July 11, 2013 -1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Meeting Minutes


Call To Order:              The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Lon Hughes at 1:40 PM.

Attendees:                     Robert Allman, Ted Carter, Roger Clark, Terri Donnelly, Lon Hughes, Shirley Pfankuch, Ross Reid, Donald Roger, Roger Svendsen


Absent:                        Lucille Schmitt - Excused Absence


Adoption of Agenda:    The Agenda was adopted as proposed.


Approval of Minutes:    from March 2013 and June 2013. March are coming from Rob. June the recorder didn't record. A compilation of notes from several members will be used to do the minutes. Both will be presented at the August Meeting for approval.


Comments from Audience: Doug Anderson and Brian Thomas from Ace Hardware In Wellington spoke about the desire to expand to RFL. Discussion was pertaining to what members of the PAC feel would be important for them to consider. It was suggested that they contact Contractors and local Independent Business operators to get input on things they would like to see in the Hardware store. They provided an email address for members to email any additional thoughts they may have.


Communication Items: Rob Helmick reported that he had received reports of logging activity in the Lost Lake

area. Rob also inquired on the outstanding March 2013 minutes. Robert Allman reported he has them.


1. Community Sign. Ted Carter talked with Gene Barker and Gene is in favor of the sign and

development, however is out of town. Ted will meet with him in July and report back. Rob Helmick

mentioned the importance of having a long term "Grantee" if the easement option is utilized. Robert

Allmann indicated that visitors often think of Dowdy as the Red Feather Lakes area and seem unaware

. there is a "village". Discussion continued about signage to direct visitors to the village. It was

suggested to model after the community sign to establish some visual continuity. Doug Moody with

the North Forty will do a feature on the sign.

2. Defensible Space and Fire Mitigation: Shirley will contact Cris Meeks and discuss the add and aske

her to get it to Roger Svendsen to add to the RFL POA web-site.

Action Items: There were no action items and no motions or actions were taken.

Discussion Items:

1. Road Committee: No meeting this month. The next meeting is July 18 th at 4:00 at Fox Acres office.

2. Clinic: Roger Clark reported he had three people volunteer for the committee. Shirley pfankuch also

provided another name of a physician who owns property in Crystal Lakes who is also very interested

in helping with this effort.

3. Water and Sewer: Discussion ensued about water quality and options available to the community.

Rob Helmick talked about Metro Districts and mentioned organizations who can oversee them, similar

to HOA management companies.

4. Rural Community Outreach,: . Terry Gilbert . provided the schedule of the Community

Outreach meetings being scheduled by Larimer County. RFL is the first scheduled meeting and is

scheduled for August 17 9:00 am at the Fire Barn.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 PM. The next regular meeting is Thursday August 1 at 1:30 PM