Commissioners’ Conference Room

Second Floor – County Administration Building

9:30 am – 11:00 am


In Attendance: Commissioner Donnelly, Commissioner Gaiter, Commissioner Johnson, Neil Gluckman, Ginny Riley, Jim Drendel, Ed Rutherford, Marsha Ellis, Shannon Reiff, Denise Suniga, Ruth Long, Eileen Brittingham


Guest: Bob Tholl, Chair for the Office on Aging Advisory Council


A recording of this worksession is available at:  Due to technical difficulties this session may not be available.


Introductions & Announcements

Commissioner Gaiter welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order.


Everyone in attendance introduced themselves and stated their position for the listening audience.


Director Ginny Riley asked the Commissioners if they had any other agenda items. Commissioners Gaiter asked for an update on the child fatality team meetings.  Ginny responded that she will provide an overview after the presentation on the Foster Care Audit. 


Office on Aging Advisory Council Bylaws Change

Chair for the Office on Aging Advisory Council Bob Tholl reminded the Commissioners that they have oversight approval of the bylaws.  The bylaws have not been updated since 2004. Bob walked the Commissioner through all the updates and changes being recommended to bring the bylaws current.  A copy of the bylaws and the redline changes is available.  Please contact Eileen Brittingham at 970-498-6311 or Tina Corrigan-Hugo at 970-498-7751 for a copy. 


A discussion on term limits ensued.  It was decided that the bylaws will reflect Larimer County’s policy on term limits for boards and commissions. 


Ginny asked the Commissioners if they would like the revised bylaws to be brought to Administrative Matters or placed on the Consent Agenda.  The Commissioners agreed to have it placed on the Consent Agenda. 


Commissioner Johnson commented that he receives many questions about what the aging population in Larimer County will look like in next 20 years.  Ginny responded that the department is looking at the needs and values on the next generation of older adults and will continue to plan for the future needs of older adults.


Ginny asked the if there were any other questions.  The Commissioners did not have any thing further.


Temporary Aid to Needy Families and the Joint Budget Committee update

Division Manager Marsha Ellis reminded the Commissioners that the state is required to meet several processing guidelines in order to stay compliant with the court ordered settlement agreement.  Larimer County is meeting the required processing guidelines.   The state as a whole is not meeting these requirements.  A discussion about what this means ensued.    


Three new programs were added to Medicaid.  Adults without Dependent Children (AwDC), Medicaid buy in for working adults, and Medicaid buy in for children with disabilities.  The AwDC program received a lower than expected enrollment rate. The state and counties continue to conduct outreach to potential applicants. 


A new web version of the Colorado Benefits Management System (CBMS) was rolled out state-wide.  The vendor, Deloitte, sent a representative to Larimer County for the first three days to help with any technical issues.  The system is still experiencing slowness and the state continues to make changes to the system causing additional issues.  The Department has a regular member on the state’s County CBMS User’s Group (CCUG); Nicole Mastin.  Through her membership, Larimer County continues to provide input to the state on these issues.


Foster Care Audit

Deputy Division Manager Denise Suniga and Social Caseworker Manager Shannon Reiff presented on the most recent audit of the Foster Care program by the state.  The audit showed:

·         Larimer County was 100% compliant with 15 out of 15 cases

·         10 provider files were reviewed and three required additional follow up


Some process changes that the foster care unit has implemented are:

·         Manager review of all certifications and re-certifications

·         Peer review of all files

·         Surveyed foster care and kin families to see what areas needed improvement and what was working well


Community Life Center site visit

Deputy Division Manager Denise Suniga and Commissioner Gaiter traveled to Kentucky to look at their Community Life Center.  Fort Collins will open a Community Life Center in July of 2012.   The Fort Collins site will be located at the Fullana School, 220 Grant Street.  Denise reported that the trip was very informative and the community partners from Loveland were very excited about the possibilities.  The next step will be looking at implementing a community life center in the Loveland area. 



Child Fatality Review

Director Ginny Riley reported that the child fatality review team is in transition.  Ginny and Commissioner Gaiter both serve on this review board.  Beginning July 1 the team will not only review any child fatalities that occur in Colorado but also review serious bodily injury (SBI) cases as well.  The team is a peer review team and does not have the authority to make changes but can make recommendations to the state.  The team reviews all fatalities within 90 days unless there are extenuating circumstances.  The final report of the team is not public record.  It is sent to the state who in turn provides it to the county department involved and post an edited version on their website.


Ginny reported that she received the state ombudsman’s annual report.  All complaints reviewed supported Larimer County’s actions. 


Client Activity Report

Business Operations Coordinator Eileen Brittingham presented an overview of the department’s client activity.  Eileen reviewed: monthly average caseloads, program activity, complaint totals, and client follow-up survey regarding complaints from January 1, 2012 through April 30, 2012.


During the 1th Quarter:

·         The Food Medical & Financial Assistance program averaged 28,316 cases

·         The Benefits Information Center took 11,496 calls and 93% were resolved on the 1st contact

·         Child Support collected $4,344,472

·         Children, Youth and Family (Child Protection) received 1,075 referrals, with 96% of children involved with our services remaining in their homes when that was the case plan

·         The Director’s office received 17 formal complaints during the 1st Quarter



This meeting will be moved to the 2nd Monday of the month until further notice due to an ongoing conflict that Commissioner Gaiter and Ginny Riley have. 


The next meeting has been scheduled for August 13, 2012 from 10am to 12pm, Commissioners Conference Room.


Meeting adjourned.