Larimer County Office on Aging

Advisory Council Meeting

November 14, 2013


Held at 2573 Midpoint Drive, Ste. 108

Fort Collins, Colorado  80525


Members Present:

Nancy Arthur

Elaine Boni

David Born


Sharon Courtney

Helen Davis

Phil Elliott


Bonnie Glass

Howard Hay

Richard Hedlund


Judy Jones

Audrey Ketchum

Betty McBride


Ellen Pihlstrom

Rhonda Racicot

Briauna Souders


Earl Stevens

Sharon Zamora






Members Absent :

Jay Adams

Ken Lamport

Diane Morgas


Mary Shultz

Katie Stieber






Staff Present:

Tina Corrigan-Hugo

Katy Mason

Lynette McGowan


Lynda Meyer

Ed Rutherford

Carol Seest


Wendy Schleppy






Guests Present:

Myles Crane








Ellen Pihlstrom called the meeting to order at 1:36 p.m.


Earl Stevens stated that the agenda’s date should be changed from October 9 to October 10.  Minutes stand as presented.


Ellen Pihlstrom reported that the Committee discussed the Holiday Lunch at Jay’s Bistro.  The Committee planned future Council meetings. 


Lynda Meyer reported that Amber Franzel is our new lead ombudsman and she will start on Monday, November 18.  Amber will replace Tina Barker.  Ed Rutherford and Lynda finished interviewing for the accountant position.  The position should be filled by the beginning of December. 


Lynda encouraged members to attend the Rethinking Transportation forum sponsored by Columbine Health Systems, CSU Center for Public Deliberation, Mobility Council, the Office on Aging and Senior Transportation Coalition.   


Lynda updated the Council on the Older Americans Act.  The Act has moved out of committee and onto the senate floor.  There were no amendments attached, but there are issues with the funding formula, which could delay the passage of the bill.  Lynda stated that she is looking closely at sequestration.  There is another round of cuts being proposed, possibly up to 10% in Part B funds. 


Staff Reports:

Katy Mason reported on the Livable Communities Collaborative grant.  The agency leading the grant is the Foundation on Aging, in collaboration with the Office on Aging and the Human Relations Commission.  The grant is coming through National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (N4A).  Larimer County is one of six communities in the United States that received the grant.  The grant does not offer financial assistance, only technical assistance in making sure that the community has all the steps in place to become a certified “Age-Friendly Community”.  One of the first steps the grant will help us with is setting up a meeting of 30 community leaders in February.   


Katy Mason announced that the Age of Champions movie that was shown at Bridging the Gap is available if members would like to watch it.  Katy stated that site visits are over and thanked members for their time and effort. 


Lynette McGowan announced that November is the National Family Caregiver month.  “Toast to Caregivers” took place at MacKenzie Place.  Steve Johnson read the National Family Caregiver month proclamation from the White House.  There were 50 caregivers in attendance.    


Carol Seest presented information on what she does for the Office on Aging.  Carol’s job is to help people that cannot complete Medicaid or Medicare Savings Program (MSP) applications by themselves.  Carol shared a few client stories. 


Elaine Boni gave a brief biography.


Community Education & Information Committee

Judy Jones reported that the Committee set its goals and timelines.  The Committee is in process of planning a Veterans Forum in Loveland on January 15, 2014.  Members are also distributing the Answers on Aging Resource Guides to churches.


Grantee Management & Evaluation Committee

David Born reported that the Committee looked over a quarterly report on provider activities.  David thanked members for participating in site visits. 


Public Policy & Advocacy Committee 

Helen Davis reported that the Committee discussed transportation issues and is hoping to meet with Commissioner Johnson soon.  Randy Fischer will attend the Committee meeting tomorrow.  Helen warned Council members about several Medicare scams that are happening because of the Affordable Care Act. 



Bridging the Gap Planning Committee

Judy Jones reported that the Committee has wrapped up the final session of meetings.  This year’s program was very successful and the budget stayed in the black. 


Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board Report (SAB)

No report given. 


Loveland Senior Advisory Board (SAB)

Earl Stevens reported that the SAB discussed the Livable Communities Collaborative, 2014 goals, and the Re-Thinking Transportation event scheduled for December 4.  Earl also stated that this will be his last report as the liaison to the Loveland Senior Advisory Board; he will not be continuing on the SAB.


Human Relations Commission (HRC)

Myles Crane reported that the HRC is engaged in working with the Foundation on Aging on the Livable Communities Collaborative grant.    


OFFICE ON AGING PARTNER PRESENTATION:    “Hope, Help and Support for Alzheimer’s Caregivers”, Cheryl Parrish, Vice President of Programs, Alzheimer’s Association


Cheryl Parrish gave a presentation support for caregivers for people suffering with Alzheimer’s disease.  To get more information about caregivers and Alzheimer’s go to   



Katy Mason announced information about the Passions Project.  It is a fundraiser for the Foundation on Aging.  The fundraiser involves a photography exhibit depicting older people doing things they are passionate about.  We are currently looking for appropriate subjects to be photographed.  Let Katy know if you know someone.  The fundraiser reception will be on February 8.   



Ellen adjourned the meeting at 3:33 p.m.