LAPAC             Meeting Minutes

May 15, 2012


Members Present: Carla Brookman,  Susanne Cordery-Cotter,  Nancy Grice, Mandy Kotzman, Ed Ott, Paul Resseguie, Cordelia Stone, Ed Stoner.


Larimer County Planning Staff Members Present: Samantha Mott, Michael Whitley


Meeting Called to Order: Mandy Kotzman (Chair) called meeting to order at 7:04 p.m.


Agenda: Adopted as written (Ed Stoner made motion to adopt, Cordelia Stone seconded, approved).


Meeting Minutes: January 15, 2012 meeting minutes – two revisions suggested by members. Adopted as revised (Cordelia Stone motion to approve, Ed Stoner seconded, approved).


Member communication items:

1.   Mandy: recycle bins reappeared, no follow-up necessary.

2.   Mandy: Lyons park restoration now in progress sign by river; she wrote a letter to the North Forty News suggesting that the restoration include something nice like a kayak park. If future restoration is associated with the Greeley pipeline it will likely be rip rap, we would prefer something better.


County Communication items (by Samantha Mott):

1.   Commissioner Gaiter wanted to let us know he planned to be here but is required to be at a meeting regarding the Hewlett Gulch fire.

2.   Several members’ terms end in June, members can reapply. Waiving the term limits rests with the County Commissioners. Three members have terms expiring: Ed Ott, Nancy, and Susanne.

3.   Frank Lancaster, County Manager has retired, two candidates applied and are interviewing tomorrow: Linda Hoffman and Lorenda Volker. There will be a final announcement tomorrow afternoon.


Personal appearances:

Allan Leibow – I have lived in LaPorte 1.5 years; if there are openings on LAPAC I would like to join. I have applied, and would like to be considered.


Action Items:


1.   Bylaws change:

Two changes: pg 5: delete the sentence: “Make recommendations consistent with the LaPorte Area Land Use Plan to Larimer County Boards and Commissions”.  Replace it with the sentence: “Communicate to the County Commissioners and County Planning Commission concerns, issues or recommendations regarding development review applications received by the County for land within the LaPorte Plan Area”


Ed Stoner made a motion to approve bylaws as amended and recommend that the BCC approve them. Seconded by Paul. All in favor, motion carries.


2.   Atlas Tower:

Samantha Mott, on behalf of Karin Madson, gave a presentation on the Atlas Tower/AT&T Commercial Mobile Radio Service Special Review. It is for a 78’ tall communication tower and associated equipment. See packet for details. The applicant held a neighborhood meeting, 3 people were in attendance, Ed Ott and 2 neighbors. Concern was about noise. Karin said she heard from one neighbor early on in the process, but did not receive any comments. Apparently the concerned person was north of the site and had concerns about visual impact.


Applicant’s presentation was provided by Jeff Keith with Atlas Towers.  Nate Foster here also. Questions from LAPAC members directed to applicant:


Q: tower coverage?

A: Coverage by Ted's place towers provide coverage as you go north on 287 and south, but not around the turn. This tower will cover to Teds place tower, and 1.5 miles to the south. Ted’s and “rock” towers had 3 mile radius, but now towers afford about a1.5 miles because usage is increased, more data, cell sites shrink.

Q: AT&T – around this corner there is no coverage, there is already coverage right where this tower is.

A: You will get full bar status now. Additional towers coming – continuing more towers up to Wyoming border. Much reflectivity off rocks, much rf (radio frequency) bouncing around. Cannot say absolutely you will or will not have coverage. Bounces around and off rocks. In a forest, this would be a 200’ tower.

Q: any opposition from neighbors?

A: Noise was the primary concern and light was a secondary concern. The only noise is an air conditioner. It is 175 feet to the road from air conditioner. One neighbor was concerned about trash, applicant has cleaned up the site

Q: when you add more carriers, will that add more noise?

A: Air conditioners will be installed to maintain the environment in the building for the equipment. Some carriers use cabinets only, some use buildings like this one.

Q: Will windmill be gone?

A: Yes.  Karin had requested it to look more agricultural, however the windmill provides movement, it spins and makes noise.


Mandy: concern regarding agricultural appearance, would like to see windmill back on.

Susanne: it makes noise, movement draws your eye – these are negatives.

Carla: does not look agricultural.


Mandy: had a comment from a non-present person: blue spruces do not belong on this landscape, use junipers and water them so they survive.

Samantha: landscape plan includes 6 blue spruces which are guaranteed for one year. Landowner to maintain.


Susanne made a motion: LAPAC recommends approval of this special review with no windmill, and junipers rather than spruces. Motion seconded.


Roll call Vote: Cordelia Yes; Susanne Yes; Carla Yes; Paul Yes; Ed Ott Yes; Nancy Yes; Ed Stoner No; Mandy No.


Majority in favor, motion carries.


3.   Brownstone quarry:

Michael Whitley: Larimer County Planning staff, gave a presentation on the Brownstone Quarry Second Amendment, Special Review. This is request for an expansion onto new property from existing already approved mining operation. Operation is the extraction and processing of sandstone. No on-site sales. There is a 15-foot ridge left in place for visual and stormwater control. No additional traffic or employees. Expansion beyond this is not likely due to depth of formation. It has been in operation since 1998, no complaints. Neighborhood meeting was held for this application, no neighbor concerns. Reclamation will be to grazing. Partially reclaimed as they move. Have moved material down into the hole, but not re-seeded.


Applicant present: Jim Striggow: and Justin Hamilton quarry manager.


Public meeting: Mandy and Ed were there, no negative comments.


Ed stoner: language not clear, “no material will be sold from this site” should be “sold on-site”.


Q: When to begin next section?

A:  3 or 5 years. Formation has been 15’ thick and 200’ wide.  Dips to east.

Q: How do you exit from the mine? Through a neighborhood?

A: Yes, down into neighborhood. Road adjacent to ditch, to Co. road 56 –there are homes along Co. Road 56.

Q: Drainage question – gully to north will receive runoff from mine site?

A: No drainage is not to the gully, the excavation dips to south, so drainage will stay on site.

Q: Depth of overburden?

A: Zero on the west side, to 100 or 60 feet 175 to the east. Excavator is used. Removed in layers. High wall issues, etc.


Public Comments: Rex Kroemer. 6102 N Hwy 287. No opposition as long as skyline is maintained.


Allan Leibow: machines used?

A: 330 Hitachi excavator


Motion by Ed Stoner: Recommend approval to BCC. Seconded by Cordelia Stone.


Roll call Vote: Cordelia Yes; Susanne Yes; Carla Yes; Paul Yes; Ed Ott Yes; Nancy Yes; Ed Stoner Yes; Mandy Yes.


Majority in favor, motion carries.


Motion to adjourn: Susann

Second: Cordelia

All in favor.

Adjourned: 8:15 pm.