Monday, January 4, 2016

Larimer County Courthouse Lake Estes Conference Room (Suite 333)


Rural Land Use Board:




Alan Carlson

Brenda Gimeson

Kristin Grazier

Pam Stringer

Joe Wise

Randy Mergler



Debra Herston


Ryan Hostetler




Brenda called the meeting to order at 5:15.


1.   Approval of August 17, 2015 and October 28, 2015 RLUAB Minutes. No action was taken on the above mentioned minutes due to no quorum.


2.  Mile High Estates RLUP – Introduction Item

Brenda gave an overview of the Mile High Estates RLUP project, which included a slide presentation.  The request is for a Rural Land Plan to divide 93+/- acres into four (4) new single-family residential lots, each approximately 2 acres in size, and one Residual Lot of approximately 84 acres in size that will be protected from further development for a minimum of 40-years.  The bulk of this Residual Lot will continue to be used for agricultural purposes; however, it will also contain a building envelope that will be used for single-family residential and accessory agricultural purposes.  This building envelope will be located around the existing location of the residence and existing farmstead accessory dwelling and other agricultural buildings.  There may also be other small building envelopes on the Residual Lot for accessory ag buildings.  The new lots will access a new street that will create one direct access point to County Road 9.  The existing residences will continue to access County Road 16 directly.  The new lots will be served by Little Thompson Water District and on-site septic systems.  Electricity will be provided by Poudre Valley REA, and gas will be provided by Xcel Energy or on-lot propane tank and Loveland Fire will be the fire district.


Member Wise asked where the homes were located on the MRD lot.  Brenda pulled up the aerial photo and pointed out the MRD lots and the variety of lots sizes in the surrounding area.  Brenda then went on to state that the current design of this project is the best design do to the location of   the ditch and how the property drains.  Member Wise then asked if Brenda had any concerns. Brenda stated that her concerns were regarding the ditch, access and the water supply.  Brenda also stated that she had communicated her concerns with the owner and they were all addressed.


Brenda disused the next steps regarding this project and asked for members input on their availability for the site visit and next RLUAB meeting.





3.   Project Updates: 

Brenda updated the board regarding the Accessory Dwellings on RLUP property that went to the Board of County Commissioners and was denied.  Brenda stated that she felt that was not the intent of the RLUP process, so from now and in the future all RLUP project submitted are going to included a request for all accessory uses in the land use code as of now and in the future.


Chair Grazier asked the board member how they feel about inviting Commissioner to attend one of our meetings in order to address this issue.  All members were in favor of inviting the Commissioners to attend a meeting.


4.  Other Business:  None


Adjourned 6:05 p.m.


           __________________________                  ___________________________________                      Chair Kristin Grazier                                         Member Alan Carlson