LAPAC Meeting Minutes – Tuesday February 15, 2011

Members Present:          Susanne Codery-Cotter, Andre Duvall, Nancy Grice, Craig Hults, Ed Ott, Cordelia Stone and Ed Stoner

Call to Order:     Meeting called to order @ 7:00pm

Adoption of Agenda:     Agenda amended to remove Kayak Park Update and Adopted (Susanne – motion, Ed Stoner 2nd, Motion carries unanimously)

Approval of Minutes:    January 18, 2011 Meeting Minutes approved w/ change to add posting of meeting minutes under Open Meetings law. (Ed Ott – motion, Susanne 2nd, Motion carries unanimously)

Communication Items:

1.   Committee Member Communications


Susanne has drafted roads memo regarding current state of County Road 54G near the elementary and middle schools and will forward on for review by LAPAC members prior to submittal.


2.   County Communication Items

Samantha – handed out questionnaire regarding LAPAC functions and experiences related to being a member of LAPAC.   Electronic version will also be sent to Committee members.  Respond by March 18th, 2011. County work session will be conducted after all responses received to discuss what works and what may need improvement for LAPAC to function more efficiently and provide best input on decisions which affect Laporte area. 

Personal Appearances: Brenda Jemmison, Rural Land Use Board from county rural team, provided draft language on proposed code amendments for accessory rural occupation uses.  Proposed code amendments are intended to allow land owners more flexibility to increase uses of rural property while maintaining rural residential or rural agricultural feel.  Draft language was discussed while LAPAC comments were tracked as input on further revision to the proposed code amendment language. County will have similar other session with appropriate Boards and Committees.  All input will be considered.   Feel free to email further comments suggestions to Samantha.  LAPAC members desired to have further chances to comment on any future revisions that are made based on comments received.  Further updates will be provided as necessary.

Action Items: NONE


Meeting Adjourned:  Motion to adjourn @ 845pm.


Next Meeting: March 15, 2011