April 3, 2014, 1:30-3:30 PM


Meeting Minutes


Call to Order: † The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Lon Hughes at approx. 1:35 pm


Attendees: †Robert Allman, Terri Donnelly, Lon Hughes, Donald Rogers, Shirley Pfankuch, Lucille Schmitt


Excused Absence:† Roger Svendsen, Fred Sandal


Unexplained Absence: †Ross Reid


Adoption of Agenda:† The agenda was approved by Robert Allman, seconded by Lucille Schmitt


Approval of Minutes: †Minutes from March 6, 2014 approved by Donald Rogers and Terri Donnelly.† Rob Helmick requests Committee members submit whatever notes they have to complete the public record for meetings of the PAC held in 2013.†


Communication Items:† Rob Helmick provided a report on Larimer County tax assessments for 2014, committee discussion followed.† Lon Hughes submitted for the committee an email from Steve Koeckeritz, expressing concern, which Lon shares, with how the real estate market is affected by the inequitable assessment rate for unimproved lots (29 percent) relative to improved residential lots (7.96 percent), a consequence of the Gallagher amendment.† Lucille Schmitt brought a concern with how owners of 35 acre parcels are denied classification as a tree farm for county taxation purposes.†


Terry Gilbert reported on federal grants that may be available to repair last yearís flood damaged private roads.† Larimer County has received some reimbursement to assist in rebuilding public roads that are privately maintained.† Terry noted that for property owners who canít rebuild, the county will provide $1000 credit to rebuild anywhere in the unincorporated area.† Structures affected in a disaster area will typically have three years to rebuild.†


Rob Helmick reminded the committee that any new business before doing site construction will need to come to the Larimer County staff for a site plan and building permit.†


Comments from the Audience:† No members of the public were in attendance.




1.   Community sign Ė progress report:† County staff will be confirming the right-of-way for determining the placement of the proposed community sign.† Efforts to obtain permission to place the sign on the Barker property are ongoing.†

2.   Community path finding signs:† County staff has placed the new directional signage.

3.   Rural Community Outreach effort:† Terry Gilbert reported that four more community meetings remain to be held, mostly in areas affected by the recent flooding.† The county website also remains available for residents to submit comments online.†

4.   Bald Mountain Communication Update:† The draft EIS from the Forest Service is due the end of May.† A 45-day comment period will follow.† Larimer County will submit comments, also the Red Feather Lakes community will have the opportunity to comment on the draft EIS.†


New Business

1.   Changes to the County Sign Code:† Rob Allman asked about procedures needed to change the county sign code.† Rob Helmick said that the area proposed to be covered by the new code would first need to be clearly described.† Suggested provisions for a sign would need to be identified which may include the proximity, size, duration, visibility and how the sign would be maintained.† Any action that the PAC might take would first be communicated with county staff and staff would schedule it for consideration by the County Board.† It was agreed that this item would be added to the agenda for the next meeting for discussion and possible action.†

2.   Committee Policy on Unexcused Absences:† The PAC bylaws were read relative to absences by committee members.† Anyone with three unexcused absences may be recommended to the County board for removal.† A recommendation in this matter requires a vote of the majority of appointed committee members.†

3.   Recruitment of Committee Members:† Up to 13 appointed members are allowed on the RFL PAC, currently there are only eleven.† Additional volunteers are needed to serve on the PAC, other community members will be invited to submit their interest.


Discussion of Committee Items:† No additional updates or action items.†


Determine Agenda for Next Meeting:† The agenda structure and discussion items will be continued for the next meeting, also adding as an item suggested changes to the sign code.† Lon Hughes asked that appropriate county staff tasked with the interpretation of the building code attend the next meeting for discussion and questions from the PAC.† Terry will ask Larimer County building official, Eric Fried, to attend the May meeting.†


Next regular meeting: † May 1, 2014 @ 1:30 pm