Monday, February 3, 2014

Larimer County Courthouse Lake Estes Conference Room (Suite 333)


Rural Land Use Board:



Brenda Gimeson

Suzanne Bassinger

Kristin Grazier

Terry Gilbert

Pam Stringer

Debra Herston


Ryan Hostetler


Bill Spencer





Alan Carlson

Kara Lamb


William Prewitt

Bill Sears





1.   Approval of the November 18, 2013 RLUAB Minutes.  Member Hostetler made a motion to approve November 18, 2013 minutes as written.  Member Spencer seconded.  All were in favor.  Minutes adopted as written


2.     Willowbrook Ranch RLUP - Introduction Item

Brenda gave an overview of the Willowbrook Ranch RLUP project, which included a slide presentation.  The project is located northeast of LaPorte and northwest of Fort Collins off County Road 19 and County Road 56 at Curtis Lake Lane.  Currently, this property is part of Boettcher Farms, which was previously owned by Holcim Cement Plant and consists of nine 35 acre parcels.  This project also has preliminary approval for a 31 lot Conservation Development, called Lake at Big Horn Conservation Development, File #08-S2776.  The RLUP will take the place of the approved Conservation Development.  The applicant, Steve Sivon, is proposing to divide 317.45 acres of land into eighteen (18) single-family residential lots on about 105 acres and two (2) residual lots consisting of about 212 acres, in the O-Open and RE-Rural Estates zoning district.  This zoning allows one unit per 10 acres in the subdivision process.  The smallest residual lot may be used for a community outdoor riding arena and community stables.  No single-family dwelling is proposed for the larger residual lot but this lot will contain a building envelope around the existing barn and corral structures a small building envelope near Curtis Lake for a future pavilion to be utilized by the residents.  A trail system for the residents is also included.  Dry grazing will continue on the two residual lots.  The best soils for septic systems are located in the northeast corner of the site.  Some wildlife habitat areas and wetlands exist adjacent to Curtis Lake.  Fire protection will be provided by Poudre Fire Authority, water service will be provided by Northern Colorado Water and sewer by on-site septic.  Access will be taken off Curtis Lane for 3 of the lots and County Road 19 for a new looped road.  Applicants are proposing all roads to be private.  The residual land will be protected from any further development in perpetuity by an approved conservation mechanism, as required under the RLUP.  A site visit was conducted prior to the February 3, 2014 RLUAB meeting.  The community meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 10, 2014.  This property is located in the LaPorte Area Plan and will be reviewed by the LaPorte Area Planning Advisory Committee (LAPAC) on February 18, 2014.  Concerns received from LAPAC for the Lake at Bighorn CD included: septic system layout, small lot sizes, grazing horses with negative air quality from dirt and dust, wildlife setbacks and lack of water to irrigate common areas.  This project is on a tight schedule to accommodate the applicants closing date on the property.  It was agreed by members to hold a special meeting of the RLUAB on Thursday, February 20, 2014 at 8:00 a.m. in the Lake Estes Conference Room to make a recommendation on the project.  Brenda stated how important it is to have a quorum at this meeting and asked for a commitment from members.  The 5 in attendance committed to attending this special meeting.


Chair Grazier requested more information regarding the Conservation Development (CD).  Brenda stated that the RLUP process and the CD processes are similar in that they each require clustering and open space.  The Lake at Big Horn CD is approved for 1 to 2 acre lots with 80% open space with appeal ability to 50% open space.  The RLUP process requires 2/3 open space, but the density in a CD is greater and both will require a management plan.  Vice Chair Herston asked what was the difference in open space between the CD and RLUP.  Brenda replied in the RLUP process, the residual land will consist of 212 acres and the CD consisted of 182 acres.  Member Spencer asked if covenants are required and if so who reviews them.  Brenda replied we typically do not require covenants but if the development has covenants we do review them for committed content only.  Covenants are private documents between owners we do not review them in detail.  Member Bassinger inquired about who enforces/manages the management plans?  Brenda relied they are currently enforced on a complaint basis only.  At this time we do not have the staff to actively enforce them.  Brenda mentioned Director Gilbert and herself may be meeting regarding how this would be handled in the future.  Vice Chairman Herston questioned once the residual lots are sold, how are they tied to the covenants/management plans?  Brenda replied whoever owns the residual land is who they would go to if a complaint arose even if owned by a home owner association.  It is uncommon in an RLUP that the HOA does own the residual land. We have a lot of developers who continue to own the residual land but some have sold to a HOA.  Several Board Members voiced their concerns regarding horses grazing on dry land and how the residual land will be managed, along with who will manage the residual land.  Brenda after hearing their concerns regarding the management plan, offered as a solution to make a condition of approval that request a detailed management plan regarding horse management be submitted.



3.   Other Business


Brenda gave an update regarding the possibility of two or three new projects in the Wellington and or Berthoud area.  The Board will be updated as to the status.



Member Bassinger made a motion to adjourn. 


Meeting adjourned at 5:54 p.m.


            _______________________                  _____________________________               Chair-Kristin Grazier                                          Secretary- Kara Lamb