Larimer County Workforce Investment Board

February 13, 2013 – 7:45 am to 9:30 am

Larimer County Courthouse 200 West Oak Street – Hearing Room 1st Floor

1.    Call to Order  (Mike Reiff)                                                                                                                                 (7:45 - 7:50)

a.   Roll call

WIB Member



Guests, Staff, Youth Council & Ex-Officio Members Present

Bradley Buum



Nicole Armstrong

Youth Council

Michele Christensen



Jan Barela-Smith

Youth Council

Cynthia Christie



Danielle Clark


Al Dill



Alan Cohen


Robin Fallon



Kim Dale


Lew Gaiter



Kate Flattery


Betsey Hale



Linda Hoffmann

Larimer County

Kathy Hanson



Eric Leftwich


Ann Hutchison



Barbara McBride


SeonAh Kendall



Cynthia Smeraski


Heather Lelchook



Nicole Surber


Richard Martinez



Mark Weaver


Tracy Mead



Erin Zimmermann

Youth Council

Gregg Meisinger





Yvonne Myers





Jim Neubecker





Tracy Oldemeyer





Kathy Olson





Nancy Patton





Kelly Peters





Rob Phillips





Geniphyr Ponce-Pore





Mike Reiff





Miki Roth





Ed Rutherford





Jeffrey Smith





Deb Spotts





Carol Steinbock





Kory Stolte





Jerry Thurber





Lynn Vosler





Julie Zinn






b.   Review agenda

c.   Public comment on topics not on the agenda


2.    Consent Calendar  (Mike Reiff)                                                                                                                      (7:50 - 7:52)

a.   Approval of December 12, 2012 Minutes  *Vote*

The minutes from the December 12, 2012 meeting were unanimously approved.


3.    Welcome Guests and new WIB member, SeonAh Kendall  (Mike Reiff)                                           (7:52 - 8:00)

Mile welcomed new WIB member, SeonAh Kendall.  SeonAh is the Business Retention
and Expansion Strategist with the City of Fort Collins.


4.    WIB Contextual Overview for 2013 (Mike Reiff & Jacob Castillo)                                                          (8:00 - 8:15)

a.   Mission and focus

b.   Purpose and structure of meetings

c.   Committees

Five Committees with goals and the Areas of Focus – align the two and bring focus
on what we can accomplish this year. 

Mike reviewed the WIB mission, sub-committees and three areas of focus.

Three areas of focus for 2013

1.   Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics (STEM)

2.   Upward mobility and leadership

3.   Middle Skills


5.    Advancing the WIB’s goals: creating roadmap for 2013 (Jerry Thurber & Jacob Castillo)            (8:15- 8:50)

a.   Results from the environmental scan

b.   Facilitated discussion around next steps

The environmental scan is complete.  Jacob met with many WIB and community members in the process of compiling information for the scan.  Jacob facilitated a review of each focus area and WIB members shared their thoughts on existing resources and how the WIB might be able to advance each goal.   A common theme of awareness and exposure emerged as possible next steps. 

6.    Connecting Goals to Strategic Objectives for 2013 (Jerry Thurber & Jacob Castillo)                      (8:50 - 9:10)

Jerry led the WIB in a discussion regarding more specific action items for each area of focus.  There was a wide array of ideas discussed and the next steps are synthesizing those ideas into concrete tactics that could be addressed by the WIB in 2013.  Please see attached flip chart notes. 

7.    Review Action Items (Nancy Patton & Jacob Castillo)                                                                              (9:10 - 9:20)

a.   WIB sub-committee schedule

b.   Meeting February 15, 2013 at 9:00 to discuss next steps & subcommittee meetings

To streamline subcommittee meetings the Hearing Room has been reserved on off WIB months for any committee needing to meet.  Staff will be available to assist.  Nancy asked everyone to mark their calendars for the second Wednesday of the month from 7:45- 9:30 a.m. for committee work.   Please look for an email soon asking you to sign up for a committee.
Nancy invited everyone to attend a meeting on Friday, February 15, 2013 from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. at the Larimer County Courthouse to discuss our priorities.


8.    Youth Council Update (Kathi Wright)                                                                                                          (9:20 - 9:25)

Nicole Surber updated the WIB on current Youth Council projects including the GED test revision coming in 2014, the Rocky Mountain High School career expo on April 23, 2013 and the Young Entrepreneur Tournament for youth ages 13-18.    They are still looking for businesses to hosts booths and participate on panel discussions at the career expo.  If you would like additional information on any youth event or if you are interested in participating in the career expo please contact Nicole. 


Joni strongly encourages everyone to attend the final day of the Young Entrepreneur Tournament on May 11, 2013 from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. to see the participants present their business plans.  Event location information will be sent out when finalized. 


9.    Other                                                                                                                                                                    (9:25 - 9:30)

The WIB joined Joni in thanking Yvonne for her service as WIB Chair.   Yvonne’s leadership was instrumental in the WIB’s reorganization and growth.



10.    Adjourn               



WIB Flip Chart Notes

February 13, 2013



·   Relevance

o  Getting the youth excited about STEM

o  Making STEM applicable to life and future employment

·   Internships (exposure to work in STEM fields)

·   Re-tooling existing workforce

·   Remediation

·   Teacher/Industry connections

o  Exposure and Awareness of what STEM occupations exist



Middle Skills:

·   Stacking certificates

o  Exposure and Awareness

·   Target our focus

o  E.g. Medical

o  E.g. Manufacturing

·   Financial Aid for training

·   Career Transition

·   Generational Poverty- moving people into the workforce- Career pathways

·   Culture of “making”

·  Mentorship and time- giving to the next generation


Leadership and Upward Mobility:

·   Marketing- share resource list

o  Cost of training an issue?

·   Weave leadership into STEM and Middle Skills

·   Executive Exchange

·   Does working on the C-level fit our (Larimer County Workforce Center) brand?

·   Perception of need to go outside the region for talent

·   Marketing campaign

o  We have the people here

o  Tie this to a broader Economic Development agenda