Monday, February 7, 2011

5:00 p.m.

Larimer County Courthouse Lake Estes Conference Room (Suite 333)


Rural Land Use Advisory Board:

Planning Division Staff:


Brenda Gimeson

Suzanne Bassinger

Michelle Yeager

Kristin Grazier


John Hatfield


Mark Korb


Lauren Light


Mike Lynch


William Prewitt


Bill Spencer






Bill Sears





  1. Special Guest Commissioner Gaiter

Commissioner Gaiter gave a brief presentation on how he would like to see RLUAB participate and interact with the Board of County Commissioners in the future.


  1. Approval of November 1, 2011 - RLUAB Minutes

Chair Spencer made a motion to approve the minutes as written.  Member Prewitt seconded the motion.  All were in favor.  Minutes adopted as written.


  1. Three Bell RLUP

Brenda gave an overview of the Three Bell RLUP project which included a slide presentation.  The property is generally located between Windsor, Timnath and Fort Collins off County Road 32E just east of County Road 5.  Part of the property is within the Windsor GMA and next to the Town of Timnath boundary.  The property consists of 349 acres and zoned FA-1 Farming.  The entire acreage is under two conservation easements that were just purchased by Larimer County Natural Resources, City of Fort Collins, Town of Windsor and Great Outdoors Colorado.  As part of the conservation agreement they are allowed 8 homes site, which is less than what they could have if they did 35 acre parcels.  Two of the home sites will be tied to the larger residual parcels each having a 5 acre building envelope.  These sites will be determined at the final plat stage.  The uses on the residual land will be consistent with what is allowed under the conservation easement.  Larimer County Natural Resources will monitor the residual land for compliance.  Brenda pointed out where the trail easement and Bald Eagles nest are located.  The entire property is located in a flood plain and floodway.  Its allowed to build in a flood plain but not allowed in a floodway, which is defined by FEMA.  In 1970 Larimer County decided to regulate the floodway to the halfway foot line and FEMA regulates to the one foot flood line.  With these constraints the homes sites will need to be raised 18 inches above the base flood elevation and out of the floodway.  This may cause reconfiguration of the lots.   We recognize these issues and are currently working through them with engineering.  Another concern on the property is the existing bridge that crosses the river which accommodates 4 of the lots.  The applicant’s intentions are to reconstruct the old bridge instead of building a new one which may be more expensive.  Either way they will have to go through the Flood Plain Review Board in order to make that happen.  The grade of the existing access road may also need review.  There is an existing gravel mining plan on the northern parcel that will expire in July 2011.  The Applicant’s are requesting a 10 year extension on the mining plan.  This request will be heard by the Board of County Commissioners on February 15, 2011.  The approval of the extension may determine the time frame of this project.  There intent is to plat the lots but not build until the mining is completed.


  • RLUP Project Updates
    • Dry Creek R.L.U.P. – Was removed from the Board of County Commissioners agenda as the mineral owners had objected to the request.
  • Other Special Projects led by RLUC Staff

·  Regional Food System Assessment – We are wrapping this project up.  Linda is working on the final report and it should be out by the end of March. We went to the Greeley Farm Show and will be attending the Ag Big and Small in Brighton and Linda will be attending the Governors Forum in March.

·  Horse Transition Program: Is in place and one application has been submitted.  September is the deadline.  In order to help applicants through this process we are putting together a workshop to assist landowners through the process.

·  The Poudre Runs Through It:  Northern Colorado’s Water Future Meeting - Suzanne was impressed with the presentation and layout of this meeting along with the turn out.  This was one of three meetings and she encourages everyone to attend the next two meetings.


The meeting was adjourned.



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        Chair-Bill Spencer                                                       Secretary-Mark Korb