Minutes of the LAPAC January 21, 2014 Meeting


Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Kotzman


Agenda as presented was moved for approval by a motion from Ed Stoner and 2nd by Cordelia Stone; motion was approved.


Minutes of the August 21, 2013 meeting was corrected by member John Schmid.  Page 5 of the said minutes had Joan Schmid’s property lying west of the Pope’s; whereas, Joan’s property lies east of the Pope’s.

Eric Sutherland, a guest, offered an additional correction that in the minutes the Colorado Parks and Recreation was identified as just Parks and Rec.


Being no other corrections, motion was made by Ed Ott to approve the said minutes as corrected; Alison Schonhoff 2nd the motion.  Motion Passed.


Communication items:


  1. Carla Brookman has resigned effectively immediately.  It was determined by consensus of the Board that the County could hold off appointing a replacement member until the normal timeframe for requesting applications and interviews for other Boards and Commissions.


Personal Appearances:  Taken out of order of the agenda at the discretion of the Chair; two members of the Touchstone Health Partners introduced themselves as members of the Colorado Spirit Mountain Rescue group.  Their names were: Abby and Freyja (the temporary recording secretary failed to get their last names).  Their mission is to facilitate help of all kinds to the residents in the foothills and canyons who were affected by the floods in September of 2013.


Now, back to the regular agenda order.


  1. County Communication:  There was no annual recognition reception for the County’s Boards and Commissions; in lieu of that, the County will give each member a Day-Timer for 2014!
  2. Terry Gilbert, Community Development Director for Larimer County lead a discussion on the Rural Community Outreach Effort having Rural Area Visioning Meetings.  Terry also discussed that the County is applying for CDBG grants to rebuild public and private roads within the County.

The County has completed 7 of the said meetings, mostly in the northern and eastern portions of the County with 7 more meetings to go, including the Laporte area.

  1. Samantha Mott showed the Board the film “Life After the Flood” which                           

revealed the devastation of the flooding within the County.


At that time the Colorado Spirit Mountain Outreach Team (Abby and Freyja) announced that they will be having weekly outreach meeting every Thursday afternoon from 1 to 4 PM at the Me Oh My Coffee House located

At 3522 W. County Rd 54 G, Laporte.


Action Item:  Cordelia Stone made a motion that we continue to designate the Oak Street entrance to the Larimer County Courthouse as the public posting place for notices of all official actions and public meeting in accordance with requirements of the Colorado Open Meeting laws (CRS 24-6-403).  Allan Leibow 2nd the motion.  Motion passed.


Adjourn:  After a grueling meeting, Chairperson Kotzman adjourned the meeting.


Respectfully Submitted


Ed Stoner

Acting Secretary