LAPAC Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Members Present:          Susanne Codery-Cotter, Andre Duvall, Craig Hults, Mandy Kotzman, Ed Ott, Paul Resseguie, Cordelia Stone and Ed Stoner

Call to Order:     Meeting called to order @ 7:00pm

Adoption of Agenda:     Agenda amended to remove Kayak Park Update and Adopted (Andre Duvall – motion, Ed Stoner 2nd, Motion carries unanimously)

Approval of Minutes:    December 21, 2010 Meeting Minutes approved w/o changes (Ed Stoner – motion, Andre Duvall 2nd, Motion carries unanimously)

Communication Items:

1.   Committee Member Communications

-   Reminder to Susanne to draft memo regarding roads

2.   County Communication Items

-   Commissioner Johnson – updated committee members on proposed Zoning Code change regarding outdoor land use for business activities in rural parts of Larimer County.  Cited firewood example, cutting and selling outdoors.  Look at ideas to regulate these types of uses; for example 3 acre lot size.  Looking for input.  Initial stages of vetting.  Would require planning commission approval.  Purpose is to promote small business and recognize what is actually happening on the ground. As accessory to residential use or agricultural use, by right or by neighborhood input.  Limits on use may be proposed.  By right means that it typically doesn’t require a planning process. 

Personal Appearances: NONE

Action Items:

1.   Meeting Agenda action items, Susanne Codery-Cotter makes motion to accept action item agenda as presented, Paul Resseguie 2nd, passes unanimously.


2.   Posting of meetings in compliance with open meetings law:

Motion made that the LaPorte Area Planning Advisory Committee designate the Oak Street entrance to the Larimer County Courthouse as the public posting place for notices of all official actions and public meetings in accordance with the requirements of the Colorado Open Meetings laws (CRS 24-6-402) – Motion passes unanimously, with note that LAPAC hopes that the alternative posting location can continue as well.  Samantha states that will continue to be the case. 

3.   Welch Minor Special Review (File # 10-Z1829)

Rob Helmick gave Larimer County presentation, detached accessory dwelling outside of home, therefore minor special review required.  855 sq. ft. of space in outbuilding, change to covert to accessory dwelling w/ 55 ft over 800 sq. ft. allowance.  County involvement was necessitated due to neighbor complaint.  Welch’s had community meeting and took meeting minutes (provided to committee).   Requires separate address because of detached building for emergency services.  Local residents appear to support special review aside from original complaint. (Motion to recommend approval of Welch Minor Special Review made by Ed Stoner subject to conditions as outlined by Development Services Team, Ed Ott 2nd, motion carries unanimously.  Memo to Planning Commission in support to be drafted).

4.   Stegner Pit Amended Special Review

Rob Helmick gave Larimer County presentation, request initiated by new property owner to have 3 more years to remove remaining material from the site.  Has mostly been mined, would need some cleanup.  Trollco is seeking more time due to limited market for gravel right now.  Original conditions would still apply. 


Trollco – Don Banks, assisting Trollco, Special review originally set to expire December 2010. Neighbors invited to comment w/in 500 feet.  Approximately 100, 000 tons of saleable material remaining. Final reclamation would include revegetation and final grading for reservoir.  Property was bought by Trollco 2 years ago; conditions currently in place would apply to any future sale of property. Operation is currently inactive; no mining or grading currently taking place.  Trollco accepts current conditions as proposed by Development Services Team. 


Allan Leibow (public) – Questioned what measures could be taken to ensure compliance with timeframes and other conditions.   Ultimately OK w/ project after County and Trollco responses. 


LAPAC - Key is to ensure that the project is completed and further extensions are not granted as this project sits at the gateway to Laporte and was already granted 10 years to complete the project. 


Paul Resseguie makes motion to recommend approval of the amended special review subject to original planning conditions w/ emphasis that strict compliance is necessary.  Ed stoner 2nd, motion carries unanimously.  LAPAC memo recommending approval subject to original conditions to be drafted by Monday and forwarded to the Planning Commission. 



Meeting Adjourned:  Motion to adjourn by Susanne Codery-Cotter, Cordelia Stone  2nd, motion unanimous.


Next Meeting: February 15, 2011