Advisory Council Meeting

July 12, 2012


Held at 2573 Midpoint Drive, Ste. 108

Fort Collins, Colorado  80525


Members Present:

Jay Adams

Nancy Arthur

David Born


Melissa Buckskin

Helen Davis

Judy Jones


Audrey Ketchum

Ellen Lawson

Ellen Pihlstrom


Mary Shultz

Katie Stieber

Dave Thompson


Stan Ulrich

Sharon Zamora






Members Absent :

Nila Croll

Howard Hay

Richard Hedlund


Randy Mergler

Earl Stevens

Debbie Tellez





Staff Present:

Tina Barker

Moncia Becker

Tina Corrigan-Hugo


Ruth Long

Katy Mason

Lynette McGowan


Linda Rumney

Mercedes Windsheimer





Guests Present:

Myles Crane

Cherrie Thornton



Judy Jones called the meeting to order at 1:33 p.m.


Minutes stand as presented.

Introductions of existing and new members


Ruth asked the staff members to give brief introductions of their roles in the Office on Aging.


Ruth announced that we now have a half-time position within the ARCH program to do application assistance.  Previously, we contracted with Elderhaus to provide this service.  Ruth filled the position last week.  The person started on Thursday and resigned that afternoon because she had received a full-time job offer from in another area.  Ruth will be interviewing some other applicants later this month.


Ruth reported on the proposed move of the State Unit on Aging (SUA) to Health Care Policy and Finance (HCPF).  As reported last month, the legislation had not been introduced to make the move.  As a result, Governor Hickenlooper signed an Executive Order to create a new department that will be called the Department of Community Living under HCPF and will include the State Unit on Aging, Developmentally Disabled programs and Long-Term Care services.  An advisory council has been created to help facilitate the transfer, but no timeline has been established.  Governor Hickenlooper’s action now coincides more closely with the federal organization. 


Ruth updated the Council on the “Silver Tsunami: Growing Older in Fort Collins” community conversations.  The participants expressed concerns about transportation, housing and health care.  The organizers are creating work groups with interested participants.  The first work group will be about transportation.  If anyone is interested in working on that project, please contact Ruth.     


David Born gave a brief biography.


Chairs of the Community Outreach & Information Committee, Grantee Management & Evaluation Committee and the Public Policy & Advocacy Committee gave a brief description of what their committees do.



Bridging The Gap

Judy Jones gave an update on the Bridging the Gap event set for September 19 at the Embassy Suites.  The invitations for the event will be mailed out the first part of August.  The committee is in the process of trying to get the registration computerized. 


Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board Report (SAB)

Cherrie Thornton announced that the SAB heard a presentation on the Mason Corridor project.  The SAB also discussed the final results of the Silver Tsunami Community Conversations.


Loveland Senior Advisory Board (SAB)

Judy Jones announced that the SAB is putting together work groups.


Foundation on Aging (FOA)

Mary Shultz reported that the FOA is continuing its work with Art Bavoso on the Foundation’s mission statement and core values. 


Human Relations Commission (HRC)

Myles Crane reported on the “Make it Stop:  Elder Abuse Forum” at the Fort Collins Senior Center on October 22 at 4:30 p.m.  The forum will consist of a moderated panel with questions and answers, a community resource information area, a light dinner and a roundtable discussion facilitated by CSU’s Center for Public Deliberation (CPD). 



After Ruth read the a letter of resignation from Bob Tholl, Judy adjourned the meeting at 3:33 p.m.