†Minutes of November 14, 2018


The Larimer County Planning Commission met in a regular session on Wednesday, November 14, 2018, at 6:30 p.m. in the Hearing Room.† Commissionersí Choate, Gerrard, Johnson, Lucas, Miller and Wallace were present. Commissioner Jensen presided as Chairman.† County Staff present were Todd Blomstrom, Community Planning, Infrastructure and Resources Director, Lesli Ellis, Community Development Director, Carol Kuhn, Principal Planner, Rob Helmick, Senior Planner, Clint Jones, Engineering Department, Lea Schneider, Health Department, Ken Cooper, Facilities Director, Jen Johnson, Facilities Planning Manager, Todd Juergens, Road & Bridge Director, Justin Hersh, Assistant Director Road & Bridge, and Debby Johnson, Recording Secretary.†


The Planning Commission went on a site visit to the Livermore Satellite Maintenance Facility.








MOTION by Commissioner Wallace to approve the minutes, seconded by Commissioner Miller.† This received unanimous voice approval.


AMENDMENTS TO THE AGENDA:† Rob Helmick asked that Item #1 on the Consent agenda, File #18-ZONE2436, Livermore Satellite Maintenance Facility Location & Extent, be removed and placed as a full hearing item.†






ITEM #1 - LIVERMORE SATELLITE MAINTENANCE FACILITY LOCATION AND EXTENT - #18-ZONE2436: † Rob Helmick provided background information for the Planning Commissionís recommendation to relocate and build new facilities for the Road and Bridge Departmentís Livermore site.† The current site, located at the Forks is a 1.4 acre site originally developed in 1952.† The site is no longer capable of supporting the equipment and operations as the site is too small and the buildings cannot accommodate the equipment and are functionally obsolete.† This application is to relocate this facility to a site the county acquired in 1987 for an anticipated Road and Bridge facility.† This new site is 35.5 acres and has the access and adequate space for all the operations and equipment.† There are 4 buildings proposed for the site, including equipment shop, storage, salt storage, and a wash bay.† The surrounding area is characterized by agricultural uses, ranching, and grazing. There are three homes nearby one to the northwest is immediately adjacent to the site.† Although this site was purchased by the County for this purpose over 30 years ago, the county did evaluate another alternate site, approximately 6 miles west on CR 74E, but found that the original site was the best option.


Jennifer Johnson, Facilities Planning Manager, provided a more detailed presentation.




Virginia Johnson stated her concerns with the negative impact this facility will have on the community.


Tom Quan stated his concerns for the changing of the serene community and the increase in traffic.


Kay Quan stated her concern for the change in the community and is in support of the alternative site.


Sherry Ginn stated her concern for the safety on County Road 74E and the look of the commercial building.† She stated support for the alternative site.


Sean and Alise Christian stated that they are in support of the alternative site and would like the County to give this a little more consideration.


Bernadette Greenwood stated her concern for the additional storm water contamination to the river and the run off into her hand dug well.† She is in support of the alternative site.


Rachael Nelson stated her concern for the change in the community and is in support of the alternative site.


Christine Smith stated her concerns with the increased cost to taxpayers if the alternative site is purchased.


Zac Those stated his concerns with the snow plow route overlapping, increased traffic, cost and is in favor of the alternative site.


Al Johnson stated that he is the neighbor that offered up the alternative site and stated that he is in agreement with the neighbors.


Commissioner Choate confirmed with Mr. Johnson that he is willing to swap the alternative site for the existing site for no financial compensation and asked what would he do with the existing site.


Mr. Johnson stated that he would agree not to develop it for at least 20 years and that it would be strictly used for grazing.


Scott Dent stated his concerns about the danger of the curb and the cost of developing the hillside.† Mr. Dent stated that he is in favor of the alternative site.


Chairman Jensen closed public comment.




Jennifer Johnson, Facilities Planning Manager, stated that the alternative site was reviewed, but the site currently owned by the County is the best fit.


Todd Juergens, Road and Bridge Director, addressed the neighbor comments and concerns.


Commissioner Gerrard asked about the concerns with the curb and what the plans are.


Mr. Juergens replied that the three lanes would remain where they are. The deceleration and acceleration lanes would extend both east and west from the center of that curb point.†


Commissioner Gerrard asked the speed limit on 74E.


Mr. Juergens stated 55mph.


Commissioner Gerrard asked if you would be able to make the deceleration and acceleration lanes long enough as to not impede traffic coming around the curb.


Mr. Juergens replied yes


Commissioner Gerrard asked about traffic coming west and if that would impede traffic.


Mr. Juergens replied that it would be sufficient and will open up the site distance.


Commissioner Choate asked Mr. Juergens how far will you be cutting into the hillside and will you be putting both the deceleration and acceleration lanes into that hillside.


Mr. Juergens explained that the deceleration and acceleration lanes are one lane and will be for west bound traffic and the hillside will be cut into 15 Ė 20 feet for a lane, roadside drainage and sloped up.


Commissioner Miller asked if the east bound cars have plenty of time to decelerate.


Mr. Juergens replied yes


Commissioner Miller asked about a spill that happened on the existing site and if you are making precautions to avoid this in the future.


Mr. Juergens stated that it was a fuel spill underground.† He wasnít in charge back then but now the tanks are above ground and we have to comply with new regulations.


Commissioner Miller asked what will happen if there is a spill.


Mr. Juergens stated the containment is within the tank itself to prevent any leakage.


Mr. Helmick reminded everyone that this is a Location & Extent review and we are varying to development standards and this should not be part of the conversation.


Commissioner Miller asked why the alternative site isnít being looked at more thoroughly.


Mr. Juergens replied that a significant amount of effort has been given to consider the alternate site and the civil design consultant has done a cost estimate and it would be $170,000 more.


Commissioner Johnson asked Mr. Juergens what kind of truck traffic and passenger traffic is anticipated at the site on a every day basis.


Mr. Juergens replied that there will be 4 employees working there in the summer and in the winter we will have 7 employees working there. If itís snowing they will be in and out of the facility as needed to stock up on supplies.


Commissioner Johnson asked if itís not a snow event what kind of truck traffic will be leaving the site.


Mr. Juergens replied that in the summer time we will have a crew pick up and a water truck at the end of the day.


Commissioner Johnson asked Mr. Helmick if all these issued would be answered at the site plan phase.


Mr. Helmick replied yes.


Commissioner Miller asked Mr. Helmick why the current site is not feasible to expand.


Mr. Helmick replied that they have outgrown the site.† They are out of room.


Chairman Jensen asked Lea Schneider about some concerns regarding ground water and how can we protect run off.


Ms. Schneider replied that the wastewater will depend on the design of the facility and will have specific containment regulations.


Clint Jones replied that the detention pond would handle other issues.


Commissioner Wallace asked Mr. Helmick why they didnít receive the code in their packets and how this project complies with the Master Plan.


Mr. Helmick replied that this is a Location & Extent and it is only Master Plan policies and it is in the analysis.




Commissioner Lucas stated that there is a need and is in favor of the Location & Extent.


Commissioner Miller stated that he is in favor.


Commissioner Wallace stated that we should consider the quality of the agricultural community and she is opposed of this Location & Extent.


Commissioner Gerrard stated the need and is in favor of the Location & Extent.


Commissioner Johnson stated her appreciation of the public outreach and that she is in favor of the Location & Extent.


Commissioner Choate stated he is in favor of the Location & Extent.


Chairman Jensen stated that this is a Location & Extent and would like a motion.


Commissioner Johnson moved that the Planning Commission adopt the following Resolution:


BE IT RESOLVED that the Planning Commission recommends approval of the Livermore Satellite Maintenance Facility Location and Extent, File #18-ZONE2436, subject to the following condition:


∑  Site Plan Review and approval is required prior to building permit application


Commissioner Miller seconded the Motion.


Commissioners Choate, Gerrard, Johnson, Lucas, Miller, and Chairman Jensen voted in favor of the Motion.† Commissioner Wallace opposed.




REPORT FROM STAFF: Carol Kuhn reminded the Planning Commission that there is a Work Session on November 28, 2018.

ADJOURNMENT: †There being no further business, the hearing adjourned at 8:34 p.m.

These minutes constitute the Resolution of the Larimer County Planning Commission for the recommendations contained herein which are hereby certified to the Larimer County Board of Commissioners.



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Jeff Jensen, Chairman†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Nancy Wallace, Secretary