FEBRUARY 10, 2011, 1:30-3:30 PM




The meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM by Chair Roger Svendsen


Members in Attendance: Ted Carter, Terry Ferebee, Ben Myers, Ross Reid, Donald Rogers, Lucille Schmitt, Michael Sledge and Roger Svendsen


Members Excused Absences. All other members had excused absences.


Larimer County Representation: Rob Helmick, LARCO Planning


Guests Present: Terri Donnelly, Lon Hughes


Adoption of Agenda: The agenda was approved as written.


Approval of Minutes: January 13, 2011 meeting notes were approved.


Communications from Committee Members :


1.    Roger Svendsen briefly discussed the Front Range Round Table ( as a possible source to assist with forest health and fire risk mitigation.  The RFLPAC discussed this organization.


2.    Ted Carter advised that Barbra Bowman has resigned from the RFLPAC


Communications from County Representatives :


Rob Helmich advised the PAC the “Universe City” is conducting classes on “water rights” at the Courthouse during February and March 2011.  Rob also advised the RFLPAC that next month he will ask Samantha Mott to accompany him to the PAC meeting in order to give the PAC a “concept peak” of “rural occupations.”


Comments from the Audience :


Lon Hughes advised that he was at the meeting to learn.


Action Item: None




1.    Rob Helmick handed out copies of the Road Survey to RFLPAC members.  One copy of the survey was placed in the RFL Library.  The PAC discussed the survey.


2.    DSL:/High Speed Internet update.  Lucille Schmitt advised that the person (a design engineer with Qualcomm) that she had spoken to about this subject was called out-of-country and will be available to speak to the PAC upon his return.  The RFLPAC briefly discussed some options pertaining to high speed internet in RFL.  Rob Helmick advised that Verizon has submitted four applications for 4 new 4G towers. 


Discussion Items:


1.    Soaring Eagle Ecology Center at Red Feather Elementary School.  Ted Carter made a motion that the RFLPAC send a letter to the Larimer County Board of Commissioners to become a founding member of the Soaring Eagle Ecology Center.  The motion was seconded by Terry Ferebee.  After discussion by the RFLPAC membership, a roll call vote was taken:  Ted Carter – yes, Terry Ferebee – yes, Ben Myers – yes;  Ross Reid – yes; Donald Rogers – yes; Lucille Schmitt – yes; Michael Sledge – yes; Roger Svendsen - yes


“To:  Larimer County Commissioners


From: Red Feather Lakes Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)


Date:  February 10, 2011


The Red Feather Lakes Planning Advisory Committee, together with the County Planning Team, have developed an area plan that includes recognition that the Red Feather Elementary School is one of several lynchpins to the viability of the Red Feather Lakes area.


We appreciate the unanimous support the County Commissioners expressed to Poudre School District in 2009 for maintaining our rural school. We are pleased to inform you that the RFL Elementary School has been awarded the first Project Learning Tree certification in the state of Colorado. This designation is in recognition of the commitment of the school and community to environmental education.


In an effort to share the unique outdoor educational benefits the children of Red Feather Lakes Elementary School experience, the PAC has supported the development of an ecology center adjacent to the existing ten acre school campus, with access to Roosevelt National Forest.


The Soaring Eagle Ecology Center (SEEC) is open to all Larimer County students and is committed to providing outdoor educational classes that integrate reading, writing, math, and science with an understanding of our natural environment. Initial classes are scheduled to be offered in the summer of 2011 in cooperation with the local school. These initial classes will cover topics of interest for children from elementary through high school, and include adult and family programs as well.


We, the members of the Red Feather Lakes Planning Advisory Committee, ask for your support of the Soaring Eagle Ecology Center by becoming one of ten Founding Members. A Founding Member commits to donating $1,000 annually for five consecutive years.


We realize these are difficult financial times and there are many worthy demands placed on the County. It is our hope you will recognize the value of this project not only to the Red Feather Lakes area, but to all students of Larimer County and support SEEC from the funds the County receives from the Federal Secure Rural School and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000 (the initial Act was passed in 1903). It is our understanding that the monies received from this act are to be used “to maintain infrastructure, improve health of watersheds and ecosystems, protect (rural) communities, and strengthen (rural) local economies.”


We believe the development of the Soaring Eagle Ecology Center meets the objectives of these funds and The Community Vision communicated in the Red Feather Lakes Area Plan adopted by Larimer County in 2006.


Notwithstanding your contribution, your endorsement will enhance SEEC’s ability to receive grants needed to fully develop the Soaring Eagle Ecology Center over the next ten years.


SEEC has applied for 501 (c)(3) status and is a charitable, non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Colorado. For your convenience, a contribution/pledge card is enclosed.


Contributions can be made to Soaring Eagle Ecology Center and mailed to P.O. Box 410, Red Feather Lakes, Co. 80545.


Thank you for your consideration and continued support of the Red Feather Lakes Area Plan.




Red Feather Lakes Planning Advisory Committee”


2.    Group brainstorming on water and sewer – “community Pathway”  An outline of this discussion is annotated below:



·   Rights

·   Safety – contamination/health           

·   Security – recreation to domestic


RFL: Water rights in the Lakes – storage and Irrigation is separate from PAC


“Problem”: is the loss of water rights

·   “The Covenant”




The Problem

·  Is there a current water / waste water problem?

·   Lakes

·   Safety / Security / contamination

·   Documented - impact on public wells.

·   Development water and sewer needed

·   Core and “expansion”

·   Impact on property values

·   Impact on viability of RFL


Possible cooperation with Fox Acres

·   Economies of scale


Proceed without Storage and Irrigation as a partner?


Well water permitting problems?



RFLPAC meeting adjourned at 3:35 PM; Next regular meeting: March 10, 2011


Submitted by Terry Ferebee