Advisory Council Meeting

June 14, 2012


Held at 2573 Midpoint Drive, Ste. 108

Fort Collins, Colorado  80525


Members Present:

Jay Adams

Nancy Arthur

David Born


Peggy Bowers

Melissa Buckskin

Helen Davis


Carolyn Funk

Marcy Greenslit

Judy Jones


Randy Mergler

Ellen Pihlstrom

Bill Prather


Mary Shultz

Earl Stevens

Debbie Tellez


Stan Ulrich

Sharon Zamora






Members Absent :

Nila Croll

Howard Hay

Ellen Lawson





Staff Present:

Monica Becker

Tina Corrigan-Hugo

Ruth Long


Katy Mason

Lynette McGowan

Ed Rutherford





Guests Present:

Myles Crane

Brian DelGrosso

John Kefalas






Judy Jones called the meeting to order at 1:33 p.m.


Minutes stand as presented.

OFFICE ON AGING PARTNER PRESENTATION:  Representatives, Brian DelGrosso and John Kefalas

Rep. Kefalas gave a run-down of 18 bills that affected seniors during the last legislative session.  The legislative session lasted 120 days as established in the constitution.  This year, the governor called a special session that lasted an additional three days.  The Old Age Pension bill that Rep. Kefalas sponsored will add any funds left over from the Homestead Exemption to the Older Coloradoans Fund.


Judy Jones reported that Katy sent out an email announcing changes of the times of the committee meetings.  She also reported that the bylaws were reviewed by the commissioners.  The Film Festival has been postponed.  Judy announced that an emergency meeting was held to accept Bob Tholl’s resignation.  Judy then presented several certificates of appreciation to those members not returning to the Council next year. 


Marcy Greenslit conducted the election of officers for the next year.  Marcy announced the nomination of Judy Jones for chair and asked for other nominations.  No other nominations were offered.  Marcy announced the nomination of Ellen Pihlstrom as vice-chair.  No other nominations were offered.  Earl Stevens moved for a vote of acclamation.  Debbie Tellez seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously. 


Ruth Long distributed a copy of the bylaws.  After the Council voted to accept the changes in the bylaws at the May meeting, Bob Tholl and Ruth presented them to the county commissioners.  The commissioners had suggested changes to page 2.  They do want to keep term limits, but they can be waved at the discretion of the commissioners.  Peggy Bowers suggested adding the word consecutive.  Another change was on page 4.  The commissioners suggested that we use the verbiage “where official county public notices are posted”.  Earl Stevens moved to accept the bylaws as amended.  David Born seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  Ruth added that the next step is to get the bylaws on the Commissioners Consent Agenda so they can be signed. 


Ruth announced that the Office on Aging will be providing application assistance services starting July 1.  The contract with Elderhaus will end June 30, 2012.  Internal interviews for this new position will be finished on Friday and second interviews will be scheduled in two weeks.  Ruth hopes to have someone on board by July 1. 


Ruth stated five applicants will be interviewed on June 30 to replace the five members leaving the Council.  She hopes that they will attend next month.


Staff Reports:

Monica Becker reported that she is preparing for Tina Barker’s maternity leave in August.  They have many great volunteers that will to help cover Tina’s absence.


Lynette McGowan reported that Powerful Tools for Caregivers classes are scheduled for the summer and fall.  These classes have been proven to have a positive impact on family caregivers.  An article on the Sandwich Generation appeared in a May issue of the Coloradoan


Katy Mason distributed the new committee sign-up sheet.  All members that are staying on the Council will need to sign up for at least one of the three committees.  These meetings are held across the parking lot at 2601 Midpoint.  Katy announced that the office is starting to revise the Answers on Aging Resource Guide.  We will be changing the format by adding street addresses.  We will also be organizing the book by category.  There has been some feedback that it is difficult to find things.  The index in the back will be retained. 


Katy noted that people who qualify for the Homestead Exemption need to know that they have to apply by July 16.  To be eligible, a person must be 65 years of age or older and have lived in his/her home for 10 years or more. 


Ruth Long stated that she has been contacted by United Way 211 to help with the Disaster Recovery Center for the High Park fire.  There is not much information yet.  The center is supposed to open tomorrow on the CSU campus. 




Bridging the Gap Networking Event

Judy Jones reported that there have been some issues on paying for the location. 


Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board Report (SAB)

Myles Crane reported on behalf of Cherrie Thornton.  Fort Collins City Council has offered the opportunity for residents to provide feedback on the city’s budget.  Community members may vote online at to support or voice opposition to specific items. 


Loveland Senior Advisory Board (SAB)

Judy Jones reported that the SAB has a new set of goals.  They have also developed three committees to carry them out. 


Foundation on Aging (FOA)

Mary Shultz reported that the FOA conducted a Board retreat.  Art Bavoso was the facilitator.


Human Relations Commission (HRC)

Myles Crane reported that planning is moving forward on the Elder Abuse Fall Program.  Topics may include financial exploitation; caregiver neglect; physical, sexual and self abuse; special needs issues pertaining to elder disabled; awareness and prevention educational programs; helpful community resources; and various courses of intervention. 


Community Outreach & Education Committee

Carolyn Funk reported that the Committee discussed goals that they completed this year. 


Grantee & Partnership Development Committee

Ellen Pihlstrom reported that the Committee discussed unallocated funds and will continue discussion at the next meeting.  The Committee is in the process of creating a timeline for a new legal provider.


Public Policy & Advocacy Committee 

Helen Davis reported that she has not heard any news of the reauthorization of the Older Americans Act.  Ruth added that she will attend a C4A meeting on Monday and that the topic is on the agenda.  Helen stated The Lift is a new transportation service for rural areas.  They have applied for a 501(c)(3) status.  They hope to have the operation up and running by the end of the year.  Helen announced that she met with the Office of Civil Rights about housing issues. 



Debbie Tellez announced that the High Park fire Disaster Recovery Center will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. everyday. 


Ruth announced that we will start our new times for the committees on July 6.


Stan announced that he has tickets for the July 3 All-American Picnic at the Fort Collins Senior Center.  Ticket prices are $15.



Judy adjourned the meeting at 3:15 p.m.