June 7, 2012, 1:30-3:30 PM




The meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM by Chairperson Lon Hughes.


Roll Call:  Robert Allman, Ted Carter, Roger Clark, Terri Donnelly, Lon Hughes, Eunice Michalka, Donald Roger, Lucille Schmitt, Roger Svendsen


Member Excused Absences, Ross Reid, Michael Sledge.


Larimer County Representation: LARCO Senior Planner Rob Helmick


Guests Present: Crede Kidd from the RFL library, Mr. Binds from G&W Telecommunications, Mark Sabiers local resident, Steve Porter from North Forty News.


Adoption of Agenda: The agenda was amended to include a discussion of the Slash Solutions air curtain burner and some information from Mr. Binds (sp?) on a proposed high-speed internet solution.


Approval of Minutes:  Due to an equipment malfunction, there are no minutes from the May 3, 2012 meeting. 


Communications Items:


  1. Committee Member Communications –None
  2. County Communications – A question about the status of the communication tower on Middle Bald Mountain was raised by the committee.  Rob said the “Scoping Document” has not been released; therefore, there is currently no activity.  Rob made it clear that the Scoping Doc. is for the contract between Larimer County and the U. S. Forest Service for an emergency communication system on Middle Bald.  Any additional communication equipment will not be included unless there are associated issues raised during the scoping process.  The addition of commercial communication systems could be an issue. Rob also reminded the committee that the July meeting is cancelled.  The next meeting will be on August 2.
  3. Lon formally welcomed our three new PAC members:  Robert Allman, Roger Clark, and Terri Donnelly.  It is great to have new faces and new ideas.


Comments from the Audience : 


1.   Mr. Binds from G & W Telecommunications described a system his company is proposing.  G&W is trying to obtain approvals and funding.  The proposed system will require two approx. 80 ft. towers on BLM land.  Funding is planned via a government grant with a submission due date of 6/18/12.  Mr. Binds is attempting to get documented interest from local potential customers, especially public entities such as the library and fire department.  The system would provide 100 to 120 MBits/sec speeds and would require a small amount of customer purchased hardware ($300 to $400 spread over 2 years.  A technical discussion followed relative to system bandwidth and the number of shared customers the system could support.  This discussion was terminated due to time limitations and the lack of a need for such detail at this stage of system maturity. Mark Sabiers from up near the “north rim” has an in-depth understanding of requirements and was very involved in this discussion.

2.   Crede is attending to discuss CenturyLink communications as well as high-speed internet solutions. 

3.   Steve Porter from the North Forty News covering this PAC meeting for the paper.




1.   Air Curtain Burner / Slash Solutions:  Eunice described a serious problem with this operation for local residents.  The State Health dept. inspected the site on May 31.  The EPA was reported to be inspecting the operation today, 6/7.  The pollution is especially irritating for several residents on Hiawatha Ct.  These residents brought the issue to the attention of Commissioner Gaiter at the earlier meeting at the library, and he was already aware.  Rob mentioned that the initial review did not address the potential pollution problems, but could go back and conduct a more rigorous review by the Planning Dept.  Though there was a great deal of communication about the proposed installation of the curtain burner, written notification was not delivered to nearby property owners.  The County procedure did not require written notification.  This issue will be thoroughly reviewed at the PAC August meeting.

2.   CenturyLink:  Though CenturyLink claims current service is now 5 MB/S, actual experience is far less.  Phone service is also still a serious problem.  Some incoming calls are intercepted by CenturyLink with an erroneous message given to the caller.  Regardless of CenturyLink promises, no improvements have been observed. 

3.   Community Signage:  There is a desire for a community sign.  Rob said he would walk appropriate approval/code deviation documentation through the County system if we tell him exactly what is wanted. 


Action Items:


  1. Sawmill Junction:  This item was scheduled for discussion last month, however due to the lack of a PAC quorum; it was covered at this meeting.  The addition of “enclosed storage structures” requires a Special Review.  All other buildings on this site are approved by right.  Rob reviewed the overall plan for the site including building orientation and lighting that optimizes the various business usages and the minimization of impacts to adjacent properties.  Rob said the Planning Dept. has requested a hazardous waste management plan, which will be provided.  Eunice moved that the PAC support and recommend adoption of the “Enclosed Storage” units to the Sawmill Junction plan.  Ted called the committee’s attention to the fact that this use is fully compatible with the area plan.  This fact was amended to the motion:  Moved that the PAC support and recommend adoption of the “Enclosed Storage” units to the Sawmill Junction plan, recognizing that the overall Sawmill Junction Plan is compatible with the Red Feather Lakes Area Plan.  A roll call vote was called and the vote was unanimous in favor.  Rob will communicate the PAC discussion to the Commissioners. 


Discussion Items:


  1. Water & Sewer – Roger Svendsen commented that his conversations with CSU relative to obtaining help from a grad student or other CSU party will probably never go anywhere without some kind of seed money to use as a prerequisite for grant funding.  Until we find some kind of seed money, his recommendation is that we place this item in a hold status.  Roger called to PAC’s attention some language in the latest version of a RFL Storage and Irrigation document.  The document is titled:  Red Feather Storage and Irrigation Company, Inc. Protective Covenants.  Paragraphs 3, 4, & 5 are very pertinent to the water supply discussions the PAC has held over the past year or more.  These paragraphs clearly identify the fact that at some point, Storage and Irrigation may decide to supply domestic water and waste disposal and that the cost of “construction, maintenance, and operation of the storage and water delivery facilities” shall be prorated between the Company and the Owners.  (The “Owners” are those landowners signing this agreement.)  Lucille passed out some notes assembled several years ago describing avenues for obtaining funding for community water supply and waste disposal systems.  There was some discussion, however Ted raised the point, based on his experience, that a prerequisite for this type of funding always requires that the applicant be some kind of government entity, i.e. a city, municipality, etc.  Due to time constraints, a meeting of the sub-committee will not be held until at least the Fall. 
  2. Enterprise Zone :  Rob learned that the best option would be to wait until after the State legislative session, then review the detailed requirements. Rob will keep us informed.  Unless the rules change, RFL would only meet two of the three qualification criteria.

3.   County Planning Dept. Activity:  Rob commented that after several years of cutbacks and a declining economy, things are definitely picking up.  Building activity is definitely on the rise … very good news.

4.   Community Park:   Eunice commented that improvements continue.  Several events are scheduled over the course of the summer and the school has donated their old play equipment, which will be installed soon.  A small community garden of sustainable plants is also planned.  Community usage has increased dramatically, which is great.

5.   July 4th “weekend” meeting – Cancelled per action at the May meeting.


Audience Comments:




RFLPAC meeting adjourned at 3:05 PM; Next regular meeting: August 2, 2012


Respectfully Submitted by Roger Svendsen