April 5, 2012, 1:30-3:30 PM




The meeting was called to order at 1:45 PM by Secretary Roger Svendsen (Chair Lon Hughes facilitated the meeting when he arrived at approximately 2:30.)


Roll Call:  Ted Carter, Lon Hughes, Eunice Michalka, Ross Reid, Donald Roger, Lucille Schmitt, Roger Svendsen


Member Excused Absences, Ross Reid, Michael Sledge.

Note:  Ben Myers has tendered his resignation due to business pressures … too much work and too little time.


Larimer County Representation: LARCO Senior Planner Rob Helmick


Guests Present: Rob Allman, Ramona Lake Cabins


Adoption of Agenda: The agenda was approved as proposed.


Approval of Minutes: Both the February and March minutes were approved as written. 


Communications Items:


  1. Committee Member Communications –None
  2. County Communications – Rob said Roger Clark has expressed interest in joining the PAC, however attendance is a concern.  He is very interested.  Current members agreed that “teleconferencing” would not be appropriate, however if he will try to attend as often as possible, then they encourage the Commissioners to approve his PAC application.   It was agreed by all members that we need to seriously recruit additional members.


Comments from the Audience : Rob Allman said he was attending to observe.  He is interested in joining the PAC, but not quite decided at this point.


Action Items:


  1. Adoption of by-laws – The PAC voted unanimously to accept the by-laws change to move the PAC monthly meetings from the second Thursday of each month to the first Thursday.   This change was made to keep PAC meetings in synch with Commissioner Gaiter’s library meetings.
  2. Letter to BCC regarding CenturyLink – After a brief discussion, it was agreed that the PAC forward the Memo drafted by Rob Helmick and Roger Svendsen to the BCC.  CenturyLink service of DSL and land line service is totally unacceptable at this time.  (Refer to previous minutes for detail.)  Nearly everyone on the PAC and local residents has been impacted in some way.  NOTE:  The BCC has scheduled a hearing on this issue for 9:00 AM Tuesday, April 17 in the Commissioners Conference Room; 200 W. Oak St.; Ft. Collins.


Discussion Items:


  1. Water & Sewer – Roger commented that his contact at CSU has stated that he will be unable to assist us due to his heavy workload.  Roger has other possibilities and will pursue them. Rob reviewed some background as to why the PAC is very interested in this subject and why the PAC is acting alone, versus with the RFL Storage and Irrigation Company.  (The secretary chose not to include all the details of this conversation since it has been documented in past minutes.)

2.   Property Line discussion :  This topic was discussed once again at length.  Ultimately, Lucille and Eunice agreed to draft a letter to the BCC requesting action to minimize the impact on affected property owners in RFL.  Expedited settlement on documentation and minimization of fees are key areas of interest.   

3.   Communication / Middle Bald Radio Tower – Rob spoke with the Larimer County employee most associated with tower activity.  The application is for County use.  There is little enthusiasm on the part of the County to enlist other users, other than the possible revenue source.  The Federal government may have such an interest and could sway the argument.  Rob will investigate whether or not additional tenants for the tower was discussed during the “scoping” phase.  If so, then it will need to be studied as part of the environmental assessment phase. 

4.   July 4th “weekend” meeting – Due to many activities at that time, it was moved and seconded to cancel this meeting.  Motion passed.


Audience Comments:



Roger commented he would not be able to attend the May meeting.  He will get the recorder to Lon prior to the May meeting.



RFLPAC meeting adjourned at 3:45 PM; Next regular meeting: May 3, 2012


Respectfully Submitted by Roger Svendsen