Advisory Council Meeting

April 14, 2011


Held at 2573 Midpoint Drive, Ste. 108

Fort Collins, Colorado  80525


Members Present:

Jay Adams

Nancy Arthur

David Born


Peggy Bowers

Melissa Buckskin

Helen Davis


Carolyn Funk

Marcy Greenslit

Judy Jones


Randy Mergler

Ellen Pihlstrom

Bill Prather


Mary Shultz

Earl Stevens

Debbie Tellez


Bob Tholl

Stan Ulrich

Sharon Zamora





Members Absent :

Howard Hay







Staff Present:

Tina Corrigan-Hugo

Steve Johnson

Ruth Long


Katy Mason

Lynette McGowan

Linda Rumney


Ed Rutherford

Laura Sutherlin

Laura Walker





Guests Present:

Elaine Boni

Cherrie Thornton



Marcy Greenslit called the meeting to order at 1:39 p.m.


Minutes stand as presented. 


Marcy Greenslit announced that Kristina Seth has resigned from the Council.  The commissioners have started to advertise available positions on the Council.  Marcy reported that the Executive Committee discussed the nutrition program site visit reports and they are concerned with the cost of meals and the decline in participation in the congregate meal program.  Nancy Arthur stated that she is disappointed with the decision to decrease the days at Oakbrook II from five days to three days.  The attendance has been increasing.  Jay Adams stated that he is interested in serving on a nutrition sub-committee. 


Ruth Long announced that a bound copy of the approved Four Year Plan is available for every member.  Members should keep it in their binder as a reference during Council meetings.  Ruth reported that she is working on the Request for Proposals (RFPs) process now.  The Office on Aging is requesting proposals for the same funding amounts that were received last year since we don’t know what the funding levels will be for the coming year. 


Ruth distributed a copy of a proposal for committee reorganization.  In reviewing the work of each of the Council’s committees, Ruth felt that there is something missing.  She would like more assistance in working with our providers, funding decisions and evaluation of service providers.  Ruth discussed the proposed reorganization to the Planning, Funding & Partnership Development committee and they were very supportive of the proposal.  Ruth asked the Council to read over the proposal and let the Executive Committee know of any concerns.  A vote on the reorganization will be announced next month and implemented in July.    


Ruth announced that Laura Sutherlin has resigned her position as ARCH Program Specialist.  Her last day will be June 3, 2011. 


Staff Reports

Laura Sutherlin stated that she has no plans other than riding her bike 1,600 miles from Eastern Iowa to Maine.  Laura reported that Be Well Colorado has a series of classes coming up on chronic disease management.  She distributed brochures.  Laura announced that the Office on Aging is in need of new photos for the Answers on Aging Resource Guide.  Tina Hugo will send out an email requesting models.  A two-hour commitment will be required for Norm Rehme to take the professional photos. 


Lynette McGowan announced that the 5th annual Caregiver Pampering Day at Pathways Hospice is on April 16.  The 70 people that she has signed up is the maximum amount of people that can be served.  The participants will receive two pampering activities and attend one class on taking care of themselves while caregiving.  It is an amazing day for them to feel empowered and to receive a break.  Lynette stated that a follow-up letter has been sent to the attendees of the faith-based symposium that was held in March.  Lynette is also finishing a proposal for a $50,000 Colorado Collaboration Award on behalf of the Larimer County Caregiver Coalition (LCCC). 


Katy Mason stated that she will need input about the changes in the committee structures soon as she is working on it now.  If you have ideas on how your committee can work better let Katy know.  Katy updated the Council on the Senior Tax Program.  We ended up with 155 applications.  We placed 113 people in jobs and turned away 39 people.  This will provide 5,046 hours of work for county departments.   


Linda Rumney reported that the Ombudsman program presented an award to John Reid for ten years of service as an Ombudsman volunteer.  Previously he had served as an Ombudsman in South Dakota for 14 years.  Linda stated that Marcy Greenslit, Debbie Tellez and Helen Davis on this Council are also serving as Ombudsman volunteers.  Linda and Tina are currently training a sixth volunteer.    


Randy Mergler gave a brief biography.


Diane Stobnicke from Volunteers of America opened her presentation by stating that the Office on Aging funds three of their programs: congregate meals (C1), home delivered meals (C2) and their Caring Companions program. 


The C1 funding provides meals at 12 dining sites throughout Larimer County.  Seven sites are in Fort Collins, three in Loveland, one in Wellington and one in Bellvue.  Reservations are required in advance and should be canceled by 2:00 p.m. the day before.  No-shows are about 5 percent at the present time.  VOA provides approximately 27,000 meals a year to about 880 people.  There are a lot of regulations for this program.  One requirement is that the meal should meet 1/3 of the daily recommended dietary allowance.  Diane runs every menu through a computer program called the Food Processor which will tell her if it meets the RDA’s recommendations.  VOA is not allowed to let the participants take the leftovers home because of state rules about sanitation.  Waste is a big problem, but VOA is tied to the regulations.  The meals are prepared by Encore Catering which is located in the Anheuser-Busch plant.  All costs of preparing and delivering the meals are increasing.  Participants are asked for a donation of $2.50 or more a meal.  The guest fee for those under 60 is $8.50.  At the beginning of the fiscal year, attendance was low and VOA added five more days at different sites.  Attendance has increased rapidly and now Diane might have to decrease a number of days again.  VOA is currently running $3,000 over budget.  She is working hard to keep the cost of a meal as low as possible, which is currently $12.50 a meal. 


The C2 program serves the 60 plus age group that is either isolated by area or disability.  They are provided a package of frozen meals.  The average donation received for a C2 meal is fifty cents.  Diane stated that VOA has served 15,400 meals to 122 individuals this year.  Diane stated that the program has increased 21 percent since 2009 and is seeing more couples in the program.  The meals are purchased from a company located in Florida and the average cost is $2.65 a meal. 


The Caring Companions program is a volunteer-based program that provides respite for family caregivers.  The volunteer spends a couple of hours a week in the home visiting with the care recipient to give the caregiver a break.  They do not provide any medical assistance.  Donations are encouraged.  VOA provides dementia training to volunteers as most of the clients have some sort of dementia.  Currently there are 140 caregivers and recipients that are being served this year.  Nancy Arthur stated that she has a resident that participates in this program and just loves it. 




Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board Report

Cherrie Thornton announced that the SAB had a presentation from the VOA Caring Companions program.  The SAB also discussed bicycle safety awareness and education.  Downloadable information is located at  Transportation issues continue with Medical Center of the Rockies and PVH.  The Bridging the Gap Networking Event will be on September 14 at the Marriott in Fort Collins.  The Senior Center Expansion Committee is putting together the final touches on a grant-writing project.  Finally, the SAB will be among the exhibitors at the Fitness, Wellness & Retirement Expo at the Senior Center on Wednesday, April 20 from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.


Loveland Senior Advisory Board

Earl Stevens reported that the SAB received the ACE (Aeronautical Clean Energy) grant.  They are currently planning their fourth bi-annual conference on October 15 at the Loveland Chilson Center.  The tentative program will be on survival skills for seniors.  They have decided to charge a modest fee of $3.00 to encourage attendance.  A continental breakfast will be provided. 


Foundation on Aging (FOA)

Mary Shultz reported that the FOA has revised their budget to add more money for the emergency fund program. 


Larimer County Commissioner

Steve Johnson reported that the commissioners are working on a project with other municipalities to look at the possibility of providing transit services cooperatively.  The commissioners are starting the budget process for 2012.  They are looking at budgeting with an emphasis on performance measurements.  This will help to present goals and performance outcomes to taxpayers.  Two sales taxes are expiring next year, and the commissioners will be looking for solutions to this budget shortfall. 


Human Relations Commission 

Elaine Boni reported that 17 nominations have been received for the citizen awards and they will be presented on April 29.



Community Outreach & Education Committee

Mary reported that the Committee finished distributing the Special Needs Registry flyers and 300 people have registered in that program.  They also helped with distribution of flyers regarding the faith-based symposium sponsored by the Larimer County Caregiver Coalition.  The Committee is currently looking at conducting outreach to the medical community.


Media & Public Relations Committee

Bob Tholl reported that the Committee discussed key words to be used for website optimization.  They also are wanting to help with follow-up communication to the 24 churches that participated in the faith-based symposium.  May is Older Americans Month.


Planning, Funding & Partnership Development Committee

Ellen Pihlstrom reported that the Committee discussed restructuring, United Way 211, medical transportation and Blue Book corrections.


Public Policy & Advocacy Committee

Stan Ulrich reported that the Committee discussed the Four Year Plan.  They are taking turns attending the commissioners’ community meetings.  The Committee will start working on the housing vacancy report next month. 




Ruth Long asked the Council members to think about running for an officer position on the Council.  Helen Davis has been chair for one year and vice-chair for two years.  Marcy has chaired the Council for the last two years.  Let Katy, Ruth or the current officers know if you are interested.


Lynette McGowan announced that she has made a contact with the executive director of the Medical Society.  The Office on Aging will be submitting an article to the Honker e-newsletter that is sent to hundreds of physicians.  Jenna Dowd, ombudsman intern, with input from staff, has put the article together to be published in either the April or May newsletter. 


Jay Adams announced that the US Coast Guard auxiliary provides free boat inspections and boating safety classes.  If interested, please email Jay Adams.




Marcy adjourned the meeting at 3:16 p.m.