Monday, August 15, 2011

5:00 p.m.

Larimer County Courthouse Lake Estes Conference Room (Suite 333)


Rural Land Use Board:


Suzanne Bassinger

Brenda Gimeson

Kristin Grazier

Pam Stringer

Debra Herston


Lauren Light


Mike Lynch


Vicki Marble


William Prewitt


Bill Sears


Bill Spencer






Mike Lynch







1.   Approval of the June 20, 2011 and July 11, 2011 RLUAB Minutes

Approval of the June 20, 2011 and July 11, 2011 minutes was postponed until the next meeting.


2.   Introduction of two new Board Members - Debra Herston and Vicki Marble


Brenda introduced Debra Herston and Vicki Marble as our newly appointed RLUAB members.  Member Herston term goes until June 30, 2014.  Member Marble will be filling John Hatfield’s’ term until June 30, 2013.


3.   Election of RLUAB Officers


-Member Prewitt made a motion to elect Member Grazier as Chair. Member Sears seconded the motion.


Roll Call Vote for Chairman:


All were in favor.  Motion carried.


-Member Prewitt made a motion to elect Member Light as Vice-Chair.  Member Sears seconded the motion.


Roll Call Vote for Vice Chair:


All were in favor.  Motion carried.

-Member Sears made a motion to elect Member Prewitt as Secretary.  Member Grazier seconded the motion.


Roll Call Vote for Secretary:


All were in favor.  Motion carried.


4.   Demmel Lake Estates RLUP – Introduction Item

Brenda gave an overview of the Demmel Lake Estates RLUP project which included a slide presentation. The property is located west of the Town of Wellington at the southwest corner of the intersection of County Roads 11 and 64.  The land is currently farmed.  The surrounding properties consist of farmland and a few residential sites.  Also in the general area are three approved RLUP, Marsh Estates, Indian Ridge Estates and the Westview RLUP.  The lot size in this area varies from 50 acres down to 2 acre lots.  The applicant, Demmel Lake Project, LLC, is proposing to divide approximately 84 +/- acres in the O-Open Farming District into 4 single-family residential lots, with one existing home site on about 13 acres and one residual lot that will consist of approximately 71 acres and protected from further development by a conservation mechanism for at least 40 years, which is the maximum density allowed through the RLUP.  Previously, the applicant owned two parcels and in 2006 received preliminary approval for a Conservation Development for 17 units on 185 acres.  Brenda passed around a map of the approved Conservation Development.  Currently, Lot 1 is a 2.4 acre lot that was split illegally.  Including Lot 1 in this development will make the lot legal.  Currently, the land is not under a pivot but the applicant’s desire is to sell these lots and install a pivot.  There is a small wetlands area located on the property but the applicant has done a good job avoiding this area.  All lots will have direct access off a county road.  Lot 4 will take direct access off County Road 64; Lots 1 thru 3 will take direct access off County Road 11 but may need to share an access, which will be determined by the access coordinator.  Northern Colorado Water has a water line located on County Road 64; depending on the location of the water line Northern Colorado Water could possibly serve lots 3 and 4.  This will be determined at a later date.  Lot 1 currently has an on-site well and lot 2 will also use well water.  Brenda indicated on a map the location of an irrigation easement on Lot 3.  All lots will be on a septic system.  Fire protection will be provided by Wellington Fire District.  A community meeting is scheduled for August 31, 2011 at the Leeper Center, 3800 Wilson Avenue in Wellington at 6:00 p.m. A site visit was scheduled for the RLUAB.


Member Prewitt asked what water source supplied water for the neighboring lakes.  Brenda replied most of the lakes are owned by Northern Poudre Irrigation but was unsure of the exact water source.  Member Sears gave detailed information on the origination of the water route.


Member Herston asked if the pivot would be ditch or well water.  Brenda replied the property is served by both.  Windsor ditch runs through the south side of the property.  The applicant also indicated he had a well to irrigate.  Member Herston then asked if the applicant had any ditch rights.  Brenda replied that water rights in Colorado are very complicated and typically the RLUC does not get involved with water rights.  More discussion went on regarding water rights.  In the discussion Brenda mentioned a slide show that the Division of Water Resources presented a few weeks ago and asked the members if they would be interested in viewing the slide show at a future meeting.  Member Bassinger volunteered to help give the presentation on water rights.


Member Sears asked if there was any resistance from the neighboring property owners regarding this project.  Brenda stated that one neighbor had some issues with the conservation development but was unsure of the nature of the issues.  She went on to state that adjacent property owner have not received any notification about this proposal at this time.  Member Prewitt asked if any of the neighbors owned the mineral rights.  Brenda stated there was no indication in the conservation development file but she would look into it.


5.   Update on Other Projects

·  Three Bell Ranch will go before the BCC on August 22nd at 3 p.m .as a consent item. 


6.   Other Business

·  Our horse transition program will end September 7, 2011. 

·  Plug in to Nature.  Parks and Opens Land are coordinating this program to engage the community to determine the current levels of connections between families and parks and open land throughout Larimer County.  Brenda is on the task force representing the Planning Department and encouraged the board to take the survey online. 

·  The Beginning Farmer Program will be held in Larimer County.  CSU and Boulder County usually put this on every year in Boulder.  This is for new farmers to get educated on the business side of farming.

·  The Food Study is done and the final report is out on the webpage.  Brenda will contact Linda Hoffmann to see if she would give a presentation to the Board on the food study results. 


Meeting was adjourned.



      ________________________                               __________________________                        Chair-Kristin Grazier                                                Secretary-William Prewitt