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G.        ITEM:




1.         THORNTON WATER PROJECT 1041, FILE #18-ZONE2305


Staff Contact:  Rob Helmick

            Request:  1041 Permit, Larimer County Land Use Code Section 14.4.J, approval for 26 miles of 48 inch water line, pumping facility, one million gallon above ground water tank and other appurtenant facilities. 

                                          Location:  From north of Fort Collins west of Hwy 1 and Douglas Road east to the Weld County line then south to the south county line at Johnstown. 

                                          Applicant:  City of Thornton, 12450 Washington St., Thornton, CO 80241


Development Services Team Recommendation:  The Development Services Team recommends that the Larimer County Planning Commission recommend to the Board of County Commissioners Approval of the Thornton Water Project File # 18-ZONE2305 subject to the following conditions:


1.   The activity authorized by this permit shall be consistent with the approved plan and with the information contained in the Thornton Water Project File # 18-ZONE2305, except as modified by the conditions of approval or agreement of the County and applicant.  The applicant shall be subject to all other verbal or written representations and commitments of record for the Thornton Water Project File # 18-ZONE2305.

2.   The approval of this pipeline designates a corridor along the alignment and deviations to accommodate field issues will not affect the approval.  Significant alterations to the route shall be evaluated by the county prior to commencing activity, and may be subject to further review.

3.   The pipeline alignment shown in the 1041 application is considered conceptual in nature and demonstrates that the proposed line can be located within the existing Douglas Road right-of-way west of County Road 11.  Thornton shall prepare final design plans and specifications for review and approval by the Larimer County Engineering Department.  Should it be discovered that the final design, in the County Engineer’s opinion, deviates significantly from the conceptual alignment to change the nature or impacts of the pipeline within the permit limits, the County reserves the right to require that the design and alignment be modified to address infrastructure and property impacts as deemed necessary by the County Engineering Department.

4.   Thornton shall stabilize and asphalt patch all pavement areas disturbed or damaged during pipeline installation in accordance with the Larimer County Urban Area Street Standards for work areas within the Growth Management Area (GMA) or Larimer County Rural Area Road Standards for work areas outside the GMA as directed by the County.  Additionally, a geotechnical subsurface investigation shall be submitted to Larimer County during the design process to determine required trench backfill and compaction specifications, subgrade mitigation, and pavement design for areas disturbed by the pipeline installation.

5.   Due to the large extent of pavement removal required for the proposed pipeline, Thornton shall be responsible for a leveling course and a 2-inch thick asphalt overlay extending to the full limits (width) of the existing pavement along the length of the CR 54 (Douglas Road) pipeline route.  This condition is in addition to the pavement patching requirements outlined in the preceding engineering condition above.  

6.   Thornton shall be responsible for arranging for and paying all costs of utility relocations and irrigation company requirements necessary to accommodate the water pipeline in the road right-of-way. 

7.   Thornton shall be responsible for all costs associated with the replacement of existing storm drainage infrastructure, culverts, roadway signage, pavement striping/symbols, landscaping and property fencing necessary to accommodate the water pipeline in the road right-of-way. 

8.   Thornton shall obtain and conduct construction activities in compliance with all required county, state, and federal permits (including but not limited to: right-of-way construction permit, Stormwater permit, floodplain permit, groundwater discharge permit, etc.).

9.   Thornton will maintain access to all properties at all times except for infrequent, temporary closures for maximum periods of up to 4 hours.  Property access closures will only be allowed with 48 hours advance notice to all affected property owners.

10.   Prior to commencing construction, Thornton shall submit a plan to the County Engineering Department for review and approval establishing construction requirements to provide safe and acceptable access for emergency responders, mail and package delivery, garbage pickup, and school bus stops for the duration of the project.

11.   Thornton shall reimburse Larimer County for costs associated with County-provided construction observation/inspection staff and/or independent, supplemental geotechnical or materials testing deemed appropriate by the County Engineer for purposes of quality assurance/control.

12.   Thornton shall construct the pipeline in phases, subject to phasing plans to be approved by Larimer County.  It is anticipated that work will only be allowed sequentially within one-mile segments for the alignment west of County Road 11.  Maximum open trench lengths will be defined in consultation with Thornton and are subject to approval by Larimer County.

13.   Thornton shall provide to Larimer County a pre-project video capturing existing conditions of the proposed water line installation corridor in and near the existing road right-of-way.

14.   Thornton shall establish and maintain a website with daily updates on the project describing the status of the project and the traffic impacts for that day, and the upcoming week.

15.   Thornton shall provide a public information person with a phone number and email address that the public can contact to ask questions, express concerns or for project updates.

16.   Acceptable work days and hours for the project are subject to approval by the County Engineering Department.

17.   At any locations where Thornton locates the pipeline outside of the existing County road right-of-way, it shall do so in a manner to either:  a) be located outside of the ultimate right-of-way width corresponding to the functional classification of the roadway or b) obtain and convey to Larimer County a road right-of-way easement for any additional pipeline easement widths falling within the ultimate roadway right-of-way. 

18.   Thornton shall develop and provide Larimer County with accurate as-built horizontal and vertical survey data (state plane coordinates and elevations in NAVD 88) and GIS shapefiles describing the location of the pipeline and all appurtenant structures.

19.   If a relocation of the Thornton pipeline should in the future be desirable to accommodate some other or enlarged use of the County road right-of-way by any party or entity other than the County, and provided that Thornton agrees to such relocation, then all expenses of such relocation shall be paid for entirely by the party or entity desiring such relocation; provided, however, that if the relocation is to be made at the request of the County to accommodate changes in or improvements of public roadways or associated infrastructure, and not for purposes of accommodating any third party, then Thornton shall provide for pipeline relocations on a reasonable schedule established by the County Engineering Department.

20.   Materials test reports, as per Larimer County standards, must be submitted to and approved by Larimer County for work within the county road right-of-way.

21.   Offsite easements will be required for work areas outside of the county road right-of-way and shall be recorded and submitted to Larimer County prior to the issuance of a right-of-way permit.

22.   Thornton shall develop a comprehensive document describing best management practices (BMPs) to be employed for utility planning and construction that potentially affects developed, rural, wetland and riparian land areas or may involve stream crossings.  Such documentation shall include but not be limited to preconstruction and construction BMPs relating to surface water, erosion and sediment control and prevention; groundwater considerations and protection; topsoil conservation and restoration and vegetation/revegetation considerations.  The document shall also cover post-construction BMPs and monitoring requirements relating to these same topics.

23.   Thornton acknowledges that Larimer County’s Transportation Master Plan identifies certain roadway improvements along a portion of the proposed pipeline alignment west of County Road 11.  At the time of this 1041 application review, Larimer County has not determined if roadway improvements will be implemented along Douglas Road within the next five years.  If the County proceeds with roadway improvements along Douglas Road, Thornton shall coordinate construction contracting and administration with Larimer County as directed by the County Engineer, and said coordination shall not unreasonably delay the start date for the Thornton pipeline construction.

24.   All construction activities shall only occur upon approval of the required permit, including Site Plan Review, building permits, development construction permits and access permits. 

25.   The pump station shall be designed to be consistent with the character of the neighborhood. 

26.   The water tank shall be located to the western slope of the hill on which it is proposed to be located and shall be design to avoid any sky lighting and minimize visual impacts to adjoining properties. 

27.   The City shall obtain all required and necessary crossing permit, licenses and permissions for all ditch, roadway and other infrastructure crossings prior to commencing any construction. 

28.   In the event, at the time of final design and easement acquisition the City determines to locate the pipeline within county ROW outside of the Douglas Road corridor they shall be held to the conditions as noted in these recommendations. 

29.   All construction activities shall be coordinated with and respect all seasonal avoidance requirements established by the CDPW and USFWS.




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NEXT MEETINGS:   Wednesday, June 13, 2018:  BCC/Planning Commission worksession

                                    Wednesday, June 20, 2018:  Planning Commission hearing