7:00 p.m.  August 24, 2011

LaPorte Room


Meeting called to order at 7:03 p.m. by:  John Lee, Chairman 

                Approval of July minutes extended until October meeting.


Public Comment: 

§  none



§       none



§      Queens – Kaylin handed out Queen’s updated event calendar.  2012 Lady In Waiting Kayla Myers was introduced.  Kayla gave a brief background report.


Chairman’s Topics:   none


Committee Reports:  

§  Pancake Breakfast –Gary Marison reported 1450 people were served.  Murdoch’s gave$1500 cash sponsorship.  Donation jar was over $800.  Loren will be sending out thanks you’s.

§  Parade – Pat Young  reported parade went well and will do some minor changes for next year.  Plans on making it a bigger and better event . Requested more advertising in 2012.

Liaison Reports:

§  Junior Livestock – Greg Melick reported good sale.  Went faster with lots of help.  Ross Ballard managed the new add on program.

§  Tough Enough to Wear Pink –Alan Rankin reported total of $9725 donations for program.  Pink chutes during rodeo great addition.  Alan will send out updated report from McKee to board.

§  Guest Services –Frank Marion and Francis LaBarbera 81 volunteers clocked total of 2071 hours between July 28 and August 9.


E xtension:  Laurel Kubin reported great supers and helpers, handled things well.  Increase in action corner displays.  With dairy goat show numbers growing need to look at schedule in order to have more room.


      Rodeo:  Steve Humann reported attendance up from 2010. 


      Ranch Update:  Bob Herrfeldt

§  Budgets

o  Rodeo-revenue up $4000 from 2010

o  Ovations-final #’s later

o  Sponsorships – up $3575 from 2010

o  Carnival – up $21,471 from 2010

o  Volunteer numbers up

o  Attendance – approximate numbers will come out later

o  Camping – same

o  Ag Scholarship - $4746

o  Profit & Loss – made up over $133,00 between 2007 and 2010

o  Parade – entries down

o  Vendor booths - #’s down but gross up due to restructuring of spaces and selling prime space for more


      Ovations – Phil Hossler reported Gnarly Barley best year.  No issues. 


Other/New Business:  

§  Discussion of remaining 2011 board meetings. 

                                          Motion made to cancel both September and November 2011 Fair Board meetings made by Alan Rankin

                                          Motion seconded by Pat Young

                                           Motion to cancel September and November 2011 Fair Board meetings voted on and passed.

§  Copies of compiled public comments and feedback passed out.  Ranch issues will be looked at by staff. 

How to improve communication between all entities was discussed and using ICS model was suggested.

§  Commissioner Johnson extended a thank you to all committees for their hard work in producing successful events


      Old Business:  none



Motion to adjourn meeting made by:   Steve Humann      Seconded by:  Gary Marison     Voted and passed        

          Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm


Next Meeting:                                                                  October 26, 2011   Ft Collins Room ---7:00 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted by: 

MS recorder