7:00 p.m.  October 24, 2012


1.   Meeting called to order by Gil Barela, Chairman


2.   Guest:  Kirsten Bird and Audrey-Lyn Stockton representing the Draft Horse Show passed out flyers and ribbons to Fair Board.   Requested more signage and advertising for their show in the BEC during Fair.


3.   Approval of  August 22nd  Meeting Minutes – Minutes not available


4.   Correspondence

§  none


5.   Chairman’s Report  – Gil Barela

§  Gil will address some items as meeting moves through the agenda.


6.  Fair Board Committee Reports

§  Pancake Breakfast – Gary Marison

o  Great event, fantastic sponsorship contributions, made $3000 profit

§  Parade – Pat Young

§  2013 Parade dates have been given to City of Loveland.  Start planning after first of year.  Need to up participation.  Will contact high school band leaders during school year to invite to participate.

§  Queen’s – Pat Young

o  Danielle gave report on some of their events past and upcoming.

     CSU Homecoming Parade

     Hearts & Horses Event

     CAFS Convention

     Stock Show

o  Letricia is compiling list of invitees for the Royalty Ball.  Board will look over list when compiled and let her know of any additions.  She also asked for silent auction items for Ball.

o  Royalty meeting Nov.12, 6:30 pm in McKee Ft. Collins Room

o  Discussion to change name of Queen’s program.

Motion to have Larimer County Fair & Rodeo Queen’s Program  name changed to Larimer County Fair & Rodeo Royalty Program made by:  Pat Young  Seconded by:  Steve Humann

Motion voted on and passed.

Larimer County Fair & Rodeo Queen’s Program is renamed Larimer County Fair & Rodeo Royalty Program .

§  Guest Services – no report


7.  Partner Reports

§  Extension – no report

§  Rodeo – Steve Humann

o  No final budget numbers, waiting for sponsorship commission fees

o  Revenue for event exceeded 2012 budget by some $10,000.00

o  Considering raising ticket prices by $2 for 2013

§  The Ranch –  Abby Powell

o  Buildings & Grounds – updating vendor packets

o  Arena Activities – Ranch Way Feeds arena under re-construction Nov. 5 – July 1

o  Entertainment – Rachel is working during Nov. and Dec. on contracts bringing back some of the excellent 2012 events

o  Marketing - 2013 will be the 10th year anniversary of The Ranch.  New look for ads and marketing ready by end of 2012.  New web site up soon.

o  Sponsorship – Excellent in 2012

o  Ovations – Excellent in 2012


8.   Liaison Report

§    Junior Livestock Sale – Greg Melick

o  Next committee meeting Oct. 30.

§    Tough Enough to Wear Pink – no report



9. Budget- no report


10.  New Business

§  Items for Executive Committee Meeting Agenda – none

§  Motion made that ExOfficios to Larimer County Fair & Rodeo Board will receive belt buckles made by:  Pat Young  Seconded by:  Alan Rankin    Motion voted on and passed.

ExOfficios to Fair Board will receive Larimer County Fair & Rodeo Belt Buckles. 

Pat Young will order them.


11.  Old Business

§  Larimer County Fair & Rodeo History Video -  John Brooks

o  Video played for board

§  Gil Barela will set up meeting with Pat Young, John Hartman, Ken Mannon, Ryan Young, and Bob Herrfeldt to discuss and make suggestions for any changes to video

§  CAFS Convention in Colorado Springs on Nov. 1 & 2 will be attended by Gil Barela, John Brooks, Pat Young, Letricia Parker, Savannah Martinez and Danielle Mayer.

§  End of Year Celebration invitations passed out to board. 

§  Election of Officers will take place at December meeting. 


12.  Adjournment

§  Motion to adjourn made by:  Pat Young    Seconded by:  Alan Rankin

        Voted on and passed

        Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm


             Respectfully submitted by: 

             Ms, recorder



Next Meeting:                                            NO MEETING IN NOVEMBER

December 19, 2012

                      Ft. Collins Room ---7:00 p.m.