LAPAC Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Members Present:          Susanne Codery-Cotter, Craig Hults, Mandy Kotzman, Ed Ott, Paul Resseguie, Cordelia Stone and Ed Stoner

Call to Order:     Meeting called to order @ 7:00pm

Adoption of Agenda:     Motion to approve agenda carries unanimously.  

Approval of Minutes:    Motion to adopt Meeting Minutes approved w/o changes (Ed Stoner – motion, Craig Hults, 2nd, Motion carries unanimously)

Communication Items:

1.   Committee Member Communications

-   Mandy Kotzman, commented on the status of the roadway demarcations in front of CLPE and Middle School.  Letter which Susanne was working on will be revised to reflect the need for clear markings on the roadway.

2.   County Communication Items

Samantha Mott – Welsh and Stegner special reviews both approved in January, was going to check on the status of any amendments to the Stegner Pit agreement.  Planning Commission is going to hold a meeting regarding Reservoir Ridge trails and parking area improvements.  Randy Pope is planning on presenting amended plan for Bingham Hill projects which will require a decision on whether the plans have “significantly” changed enough for a further review.  Engineering Department is working on Transportation Master Plan update, suggested that Martina Wilkinson will visit with LAPAC to discuss the issue.  Proposed Code amendments regarding accessory uses on residential rural lots:  Numerous boards visited and two work sessions with County Commissioners have been completed, comments being accepted prior to May 18, 2011 meeting with Commissioners.  Future updates coming as things develop. 

Personal Appearances:

                Lisa Moser, Bellvue resident – was hoping to address Commissioner Johnson regarding the Greeley Pipeline project.  Came with letter to Commissioner. Member of Bellvue Historic Foundation, read letter into the record.  Focused on historical, community and habitat issues which will be negatively impacted by project.   Seeking to forward on to all Commissioners.

                George Burnett, Bingham Hill Resident – came in advance support of Randy Popes reapplication for Bingham Hill project.  Former LAPAC member.  If the proposed changes to plans are deemed significant then LAPAC will have chance to review again, if the proposed changes are not significant LAPAC will not review again.  LAPAC has a bit of discussion regarding the proposal but it was pointed out that it was not ripe for review until the decision was made regarding whether the proposed changes were significant enough to merit a new special review. 

Action Items:  NONE

Meeting Adjourned:  Motion to adjourn at 8:40pm.  Motion passes unanimously. 


Next Meeting: May 17, 2011