Larimer County Workforce Investment Board

April 6, 2011 – 7:45 am to 9:00 am

Hearing Room 1st Floor– 200 W. Oak St., Fort Collins, CO

A.    Call to Order  (Kathy Gilliland)                                                                                                      (7:45 - 7:50)

1.   Introductions – Including Guest Introductions


2.   Public invited to be heard (topics NOT included on the agenda

No public comment

3.   Review agenda

4.   Public invited to be heard (topics NOT included on the agenda)


B.    Consent Calendar   (Kathy Gilliland)                                                                                           (7:50 – 7:52)

1.   Approval of Minutes (February 9, 2011)
Minutes approved unanimously

C.    WIB By-Laws Change Review & Approval ** Vote Required** (Kathy Gilliland)           (7:52 – 7:55)
The board reviewed suggested changes to the by-laws.  The proposed change lowers the requirement for amending the by-laws from a two-thirds majority to a simple majority.    Motion to accept proposed by-law changes were made by Jim Neubecker, Jost Birks 2nd and motion passed unanimously.


Nominating Committee - Currently the Executive Committee serves a one year term starting July 1st.   This coincides with the new member recruitment process.    Presently, new members begin serving on the WIB July 1st and the new Executive Committee is elected at their first meeting.  This timeline doesn’t provide our new members with an opportunity to make an informed decision regarding who should lead the board.  Therefore, the Executive Committee suggests changing the term for officers from July 1st - June 30th to January 1st - December 31st.    A draft revision of the by-laws reflecting the change in officer terms will be sent out for member review and voted on at the June 8th meeting.  


D.    Questions or Discussion on  WIB Updates   (Kathy Dotson)                                                              (7:55-8:00)

(emailed as an attachment to you prior to the meeting)  
Please see attached handout for updates

1.   Healthcare Committee
Energy Committee
Technology Committee

1.   Youth Council

The Youth Council is seeking business participation by

·  Hiring youth this summer for an 8-10 week paid internship

·  Staffing a booth at the April 27th Rocky Mountain High School Career Fair 

Please contact Kathy Olson if you can assist with either request.

2.   WIB Collaboration Software                                                                 


E.    Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC)                                                            (8:00 – 8:10)
Jay shared a bit about the structure of CWDC meetings.   Some recent discussions have centered on how to distribute sector grants. 

1.   Meeting on March 17th with WIB members    (Mike Reiff)

This was a meeting with CWDC and local WIB members.  Participants reported that they appreciated the opportunity to give feedback regarding their vision of an ideal workforce system.  A sub-committee was formed to look at the next steps.

CWDC March 18th meeting  (CWDC Members & Other Participants)
WIB members who attended gained a greater understanding of the CWDC process. 


F.    State Youth Council   (Jim Neubecker)                                                                                      (8:10 – 8:15)
encouraged members to attend the Think Big 2011 Youth Forum May 10th and 11th

G.     Update on Governor’s  Economic Development Plan Larimer/Weld County             (8:15 – 8:20)
 (Kathy Gilliland & Other Participants)
The Governor is requesting help from communities in developing a bottom-up economic development plan for the state.   Upon receiving input from citizens, businesses, civic groups and other interested parties a small group of community leaders will use the input to develop a local plan which will be rolled up into 14 regional economic development plans, which collectively will be rolled up into a statewide economic development plan.  


H.    Workforce Summit                                                                                                                           (8:20 – 8:30)

1.   Blue Ribbon Panel (Lew Gaiter & Yvonne Myers)
Economic Development is one of the seven core goals of the Board of County Commissioners.  Commissioner Gaiter would like to create a Blue Ribbon Panel to look at ways government can encourage growth. 

2.   Workforce Summit Planning Committee Report & Discussion on Next Steps (Yvonne Myers)
The Workforce Summit Planning Committee met March 24th , plans are still in the very early stages.  Feedback gathered from the Blue Ribbon Panel will help determine the focus of the summit.  Next steps include gathering information from businesses regarding interests, barriers and workforce needs.   A successful Workforce Summit will require considerable WIB involvement and Yvonne encouraged everyone to attend the next planning meeting when it’s scheduled. 


I.    Breakout Groups                                                                                                                              (8:30 – 8:50)

1.   What are two objectives or goals the WIB should concentrate on in 2011-2012?  (Yvonne Myers)

2.   New Member Recruitment  - Roles & Responsibilities  (Kathy Gilliland)

Please see attached  breakout group notes

J.    Other Business 
The Aerospace Clean Energy Manufacturing and Innovation Park sponsored partly by NASA, had chosen Loveland as the finalist for its location.

Next Meeting     

June 8th Meeting 7:45 – 9:00 a.m.                                                                                         (8:50 – 9:00)

Rocky Mountain Innosphere

320 E. Vine Drive  - Fort Collins

Ellen Golombek Executive Director, CDLE will be attending

K.    Adjourn               


2011 WIB Meetings:


June 8th – Rocky Mountain Innosphere  320 E.  Vine Drive, Fort Collins – 7:45 – 9:30

August 10th Larimer County Courthouse – 7:45 – 9:00

October 12th -  TBD – 7:45 – 9:00

November 2nd – Workforce Summit – Mckee Building The Ranch 7:30 – 12:00

December 14th – Larimer County Courthouse – 7:45- 9:00







WIB Updates – April 6, 2011


Sector Committee Update

Healthcare Committee - The group is moving forward to further identify workforce needs in the healthcare industry and build off of the momentum already gained.  Two sub committees are formed:


·  Sub Committee #1 -Health Information Technology -Conduct an environmental scan of what is currently taking place within healthcare as it relates to HIT. 

·  Sub Committee #2 - Nursing Transitions – Group is focusing on the gaps that exist in transitioning new graduates into the “real-world” work environment and transitioning from one environment to another, i.e. long-term care to hospital.  Are there opportunities for residencies, internships, etc?

·  This group recently submitted a concept paper to the Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC) for discretionary funding to address two areas of focus: 1. Upgrade the computer skills and knowledge of existing healthcare workforce and 2. Partner with training providers to offer subsidized internships to meet the demands caused by the transition to HIT(Health Information Technology).  The Council approved discretionary dollars to fund Sector Initiatives and we are hoping to access these funds in the future.



Energy Committee - Through the work of the exploratory committee, this group is tackling the workforce needs within Clean Tech Manufacturing and Utilities.  This is a starting point as we realize the Energy sector encompasses many other elements.

  • Utilities – The group is mapping the process and outcomes and gathering industry information and data.  The goal is to present information to Municipalities to create a sense of urgency and buy-in to engage their support in solving the impending retirement issue.
  • Energy Grant - a small committee from the WIB reviewed 5 Energy Grant applications from 3 businesses, all were approved for a total of approximately $2500.   In addition, we are continuing to receive applications and are currently working with an additional 4 businesses. If approved, total dollars spent = approx. $10,000.

Technology Committee - IT Sector Grant - An IT Sector Grant was submitted in December, 2010.  The grant was not funded however recommendations were made to revise and re-submit. The regions involved include of Larimer, Boulder, Denver and Arapahoe Counties.  

Workforce Collaboration Tool (Forum) – You may expect to receive an invitation to join soon.  This is an online forum to share and house WIB and committee information, conduct discussions and keep everyone on the WIB and committees informed.

Youth Council

The Youth Council is currently supporting two school district partner initiatives:

·   Rocky Mountain Career Fair – Junior and Seniors attending – April 27th

·  Thompson Valley – 8th Grade Career Tour for At-Risk students – April 11th

Breakout Group Flip Chart Notes
WIB April 6, 2011



Board Recruitment/Membership:

How do we do it?

·   What groups have we tapped before?

o  Chamber/ED/SBDC

o  Individual recommendations – personal referrals

o  Develop a profile of who we are looking for

§  Sector and/or industries

§  Time and energy commitment

§  Leadership role to drive change

o  Current users of Workforce System

o  Look for current publications/media

·   Be clear about expectations

o  Time, responsibilities, commitment

o  What are the benefits to being involved?

o  Create talking points and use current brochures

·   Awareness to opportunity

o  Community

o  What are we focused on?

·   Conduct an orientation for WIB recruits prior to appointment explaining what the Workforce System and WIB is

·   Public Speaking

o  Rotary – etc


Goals/Objectives for 2011-2012

·   PR Strategy to market efforts/successes to make recruitment easier

·   “Deputizing” WIB members – ensuring that WIB members are able to talk up the WIB and work to including other business contacts to join the effort

·   Emphasis on changing the bi-monthly meetings to include more interaction with WIB members and feedback from members.  What value-add do we gain from more member participation?

·   Smaller Summits instead of one big summit.  Smaller, focused efforts on different topics

-*Critical Skills or Core Competencies maybe better terminology then soft skills

·   Competency Modeling in Sectors (energy committee discussed this)

·   Ethics Certification – participate as WIB or bigger community in development

·   Written reports one week before meetings emailed to WIB members to review before the meeting

o  All reports – CWDC, State Youth, Governor’s, etc.

·   More time to provide feedback from WIB members at the meetings

·   6/11 – send questions to Ellen to answer – 10 minutes

o  Solicit questions  from WIB members to ask Ellen – 20 minutes

·   All of the above efforts would contribute to:

o  Business-led WIB

o  Engaged/involved business community in WIB or committees of WIB

o  Move direction & WIB efforts forward

o – recommended as the base of core competencies created for many job sectors in America by the business community.  We could use their efforts for a base to then have the businesses in Larimer County add to and share with education – especially as new core curriculum is being developed.  Then educate teachers to include in classroom efforts.