Monday, March 28, 2016

Larimer County Courthouse Lake Estes Conference Room (Suite 333)


Rural Land Use Board:




Debra Herston

Randy Mergler

Brenda Gimeson

Pam Stringer

Kristin Grazier


Ryan Hostetler


Joe Wise





Alan Carlson




Chair Grazier called the meeting to order at 3:35 p.m.


1.  Silver Reef Farms RLUP – Action Item

Brenda gave an overview of the Silver Reef Farms RLUP t o divide 157 +/- acres of land into 8 single-family residential lots, ranging in size from 2.4 acres to 5.1 acres in size, and one residual lot of approximately 124 acres that will contain a building envelope for agricultural support buildings, no home sites will be allowed.  The Residual Lot will be converted to pivot irrigation for crops and will be protected from further subdivision by a minimum of 40 years, as required under the RLUP.  There are a couple of existing residences on the property.  One will be removed and the other will remain on the property.  This land is currently accessed from County Road 74.  New points will be from both County Road 74 and County Road 17 for the new lots and ag access.  The applicant is planning for on-lot septic systems.  The property has an existing well and ditch system and the owners are also putting in a pond and adding ditch water.  Water will be provided by Northern Colorado Water Association for Lots 2-7 and Lot 1 will be served by an existing on-site well.  Electricity will be provided by Poudre Valley REA, and gas will be provided by individual propane tanks. 


Community Concerns:

·   Main concerns expressed were:

o  Size of the lots & location

Ø  Would like to see larger lots and less of them

·  Access Points & Traffic

o  Would like to see some of them moved and the agricultural access be moved to County Road 17

o  Concern about additional traffic on County Road 74

·  Agricultural well’s impact on other wells in area

·  Architectural controls on the new lots

o  Home site, size, 2-story’s being allowed, etc.


Referral Agencies:

The project was referred to the following agencies:  Engineering Department, Health Department, Northern Colorado Water Association, Wellington Fire, and Division of Water resources.  A summary of the comments and concerns received are as follows:

Technical Issues:

      Engineering Department Comments:

•  Request for 40’ half right-of-way along CR 17 and 74

o  Proposing condition of approval to require this

•  Request for proposed access points to meet access spacing requirements

o  Proposing condition of approval to require this

•  Drainage paths & historic flows identified and preserved and building envelopes sited so they do not interfere with existing drainage patterns.

o  RLUP standards require site drainage review.  Proposing condition of approval that will require drainage report to address these issues.

•  New access permits required for proposed access to CR 9

o  Proposing standard condition of approval requiring access permit.


Heath Department Comments:

•  Somewhat restricted soils and drainage concerns that could impact septic systems.  Requesting additional information about drainage, site grading and storage ponds that could affect septic placement.

o  Condition being proposed that will require additional information about the drainage including existing patterns and plans for future site grading or storage ponds and the impacts on the lots septic systems.

•  Water to be obtained from Northern Colorado Water for Lots 2-7.  Lot 1 will be served by an on-site well.

o  Condition being proposed that will require letter of commitment from water district to service the new lots

•  Rural Area issues and Horse Pasture Management comments. 

o  Standard disclosure notes will be included that discuss rural area issues and horse pasture management on small lots.


Northern Colorado Water Association

•  Letter of commitment to service seven lots has been received

–  Standard condition of approval will require the letter of commitment and that the service meets the requirements in Section 8 of the Land Use Code for water supply.


Division of Water Resources:

•  Northern Colorado Water is a reliable water supply

•  Existing permits for three wells, which some have expired permits.  Request is to clear up existing permits and re-permit any wells where configuration will be different.

o  Standard condition of approval will require water improvements meet standards in Land Use Code and letter of acceptance from water district before lot sale release and Well permits be obtained before building permits.


Wellington Fire:

•  Request that fire and life safety protection be provided for future residential development.

•  Development Standards in Land Use Code do not apply to RLUP projects and RLUP regulations do not specifically address fire requirements.  

•  RLUP road standards include requirements for turnarounds at dead-end roads only

•  Wellington Fire does have an Adopted Fire Code that would require either Fire Sprinkler Systems or, if home under 3000 sq. ft., provide a monitored fire alarm system or approved dedicated water cistern in lieu of the fire sprinklers.

o  Proposing condition of approval requiring residential fire sprinklers unless fire district requirements are met and another alternative is approved by the Wellington Fire District.


Staff’s Recommendation:


•  Approve the Silver Reef Farms RLUP:

o  with the standard conditions that require compliance with RLUP standards,

as well as the additional conditions regarding additional right-of-way, drainage, fire protection, access permitting, as outlined by staff in this presentation.




Motion by Member Mergler to approve the Silver Reef Farms RLUP with the standard conditions that require compliance with RLUP standards, as well as additional conditions requiring additional right-of-way, drainage, fire protection, access permitting, as outlined by staff.  Member Wise seconded the motion. 




Member Wise asked if the farming traffic was a valid concern.  Brenda stated that during harvest she said it could possibly be an issue.


Vice Chair Herston stated she understands the concerns of the community but feels that this configuration is well within the development.   


Member Mergler agreed with Vice Chair Herston.


Roll Call Vote:


Alan Carlson


Debra Herston


Joe Wise


Kristin Grazier


Randy Mergler


Ryan Hostetler



All were in favor


Adjourned 3:45 p.m.


           __________________________                  ___________________________________                      Chair Kristin Grazier                                         Vice-Chair Debra Herston