Larimer County Fair & Rodeo

Meeting Minutes

July 22, 2009


1.   Public Comment

§  None


2.   Meeting called to order by Mike Adams, Chairman

§  Called to order at 7:04 pm


3.   Approval of  June 24th  Meeting Minutes

§  Motion to approve June meeting minutes made by Loren Maxey

§  Seconded by Gregg Melick

§  Motion to approve June meeting minutes voted on and passed.


4.   Correspondence

§  None


5.   Presentations

§  Queen’s were not present – attending the 4-H Fashion Revue

§  Kate Ramm presented last month’s activities

o  Greeley Stampede parade and luncheon

o  Greeley Hat Works open house

o  Queen’s BBQ with 2009 Lady-In-Waiting contestants

o  Outdoor pictures were taken with Skillman Photography

§  Quinn McElwee discussed Queen’s Luncheon at Fair and the Stick Horse Rodeo

o  Stick Horse Rodeo to be Monday and Tuesday of Fair at 5:30 pm in the Round Up Outdoor Arena

o  Chose Kaycee Lytle to announce

§  Luann Goodyear  proposed to the Fair Board, installing a 4-H club community service project – Backdrop for photo ops during Fair

o  Fair Board approved the proposal

o  The Ranch will need to approve location – TBD with Luann

§  Mike Adams discussed the fact that Everett Van Campen will be unable to attend the Larimer County Fair this year

o  Discussed the need to fill Everett’s responsibilities/time commitments

o  Camping session sign up sheets were passed around and filled by Fair Board members

o  Fair Board members to paint/mark camping spots on Saturday, July 25th at 3 pm


6.   Chairman’s Topics – Mike Adams

§  Voucher/food

o  Discussion of Fair Board not needing/using the snacks/beverages that were planned on being provided in the Fair Board office

o  Motion to approve re-allocating the money for Fair Board snacks/beverages to Guest Services room by Alan Rankin

o  Seconded by Larry Dunn

o  Motion to approved allocating the money for Fair Board snacks/beverages to Guest Services room


7.     Committee Reports

§  Budget update on all committees

§  Pancake Breakfast – Loren Maxey

o “It’s gonna happen”

o Fair Board member responsibilities will be sent out by Melora Luth by the end of the week

o Pat Young and Alan Rankin will pick up ham from Nordy’s (time TBD through Katie Buttermore) on Saturday, August 1st

§  Parade – Melora Luth & Myrna Rodenberger

o  Fair Board member responsibilities will be sent out by Melora Luth by the end of the week


8.    Liaison Report

§  Junior Livestock – Greg Melick

o  Committee has received their non-profit status

o  Gregg Melick handed out bumper stickers

§  Animal Welfare – Shannon Fancher

o  Read the approved Animal Welfare statement that is now on the website

o  Asked Fair Board members to be conscious of reporters and protestors – please refer them to Shannon




§  Tough Enough to Wear Pink – Alan Rankin

o  Golf Tournament is Saturday, July 25th – they have 11 teams

o  Discussed the need to change the wording on the Tug of War – will update on website      


9.   Guest Services Committee – Jacque Loebig not present – Myrna Rodenberger presented

§    Budget update

o  Budget has been cut by $688.00 (more than 1/2 of total budget)


10.   Extension – Laurel Kubin

§  Cutting the budget every which way they can

§  Projected number of exhibitors

o  There are 5,897 exhibits registered for Fair

o  570 4-H exhibits registered for the McKee building

o  1,400 horse entries (larger than State Fair show)


11.  Rodeo- Steve Humann

§  Budget update – under budget

§  Handed out PRCA rodeo contestant list

o  The Fair Rodeo will have 13 of the current top 20 in the world bull riders, 4 in bareback riding, 8 in saddle bronc, 4 in steer wrestling and 5 in barrel racing

§  Have already booked a 2010 specialty act


12.  Ranch Update – Event Coordinators

§  Buildings & Grounds – Event Coordinator

o  Liz discussed updates on golf cart numbers

o  Layout is almost finished

o  We are up $3000 in revenue for commercial vendors

§  Arena Activities – Event Coordinator

o  Abby discussed the confirmation of all arena activities, along with the addition of the stick horse rodeo on Monday and Tuesday evening – presented by the Queen’s

o  Discussed Junior Rodeo, Team Roping and Barrel race applications

§  Junior Rodeo applicants are down this year…will need to discuss revising for next year to increase participants

§  Entertainment – Event Coordinator

o  Lisa re-capped theme days and stage entertainment

§  Marketing – Ryan Young

o  Ryan discussed all marketing ads ready to run – tv spots, radio, print

o  Will be sending more press releases out with stories

§  Sponsorship – Katie Buttermore

o  Sponsorship dollars up

o  Finished selling, now servicing accounts


13.  Other/New Business

§  Ken Mannon is back to participating on the Fair Board and is in better health to do so

§  Discussed scheduling a photographer to take photos during Fair

o  Shannon Fancher, Liz Garcia, Lisa Lytle and Quinn McElwee will work on this

§  Quinn will contact Skillman first

§  We will trade a vendor booth space if needed

14.  Old Business

§  None


15.  Adjournment

                  Motion to adjourn meeting made by:

                                  Kaycee Lytle

                  Motion seconded by Gregg Melick

                  Meeting Adjourned



Next Meeting:                                            August 26th , 2009

            Ft. Collins Room ---7:00 p.m.