7:00 p.m.  October 23, 2013

Ft. Collins Room McKee Building




G. Barela, P. Young, S. Humann,  L. Parker, T. Baldwin, J. Brooks, G. Marison, A.Rankin,

R. Conaway, S. Golden,  K. Mannon, L. Kubin, S. Johnson , J. Hartman,  L. Garcia & M. Conaway


Guests:  None


Absent:  F. Marino & B. Herrfeldt


1.  Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm by Gil Barela, Chairman

2.  Public Comment – none

3.  Motion to approve the August 28th meeting minutes made by:  G. Marison

     Second to motion made by:  S. Humann

     Motion voted on and passed to approve the August 28th meeting minutes.

4.  Correspondence – none

5.  Chairman’s Report – G. Barela

G. Barela asked S. Humann to report on possible by-law change.  S. Humann suggested that Article II, Section 03, sentence C be deleted from Larimer County Fair & Rodeo Board By-Laws.  Sentence states “Officer may serve a maximum of two, one year terms, either consecutively or separately, within their three year term.

      After some discussion motion to delete Article II, Section 03, sentence C from Larimer County Fair & Rodeo By-Laws

Was made by:  S. Humann      Seconded by:  R. Conaway

      Motion voted on and passed to delete Article II, Section 03, sentence C be deleted from Larimer County Fair & Rodeo

Board By-Laws.   Larimer County Commissioners will need to vote and approve before being carried out.

G. Barela reported both County Commissioners and Larimer County Fair & Rodeo Executive Board approved the removal of A. Rankin from the board effective immediately.  G. Barela’s letter listing reasons for removal is being sent to A. Rankin by Commissioner Johnson.

6.  Committee Reports:

Pancake Breakfast – no report

Parade – P. Young reported he will be attending a meeting with City of Loveland next January.  Will find out status of the reconstruction of Fairgrounds Park due to flood.  At that time will know if it will be necessary to move the 2014 parade staging area.

Royalty – D. Mayer and M. Conaway reported on various events they have been participating in.  Will be attending the CAFS convention Nov. 1 & 2 in Colorado Springs.  They are competing in the poster and table setting contests.  Waiting for the volunteer Stock Show schedule and will help 2 or 3 days.  They will also attend the Nov. 8th 4-H Achievement night.

Guest Services –J. Brooks reported many good ideas from volunteer exit survey and also from the Ranch staff. 

7.  Partner Reports:

 Extension – L. Kubin reported busy getting ready for achievement night.  The 2014 4-H enrollment is online

 Rodeo- no report

 The Ranch - 

                  Coordinators – L. Garcia reported that they were not presently working on the 2014 fair

                  Marketing – none

                  Sponsorship – none

                  Ovations – none

8.  Liaison Report

Junior Livestock Sale– G. Melick reported 2013 sale up $35,000 from 2012 sale.  S. Jernigan thanked D. Frink and M. Starck for making transition of financial transactions go smoothly.

9.  Budget – no report

10. New /Other Business:

                New Fair Board applicant’s interviews to be held Oct. 24th.

                No items for Nov. 5th Executive Committee meeting agenda

                “End of Year Celebration” invitations passed out

                 2014 permit parking lot tags passed out

11.  Old Business:  none

12.  Adjournment:

                Motion to adjourn meeting made by:  S. Jernigan   Motion Seconded by:  P. Young

                Motion to adjourn meeting voted on and passed

                Meeting adjourned at 7:53 pm


Respectfully Submitted:  M. Starck, Recording Secretary




Next Meeting:            December 18, 2013             

                                    Ft. Collins Room – 7:00 pm