7:00 p.m.  March 27, 2013

Ft. Collins Room McKee Building




G. Barela, P. Young, S. Golden, R. Conaway, S. Humann, G. Melick, L. Parker,

L. Kubin, K. Mannon, J. Hartman, L. Garcia (Ranch Staff)  & Commissioner Johnson



S. Jernigan & C. Buckhardt with Jr. Livestock Sale Committee



F. Marino & G. Marison


1.  Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by Gil Barela, Chairman

      Introduction of guests – Sherry Jernigan and Cindy Buckhardt from Jr. Livestock Sale Committee

2.  Public Comment – none

3.  Motion to approve the February 27th meeting minutes made by:  S. Humann

     Second to motion made by:  S. Golden

     Motion voted on and passed to approve the February 27th meeting minutes.

4.  Correspondence – Resignation of Sandi Elliott

5.  Chairman’s Report – Reading of Fair Board Responsibilities document at April Fair Board meeting.

6.  Committee Reports:

                Pancake Breakfast – no report

                Parade – P. Young reported parade going well.  K. Mannon will help contacting and inviting Ft. Collins Schools  marching bands.

Royalty – S. Martinez reported royalty will participate in CSU rodeo March 29 and 30.  Helped with 4-H Carnival, had a lot of interest in the royalty program.  Details of fun horse show at April Fair Board Meeting.

Guest Services –J. Brook reported he set up a database of all fair volunteers.  Will also begin sending newsletter to them in April.     Also will have a work schedule for them posted online.

7.  Partner Reports:

 Extension – L. Kubin reported worst weather ever for 4-H Carnival.  Start updating the Premium book next month.  Sheep and goat weigh-in is April 25th.

Rodeo- no report

Ranch – L. Garcia

                  Buildings & Grounds – Radios and carts have been ordered.  Schedules for buildings almost done.

                  Entertainment – few time slots opened on Saturday afternoon but will be filling.  The schedule is posted online at Fair website.

 Marketing – R. Young will have the marketing plan available at April meeting

Sponsorship – Projected to increase for 2013

Ovations – no report

8.  Liaison Report

Junior Livestock Sale– G. Barela reported that on March 26th the Jr. Livestock committee voted to propose merge with LCFB and the motion passed. 

Motion that Fair Board approve proposed merger between Jr. Livestock Sale Committee and Larimer County Fair Board made by:  G. Melick

Discussion was held and Jr. Livestock Sale Committee will maintain their committee and will report to Fair Board monthly.  They will have a representative on the Fair Board which will be determined.

Motion seconded by:  P. Young

Motion that Fair Board approve proposed merger between Jr. Livestock Sale Committee and Larimer County Fair Board voted on and passed.

9.  Budget – no report

10. New /Other Business:

                No items for the March 5th Executive Committee agenda

                B. Herrfeldt gave full report on the construction of the new indoor arena and pavilions.  Construction will be completed by Fair.

11.  Old Business: 

S. Golden thanked L. Garcia for providing 20 spaces for the Farmers Market during Fair.  He will keep board apprised of updates  and also participants at next month’s meeting.

12.  Adjournment:

                Motion to adjourn meeting made by:  G. Melick   Motion Seconded by:  S. Humann 

                Motion to adjourn meeting voted on and passed

               Meeting adjourned at 7:46 pm


Respectfully Sumitted:  R. Conway, Secretary



Next Meeting:                                              April 24, 2013             

                                                       LaPorte/Timnath Room – 7:00 pm