Workforce Development Board Meeting

June 10, 2020

8:00 – 9:30 am

Zoom Video Conference



1.   Welcome (Joyce Saffel)                                                                                  8:00 - 8:05  

a.   Roll call and verification of a quorum

b.   Review agenda

c.   Public comment on topics not on the agenda

d.   Announcements

     i.   Meeting process

     ii.   Members ending WDB term

1.   Beth Sowder

2.   Stacy Evans

3.   Debbie Glasco

2.   WIOA Operations *Vote*                                                                              8:05– 8:10

a.   Memorandums of Understanding *Vote* (Jacob Castillo)

     i.   Housing Catalyst

     ii.   Unemployment Insurance

     iii.   SER Jobs for Progress National, Inc.


3.   COVID-19 and the next normal moving forward:  Are we ready?              8:10 – 8:45

a.   Where we are: optimism with caution (Jacob Castillo)

b.   Recovery resources and opportunities (Terri Donovan-Keirns)

c.   Economic response and recovery (Adam Crowe)



4.   Industry Perspective with WDB Members (Jacob Castillo)                         8:45 – 9:00

a.   How are you navigating this environment?

b.   How are you repositioning and responding to changing customers, supply chains and/or regulations?

c.   What will be the next normal for your business? 

d.   How can we support your organization?


5.   Navigating this phase of the pandemic                                                        9:00 – 9:25
(Tom Gonzales, Director, Department of Health and Environment)


6.   Next Steps                                                                                                      9:25 -9:30


7.   Adjourn (Joyce Saffel)                                                                                    9:30