March 1, 2012, 1:30-3:30 PM




The meeting was called to order at 1:40 PM by Chair Lon Hughes


Roll Call:  Ted Carter, Lon Hughes, Eunice Michalka, Ben Myers, Ross Reid, Donald Roger, Lucille Schmitt, Michael Sledge, Roger Svendsen


Member Excused Absences. Ted Carter, Ross Reid, Ben Myers, Michael Sledge.


Members Absent For Unknown Reasons :  Eunice Michalka


Note:  We did not have a quorum, hence no official actions can be taken.  It was decided to hold the meeting in an effort to make some progress on agenda items.  This is a Special Meeting, called by the chairperson in an effort to change the By-Laws to reflect that regular meetings will be held on the first Thursday vs. the currently required second Thursday.  That action cannot be taken.  Another special meeting was called for April 5, which will address the By-Laws change. 


Larimer County Representation: LARCO Senior Planner Rob Helmick


Guests Present: Mark Rice, Mr. Powers (Shambala Center)


Adoption of Agenda: The agenda was approved as proposed.


Approval of Minutes: Approval was deferred pending the availability of a quorum. 


Communications from Committee Members :


Lucille introduced Mark Rice, a resident of the area, who communicated his high-speed internet experience.  Mark’s wife is a tele-worker.  He has subscribed to the CenturyLink 1.5 MPS, but is getting 0.3.  Mark has had significant communication with CenturyLink and discussed his experience.  Mark was given promises to raise the speed to 5 MPS by December, worse case January.  That has not happened.  He was then given an April target.  Then it was communicated that CenturyLink corporate had cut funding for the needed expansion, even though they had approved the plan.  Al Davis (970-328-3524) is the area Operations Mgr. and is formally the individual responsible.  He is located in Eagle, CO.  Rob’s previous conversation has been with Bruce Peters, the former Operations Mgr.  Mark has recently been given better service and has had 1.0 MPS at times, but never the advertised 1.5.  The “band aid” used to help Mark does not help anyone else. 






Lucille suggested we calendar an agenda item for next meeting to request the Commissioners to contact CenturyLink and/or the PUC about our problem.  Lon commented that he has had significant problems with both internet and phone service.  Rob will follow-up on his earlier communications.  Mr. Powers, who is the IT manager for the Shambala Mountain Center commented that their service has been very poor.  Their customers have been unable to contact them and this has impacted their business.  In some cases, callers have received a message that the Shambala phones had been disconnected.  CenturyLink said they know there is a problem, but don’t know how to fix it. 


Since standard phone service has degraded significantly, the problem with CenturyLink is even more serious.  There are many dropped calls and calls that are not connected …. Residents answer and there is nobody there, though the call was placed to the resident.  Lucille said her office loses one in five of her calls due to dropped connections. 


It was decided to contact other major internet users, RFL Library, RFL Elementary, etc. and document their experience.  Lucille asked Mark to join the PAC broadband internet subcommittee and he agreed to join.  Rob will draft a letter for the PAC to request the Commissioners to contact CenturyLink/PUC requesting action.  Roger offered to assist in writing the letter.


Lucille commented that including commercial use of the Bald Mountain Tower could significantly improve our service, providing other options to CenturyLink.  The PAC cannot formally take any action relative to the “Tower”.  It is really not clear what percentage of the RFL population favors the tower vs. those that are against it.  This subject will be added to next month’s agenda as part of the internet discussion. 


Comments from the Audience : None over and above the comments above. 


Communications from County Representatives :


Rob commented that the July meeting will fall on July 5 if no action is taken.  We will need to discuss the viability of this date at our next meeting.  Rob is currently scheduled to be on vacation on July 5.


Action Items:


Action on the By-Laws was postponed awaiting a quorum.  (See above.)


Discussion Items:


  1. Enterprise Zone:  Rob learned that RFL may be eligible.  After the legislation session is over, the time might be right to take action.  A fundamental problem continues to be that there is no source of initial seed funding for any grant requests.  There was some discussion about the flexibility of zones and if they can be modified at some future time.  The conclusion was that it depends on the wording of the initial documents.  Many interesting experiences were cited.  There is not a clear answer as to whether it is easier to include all future options in the original documents versus amending the documents later. 

2.   Property Line discussion:  Rob attempted to learn of any experience by other communities including Carbondale.  He was not successful.  Lucille said there have been two instances in RFL of business bankruptcies largely caused by property line survey issues. 

  1. Water / Sewer:  Roger said Mike Ronayne apologized for now being able to spend time to help us.  He said he would send an e-mail suggesting an approach.  Roger will increase pressure on Mike to see if we can accelerate this effort.  Rob said he was not able to talk with Ed Schemm.  Lon spoke with the testing lab at CSU and there is interest there. Perhaps we can get a representative to attend one of our meetings to discuss approaches. 



Audience Comments:



Rob summarized the proposed agenda 4/5.  The meeting will be very full and it is critical that we have a quorum in attendance. 


RFLPAC meeting adjourned at 2:50 PM; Next regular meeting: April 5, 2012


Respectfully Submitted by Roger Svendsen