Monday, May 21, 2012

5:00 p.m.

Larimer County Courthouse Lake Estes Conference Room (Suite 333)


Rural Land Use Advisory Board:

Planning Division Staff:


Brenda Gimeson

Kristin Grazier

Pam Stringer

Debra Herston


Bill Sears


Bill Spencer






Suzanne Bassinger

Lauren Light


Mike Lynch


Vicki Marble


William Prewitt





1.   Approval of the September 19, 2011, February 6, 2012 RLUAB Minutes

 No quorum was obtained so the minutes were not approved.


2.   Request for assistance with Rural Resource Guide

Brenda gave an overview of a new project she is working on called the Rural Resource Handbook.  This handbook is being put together to provide an easily accessible spectrum of information on rural lands for Larimer County citizens, including landowners, realtors, potential buyers and neighbors.  This book would provide basic technical information for some of the more pertinent landowner issues, outline resources available, provide tips for rural living, and direct citizens on how to gather more information.  This book is intended to provide basic information and where to find the resources to help the citizens navigate their rural landowning experience.  She showed the Board Members several other discovered Guidebooks as examples of the types of information that might be included in our guidebook and  informed the members that we have hired a student graphic artist to help with the design.  Brenda reviewed the suggested topics list and asked the Board members for feedback on this list.  Group discussion took place and members made several suggestions for additions. Brenda will put together the suggestions list and send e-mail to the members for review.  If members have additional suggestions, they are encouraged to contact Brenda.  The rough draft is expected near the end of the year and the rough draft will be brought back to the RLUAB for review.


3.   Discussion of requests for residual land divisions

Recently, the Rural Land Use Center has been getting several inquiries regarding further division of previously approved Rural Land Plan residual lots.  This is causing some concern so Brenda is bringing this topic to the RLUAB for input.  Brenda gave examples of several different scenarios in which she has received requests.  There was discussion about the specific requests and questions asked by the members about the reasoning.  Member Sears stated that they are asking for us to change the rules and that he would like to the RLUAB, at the time the requests are made for the divisions, to be able to make recommendations to the Commissioners about their request.  Member Spencer agreed that looking at them on a case by case basis would be ideal and if it gets to be a problem then take it to Commissioners for further instructions.  The majority of the members agreed. 


4.   Update on Other Projects

Both the Demmel Lake Estates and Three Bell projects were approved by the Board of County Commissioners last year. Demmel Lake has submitted their final plat for approval and we are anticipating Three Bell by the end of the year.


Chairperson Kristin inquired about the residual land monitoring program..  Brenda informed the Board that there is a possibility of hiring an intern to get a good inventory of potential issues but that may not happen until the last quarter of the year. 


Brenda mentioned that there will be openings for the RLUAB and the candidates will be interviewed next month.  She also mentioned that Member Lynch decided not to request reappointment. 


5.   Other Business

For the Board’s information—Member Bassinger has requested a sabbatical until the end of September as she will be out of state.  Member Sears stated he is not bother by Suzanne’s request and feels it should be granted.  The other Members present agreed. However, since there is no quorum at the meeting, no action was taken. 



            _______________________                                              _____________________________                                     Chair-Kristin Grazier                                                         Secretary- William Prewitt